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Frank McNie's Poems
Perciville Pig

Perciville pig lived on a farm.
in the coziest corner of the coziest barn.
in all his life there was no great threat'
for he Susie's favorite pet. 

For a pig Percy's thoughts were really quite alien,
his one great ambition was to see the show Pigmalion.
in his mind he imagined a great cast all of them pigs,
singing pig songs and dancing pig jigs.

One day while out walking
Percy chanced to hear someone talking
about Pigmalion with a wonderful cast
and how it was playing in London's Old Vic at Last.
like a shot Percy had made up his mind,
he'd get Susie to take him to London, the Old Vic to find.

He begged and he pleaded how he wanted to go,
but Susie knew they wouldn't let a pig into the show.
her dilemma was hard ,but she said yes I'll try,
for she couldn't bare to watch Percy cry.
She would have to trick him but what was the harm?
she'd need the help of the Vicar and the use of his farm.

The vicar was exited when he heard Susie's plan,
he immediately agreed to do "all that I can"
For days Susie was busy to-ing and fro-ing,
Percy had no idea what she was doing where going,
then on Saturday Susie announced a surprise,
she gave Percy a scarf to cover his eyes.
The tricky part of this whole operation
was to make Percy think he had traveled for a duration

Susie drove him up a down the country lane,
then along the main road where the big trucks came.
finally Percy lost his patients, but no need for alarm,
he pulled the scarf off, outside the Old Vicarage farm,
the farm sign had been covered right after the C.
this must be the Old Vic. what else could it be.
Percy exploded with excitement for at last he could know
Susie was taking him to the Pigmalion show.

The Old Vicarage was a sight to behold
decked out in colours of crimson and gold'
above the barn door there was a huge written display
Tonight we are showing The Pigmalion Play.
A gentleman who looked like the Vicar ushered them in 
he told them the show was about to begin
suddenly the stage was ablaze with bright shining light,
the music was lively with intent to excite

The leading man was Francis a big handsome male,
and of coarse there was Pigmalion, she had a cute curly tail,
her uncle was Thomas a big hairy bore
there was MO and Sar. and Brenin and more.
They sang and they danced, they each took a turn,
they even let Percy join in the fun.
They told the story of Pigmalion who had no one to care 
she rose to the top and took first prize at fair.
A wonderful cast all of them pigs
singing pig songs and dancing pig jigs.

Late in the night the show finally ended,
Percy thanked all, he announced it was splendid,
they jumped in the car and soon he was dreaming,
he never found out about Susie's scheming.
In the morning he awoke in his own little farm,
in the coziest corner of the coziest barn,
he was the only pig in Yorkshire who was able to say,
he had been to London and watched The Pigmalion Play

He lived happily ever after.



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