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Parliamo Scots
A few interjections commonly used in Scots

Parliamo Scots                                                                Soutar Davie

A few interjections commonly used in Scots

Ach!     Annoyance
Ai!   Oh!   Surprise.etc.
Atweill!    Indeed!  Certainly
Ay, Ay!    Just so! Sarcasm
Bletheration! Nonsense Disbelief
Bi the leevin Hairrie!     By the living Harry!  
Certie  Certainly   Assertion
Caw cannie!   Go easy!   Remonstrance
Feich!    Disgust
Hae!   Here you are!    
Haivers!   Nonsense   Disbelief
Haud on!   Stop!   Injunction
Haud yeir tung! Surely not!   Injunction
Hech    Sorrow
Howt!      Impatience
Hyuh! Here you are!     
Laddie, Laddie! Son, Son!  Remonstrance
Man, Man!      Remonstrance
Never!     Impossible!  Disbelief 
Nounae!  Nounae! Now then! Sympathy
Ochone! Woe is me! Sorrow
Wheisht!  Silence!  
Wow! or Whow!    Regret

A few interjections are derived from old religious oaths

Crivvens! Christ defend us Surprise
Dod! God!  Surprise
Fegs Faithkins Wonder
For the luiv o Guid For the love of God Injunction
Govie Dick!   Wonder
Guid kens God knows Wonder
Guid sakes! God sakes!  Annoyance
Guidness kens! God knows! Wonder
Heivins! Heavens! Surprise
Losh! Lord save us! Wonder
Mercie me! Have mercy on me! Surprise
Megstie! Almighty God! Alarm
Michtie Almighty God! Alarm
Serr’s! Lord preserve us! Alarm
‘S truith  God’s truth Irritation


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