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Jonn Bearcat Redmond
Superstitions of Nature

This is an list on all animals that I have found to be lucky and unlucky all over the world, I am sure they will be more, Superstition plays a big part in all our lives, many say it doesn't but at same time they wont walk under ladders or they check the lottery with their lucky numbers and wish for something every day, and either have a lucky rabbits foot or a lucky token, I find the funniest is the rabbits foot wasn't lucky for the rabbit so what makes you think it will be lucky for them.


Many Scottish and English farmers i have spoken to always stated it was bad luck to make friends with any of their animals that were to be shown in Highland shows etc, as this put a spell on them against winning,


The adder is said to be an omen of good luck and according to the old fables if you kill the first one you see in spring you will be able to overcome all your enemies, to allow the snake to escape is bringing ill omen on you, The old English people used to tell me that a adder outside your abode at your door was sign for a death soon to be known to you,


From my younger days people have always told me that seaman found spotting an albatross a sign of bad weather to come, the old seaman used to believe the albatross was the spirit of a dead sailor and he was giving warnings


Even when I was a child it was well known not to stand on ants or it would cause it to rain, old travelling people told me once that if ants make their colony inside your door or entry to your tent that was a sign of good fortune will bestowed upon you,


The badger was an animal that was always favoured by the gambling fraternity

Gypsys told me that it you wear a Badgers tooth around your neck you will be lucky in whatever you place wagers on.


Its a well known fact the world over that if bats fly towards you its a omen that someone is trying to place a curse on you, or betray you or bewitch you, its also well know women always fear a bat will fly into there hair and get tangled but we all know that the bat has the best radar system in all of nature.


The Indians and fronteirsmen of the USA always believed that the bear breeds only once every seven years and it always seems to fall on the time that the cattle would be giving birth to their young,The native americans believe that every part of the bear has great spiritual power.


Everyone knows that to stamp on a beetle is bad luck as this causes rain its even more dangerous to stand on one in your home as this causes a death in that home in years to come ,,sometimes when the beetles walk into your home in countryside that is a forewarning that storm is due that day.


There is many birds that have omens of good luck and bad luck in the bird families. people believe that birds are the returned souls of dead flying back amongst the living, even from early times certain birds have been an ill omen in regards to peoples fortunes, I wont list any here but list all individually.


If you see 2 blackbirds sitting together its said to be good luck, strangely I haven't seen two as the Blackbird is very territorial bird and generally chases other birds away.

Black Cats

We all have said at one time Black cat crossing our path is lucky or unlucky depending on each individual person, to kill a black cat is very much bad luck, its rare to find a real Black cat these days as many have a tinge of ginger or white somewhere on their body then its spell is stopped, most tales of the black cat go back to days of the Egyptians as one of the Gods was a black cat, I could possible write a whole book on the Black cat.

Black Sheep

I am sure everyone has heard the expression of the black sheep in the family, and yet in country life the blackfaced sheep is very lucky, except for some farms in south of England and in North of Scotland where they believe that a black faced sheep being born isn't good at all for the flock and if a sheep has twins both born with black faces , means it will be a poor lambing season for that farmer.


Many country people believe that the butterfly is a sign of bad luck if it lands on you and its claimed that if you accidently kill a butterfly ill fortune will follow you for 12month.


In Yorkshire country people especially the gypsys believed that if you find a hairy caterpillar and throw it over your left shoulder it will bring you good luck.


Have always been one of main targets for the witches and many charms have been made to protect them Irish tinkers told me that they would cover the entrance to a byre with primroses to keep the witches away from their cattle, the other lucky thing to do to keep witches away was to hang a wand made from the Rowan tree and hang it at your door, some Scots farmers in north believed that if you tarred the rear of their ears or at root of their tail that stops witches stealing their milk,


Some of the european gypsys told me that if you have a chicken that lays an even number of eggs its better to take one away so that the rest will all lay, if not there is an omen to stop the rest of chickens laying they also stated that if a cockerel is born from the eggs that brings good fortune to the owner and their family.


The cock has always been a protector and held with high regard as it keeps at bay ghosts and evil spirits,thats why we see many of church steeples, to have a white cockerel is very good luck,if you hear a cock crowing as you walk passed it that is supposed to mean that you will have a great day,there is many facts about Cockerels.


In America Native americans believe that if cobwebs are seen inside your tepee that lets you know that no lovemaking has occured in there in such a long time, if a girl found a cobweb on her door it let her know that her lover was calling on another girl in same village, some older people believed that if you had a cut and covered it with a cobweb it would heal it.


As everyone knows the cow in eastern countrys are sacred and yet in some cattle farms in North of Scotland some believed that milk from a white cow was inferior, many Americans I have spoke to said that meat from a red cow is much better than and other colour of cow, if you see a cow walk with its tail upwards its a sign that its going to rain heavy, and if a cow moo's in your face 3 times means there is a death in your family soon, some people kept telling me that when cows eat Buttercups its gives better milk, but its also not well known that cows don't like Buttercups and wont eat them, also if the milkmaid or milkman doesn't wash his hands after each cow this will bring bad luck to the yeild from the herd.


Crickets are lovely little insects and are said to be bringers of good luck and to kill one would be unlucky for you, if you see one leaving your home it meant there is an illness due in your home,,The Native Americans believe that you can have a great singing voice if you make a drink up of the crickets crushed and boiled.

Crocodiles and Alligators

The Indians in South America believe they make a moaning sound and a sighing noise just like a human to attract more people towards them, they believe that the animals actually does shed its crocodile tears just as its finishing off its living meal they always eat the head last and that is left to shed the tears and then it eats what's left.


From the earliest times all over the world people have always sensed the crow as a sign of bad luck and of evil, as its widely associated with witchcraft, if you see a flock of crows flying from a wood and heading north its a sign of hard times ahead there is old saying by the Cherokee, One crow is sorrow, two crows are myrth, three crows a wedding four crows a birth, and if you see a crow flying towards the sun in the morning means that the weather will be fine all day, but if you see any crows near a river at nights its a sign of a storm brewing.


The first call of the cuckoo generally means that's the first of the spring, although some parts of UK reckon its bad luck to hear a cuckoo before April the 6th , but if you hear it on April the 28th means you will have good fortune the rest of the year, in some places they believed to hear one after August was a sign of ill omens, its good luck to turn the cash in your pocket the first time you hear a cuckoo.


The curlew has always been a bird of bad omen to sailors who have seen them flying overhead and if you hear that call they have means that a storm is brewing and its inadvisable to set sail for the sea ,its also bad to hear a curlew at night that is a sign of bad luck.


Dogs have always been prone to people to believe that a dog can see ghosts and feel death before it happens, they say a dog can always tell who is a good person and who is a bad person, I have seen that myself when my dog would approach some people and growl at others, The Native americans believe a dog falling asleep with its paws all drawn up and his rear legs stretched out and tail straight is sign of a death, the good omens is when a dog eats grass, have you also noticed that if dog knows thunder is coming or a storm is due it will hide in a corner or hide under the table,


If you look at all donkeys they have a cross on their back and that was given by god from the time that the Christian Jesus was carried on its back, its even well known that if a donkey is dying it always walks away in a corner to be by itself and if a donkeys bays quite a lot and ears twitch its certain sign of bad weather.


Tradition has always said that the dove is only bird that the devil cannot harm and cannot enter its soul,,, a superstition by many miners was that if dove was sitting anywhere the mine shaft no one would go down the mine untill it had left, The indians also believe it is the soul of someone close to them and its forbidden to kill any.


If a man is fishing and a dragonfly comes along and hovers near the man that is area where to fish as they are their in abundance, its also said that if the man is a poor attitude to life and cares for none but himself the Dragonfly takes him to a spot there is no fish.


A ducks egg can be an omen of great bad luck for its owner if there dun coloured many people believe if a duck lays any unusal eggs its better to kill the duck and celebrate its death by eating it to cure the problem in the other ducks.


The eagle is protected all over the world and in USA is held in high regard by all Native Americans as that is said to be the Creator flying over all the land, its a bad omen for anyone to steal an eagles egg, and also if an eagle drops a feather there has to be lifted only by a Native American holy man and there is a special ceremony for a feather of the eagle not everyone can hold an eagles feather.


The New Zealand emu is believed to be a bringer of good luck and its flesh is a cure for many things, its also said by the Maoris that its bad luck to kill one,


long before man knew about all the good protein in Fish the Native Americans had always encouraged their children to eat as much fish as they possibly could, as it was known to be wise and bringer of good health , and great knowledge The Scots fishermen have many superstitions in reference to fish, The Native Americans fishermen always said, To fish in the east the fish is the least , to fish in the west the fish are the best,


A little common flea is also considered unpleasant not just an annoying to man and beast, but also wont stay on a dying creature,


People in the country in Wales believe that if you see a lone fox then good luck is in store for you, but if a family of more than six crosses your path means bad luck for the months to come, they say if a fox comes anywhere near your home it means there is an illness coming to that home.


Its well known all over the world to kill a frog is bad as you are killing the soul of a little boy or girl, who died in childhood, a frog that croaks in middle of the day means rain is due, and if a frog jumps into your home that's a sign a very good luck to all in the household, its well known in fairy tales frogs have been used for love spells and for curing warts if you rub the frog over your wart and then they will disappear.


Many people think the goose is a silly bird as you hear many say your a silly goose, the bird is said to give warnings of death and also protects you also there was another superstition that depending on colour of the breast bone told what the weather would be like the following year.


The goat has always been taken in regards to superstition as many thinks its relation to the Devil,, many houses of pagans have goats in there gardens to protect the house from illness.

Golden Plover

In Wales they say its a death omen to hear the whistling of the Plover in the mornings, its said to contain the souls of Jews who died at same time as the Christian Jesus,


All greyhound owners believe that a greyhound with a white spot on front of its head is a guaranteed winner.


Scottish fishermen believed that the sea fish the Haddock is a lucky fish and the black spots that is on side of all fish are the marks of Jesus 's finger and thumb when he fed the five thousand they also say that the fish shouldnt ever be burnt Roast mi,and bile mi,Bit dinna burn ma banes,awer thin awll bi a strangir , aboot yer hearth stanes,


The field hare has always been classed as bad omen all over the world, and yet to see ablack hair is good luck, and in Scotland to see a Purple Hare , and a White Hare is good luck, if you see a hare running along the road its said to be running away from a fire to be soon,they say that the left foot of a hare is a good luck charm against arthritis.


The hedgehog is said to also be bearer of bad luck, many country people say its best to kill it before it brings bad luck towards you, but as its a protected animal I dont think many will be harmed,some farmers used to believe that the hedgehog sucked the milk from cows lying sleeping in fields,its a wellknown fact that if a hedgehog just comes out hibernation eats and then curls up in a ball its stating rain is due soon,


Some of oldest superstitions come from the country folk all over UK, some say that to hear a woman whistling and a hen crowing at same time is not good for the people who hears it,some people believe the devil is in the bird, many country people just married always had a hen inside there home as they then had prosperity.


Scottish Fishermen say that if you eat one which has been salted bones and all in three mouthsfull you must then go straight to bed, without uttering a word to anyone or without taking a drink, then you will dream of your future and many fishermen feel that if the first fish they lift of the season is a female that means all catches from then on will be more than plenty.


As for the superstitions of the horse i couldn't find anyone who would tell me anything about the Horse as Horsey people are tightlipped and was told This is The Horsemans Word, but I wont give up I am sure you may find out things in whatever area you come from.


In UK the jackdaw is also bad omen as its member of the crow family, if there is a flock of them flying around in a circle that is a sign that it will rain soon.


The Kingfisher is one of Gods beautiful birds and got its plumage from Noah it was the first bird set free from the Ark, its a belief in certain parts of Europe if you stick feather s of the bird in your clothes great fortunes will come to you.


Some people believe that the Ladybird is part of the Virgin Mary and its ill luck to all who harm it in any way, and one mustn't kill any,, Scottish Travelling people say that if you place one on your hand and say in chant  Ladybird ,Ladybird fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are alone, aned you will have good luck, and a sense of goodness will be felt within you.


Omens from the lambs are same as they are in reference to the sheep,


Or Peewit as its called in Scotland to see one flying overhead making a screeching noise is ill fortune is soon to come, they say that souls of men never to find rest are within these birds.


In Scotland every child at one time has lain in long grass on your back and lay queit and looked up to the sky and heard the Lark wistling a song for you to show off its song its said that God placed it on earth so all children could enjoy nature in the summer by lying on their backs staring to the sky.


They say in Africa the lion will attack anything when its hungry and yet it fearsa bird called the game cock because it wears a crown,and spurs, and yet it will gladly attack all but this bird, the lion according to superstition the lion see's as its equal, many African tribes believe that the heart of the lion given to there children gives there children the strength and wisdom and courage of the animal.


Lizards all over the world is believed to be an ill omen to to brides for if she see's one on her way to the marriage means she will be unhappy , In certain parts of France if a lizard goes near a woman means she will have great skills with her fingers,


There are many omens and superstitions relating to the Magpie ,in Scotland the following rhyme says it all One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver ,Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told. I know personally how unlucky it is to see only one magpie, myself I have a book in my car that has pics of 2 magpies so that if i have misfortune to see one I just look at book and see 3, and then the spell is broken.


Known in UK as the house martin is a lucky bird its said that any house it builds its nest on is forever blessed with happiness.


Are said to be souls of murdered people, there is many superstitions relating to the mouse, I suggest you see how many you can find.


The mole is a good luck animal to see


Some countrys believe that White Moths are souls of lost people seeking the way to heaven, Black Moths are evil omens, and if one flies into your face means that a letter is on the way to you.


In various parts of England I was told from some country people that the Nigtjar is known as the Corpse Fowl, and is well known as a bird of ill fortune, to hear at night is an eerie sound you wont forget.


According to everyone the owl is wise but it isn't according to others, its also a bird of ill omen and if you hear hooting in daytime it means sadness will be with you before day ends, in some country parts of England if an owl is heard hooting in a town that means that some virgin has been taken, and her first child will be a girl.


These birds have the same references as the cats have ,in fact in some parts of Ancient Greece they were kept in temples of the Gods to rob a feather from these birds was punishable by death as they were kept in Temples and were there for the spirits to reincarnate from. n fact one feather seen lying on ground is best to be left there as they are unlucky even in just one feather.


Many actions of the pig foretell the future, if you see one with straw in its mouth running around its sign there is to be heavy storm with rain, its a belief in some countrys that a pig crossing your path is very much bad luck, but if you meet a sow with a litter and they walk in front of you good fortune is set to meet you soon.


Old superstitions are similar to Dove except for one if a person is dying its said to place a pillow with pigen feathers below their head and they will make a recovery.


Sailors of the sea say that porpoises are good luck bringers, and when seen jumping and playing around a ship it means it will be a clear and safe voyage if they are veiwed going North the storm is in the opposite direction.


In UK its believed to say white rabbits three times very quickly on the first of each month will ensure you have good luck the rest of the month, some miners used to believe if they saw a white rabbit when going to the pit they would know there was to be an accident and not go down the pit, its also well known if you have a rabbits foot its unlucky to lose it, some gardeners in european countrys hang rabbits foots from tree branches to insure a good harvest of their fruit.


Most of superstitions are related to shipping in ref to rats and there is far to many to list here,I am sure if you seek you can find out all you wish to know.


This bird is said to be a bird that gives Prophecys, The Native Americans call it the Messenger of Death, The bird belonging to the crow family also is a bird of ill omen


This little bird got its red breast when it pulled a thorn from the head of Christ aand its breast got red blood from Jesus, The Irish gypsys believe if you kill a Robin a large lump will grow on your right hand and cause you lots of discomfort, when you see the first robin of the season make a wish and it will come true.


Sailors say that sharks following a ship in a group of three is a bad omen and prophecys a death on board, the shark has the sense to sense death before it happens,


Its unlucky to meet a flock of sheep when your walking up a road and they are coming to meet you (hard luck for me I stay on a sheep farm) some shepherds when they are buried have a tuft of wool in the coffin with them so god will know they are shepherds,


It is said that the sparrow was at the crucifixion of Jesus and it encouraged the Romans to torture Jesus as it kept shouting he is alive he is alive, its this reason today when you see a sparrow it will walk away rather than fly as it prefers to stay and see what's going to happen the sparrow is a symbol of the Gods and bad luck to kill one,


All spiders are good luck,


is called a tree rat and is good luck to kill it in some countrys and bad luck in others,


This bird is symbol of birth and if 2 lovers see a pair of them it signifies a birth due in 2 years time


The swallow is like many other birds it lets you know when there is going to be good weather, when it flys and swoops around about your house but if it stays in its nest it fortells bad weather.


Its unlucky to kill a swan and they are protected birds in UK they belong to the Queen, a swan cannot hatch its eggs unless there is a storm, In Scotland if you see 3 swans flying together there is a prophesy of a disaster to happen.


Toads are suppose to be connected to witchcraft and can be turned into old witches on a new moon ,there is superstition by old burglars that if they carried a toad in their pockets they would never be caught, if you are being wed and a toad crosses your path you and husband will enjoy forever happiness.


In some countrys the tortoise is sign of long life and strength, The Native Americans believe that the tortoise creates earthquakes as it carries the world on its back.


The wolf is an ill-omened animal if a wolf see's a man before the man see's the wolf the man will be struck dumb with fear, in some tribes its unlucky to say Wolf twice, there is some who believe that the tooth of a wolf will protect children from all evil spirits,


Children in France are told not to touch the Nest of the wren as there faces will grow many pimples, in England its well known folklore to harm a wren means a broken bone is to follow to those who killed the wren,


Sometimes known in Scotland as a Scots canary is a great singer above all other birds and to harm this bird in anyway causes the person to lose their voice, because it has strange markings on its eggs its said that it is the Devils Bird.

The End

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