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Results of Electric Scotland's 2001 Questionnaire
This questionnaire was completed over 5 days from 31st March to 4th April 2001.
1072 completed questionnaires were received during this period.

How old are you?

45 - 54   30.1%
55 - 64   22.6%
35 - 44   18.1%
over 65   15.4%
25 - 34   9.9%
20 - 24   2.2%
Under 19  1.7%

Are you male or female?

Male  54%

What is your ethnic origin?

Scottish  81%
Other Western European  8%
Other  (Most other respondents reported having European connections)

In which country do you live?

USA   62%
Canada  17%
Australia   8%
New Zealand   6%
Scotland   4%
English   2.5%
Other  0.5%

Which major city do you live in, or nearest to?
(We only asked this question to see if there was any particular density areas and we only list cities where 10 or more responded. These are actual numbers but as the total response was 1072 you can roughly translate these numbers into percentages. e.g. Toronto 46 = 4.6%)

Toronto 46
Vancouver  26
Seattle 24
Boston 23
Dallas 22
Los Angeles 22
Atlanta  20
Brisbane 20
New York 19
San Francisco 18
Chicago  17
Melbourne 17
Philadelphia 16
Washington, D.C. 15

Ottawa 14
Portland 13
Detroit 12
Glasgow 12
Halifax 12
Phoenix 12
Aukland  11
Edinburgh 11
Orlando 11
Sydney 11
Christchurch 10
Houston 10
Little Rock 10
Oklahoma City 10
Perth 10
Pittsburgh 10
Sacramento 10

What is the name of your state or region where you live?
(We only asked this question to see if there was any particular density areas and we only list states or regions where 10 or more responded. These are actual numbers but as the total response was 1072 you can roughly translate these numbers into percentages. e.g. Ontario 84 = 8.4%)

Ontario  84
California  56
Texas  52
Florida  37
British Columbia  33
Washington  27
Michigan  26
Pennsylvania  26
New York  24
Massachusetts  23
Queensland  23
Ohio  22
Victoria  19
Virginia  19
Illinois  18
Georgia  17
Oklahoma  16
Alberta  15
Tennessee  15
Arizona  14
Missouri  13
North Carolina  13
Oregon  12
Maine  11
New South Wales  11
Nova Scotia 11
Arkansas 10
Colorado  10
South Carolina  10

Do you plan to come to Scotland for a holiday?

Yes  55%
Perhaps  39%

No  6%

Would you like us to provide the means of booking a holiday to Scotland on the site?

Yes  57%
No  43%

Do you purchase goods online?

Yes  72%
No  28%

Roughly how often have you visited Electric Scotland during the last 30 days?

2 times  37%
3-5 times  33%
First time here  12%
6 - 10 times  8%
11 - 25 times  5%
More than 25 times  5%

How did you first hear about Electric Scotland?

Link from another web page  48%
Search engine  35%
Word of mouth  11%
Other  6%

If you heard about Electric Scotland via a Search Engine, which one was it?

Yahoo/Google 38%
Other  29%
AltaVista  14%
Lycos  6%
Excite  6%
AolNetfinder  5%
HotBot  1%
Webcrawler  1%

Have you used the Electric Scotland Web Board?

Yes  34%
No  66%

When you get to an actual story on Electric Scotland would you prefer one long page or a series of shorter pages?

Shorter Pages  42%
About Right  33%
Longer Pages  25%

How do you rank the following aspects of Electric Scotland?
(Only 1-3 ratings were received for Poor and Unsatisfactory in each of the four categories)

Ease of navigation: Excellent  44%  Good  49%  Satisfactory  7%
Quality of content:  Excellent  61%  Good  35%  Satisfactory  4%
Overall look and feel:  Excellent  44%  Good  48%  Satisfactory  8%
Sense of community:  Excellent  49%  Good  40%  Satisfactory 11%

If you get our Monthly Mailing list then please indicate if you'd like it...

Would like it longer:  87%
Would like it shorter:  8%
Happy as is: 5%

What would you like to see more off on Electric Scotland?
(67% of respondents made at least one suggestion)

Not surprisingly most suggestions were for more on genealogy, clan histories and history stories. There were however a significant number of requests for travel articles and articles on places in Scotland from an historical perspective. There were a number of suggestions for more modern Scottish articles and local Scottish news. Many requests for more photographs.

What single aspect of Electric Scotland do you enjoy most?
(74% of respondents made a comment)

Again not surprisingly most of the comments were on clan histories, history stories, but a high percentage seemed to enjoy everything.

What single aspect of Electric Scotland disappoints you most?
(55% of respondents made a comment)

I was pleased to see that around 70% of the comments were to say that they weren't disappointed in anything. That said there were comments on lack of photographs, travel information, recipes, genealogy, business and lack of information on specific clans or septs. 

Would you like to see a search engine similar to Alta Vista but dedicated to Scotland and Scottish connections? 

Yes  96%
No  4%

Would you like to see a full tartan database on Electric Scotland?

Yes  91%
No  9%

Would you like to see more clan histories being made available on Electric Scotland?

Yes  96%
No  4%

If Electric Scotland offered a Shopping Mall for Scottish goods such as tartans, kilts, clothing, clan products, etc from a large Scottish retailer would you use it?
(It is fair to say quite a few comments indicated that a third choice of "Perhaps" would have given a better quality response to this).

Yes  75%
No  25%

We have been testing a Software Mirror with Yippee and would like to know if this is of interest and you'd like us to continue with it?
(It is fair to say several responses didn't know what this was)

Not of interest  56%
Please continue  44%

I'd like to know if "News" is of interest to you on ES. I have many options including feeds from iSyndicate, 7am, moreover, etc. 

Scottish only  45%
Scottish & UK  30%
Not interested  14%
Scottish, UK & World  11%

And Finally feel free to add any comments or suggestions in here.
(42% of respondents made a comment)

The vast majority of comments were on the lines of thanks for the service and keep up the good work. There were some questions asked which were responded to where the person left an email address. There were also some offers of assistance.  Quite a few comments saying I should have explained more about what the software mirror was and also quite a few suggesting I should have added a "perhaps" option to a couple of the questions.



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