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Results of Electric Scotland's 2002 Questionnaire
This questionnaire was completed over 6 days from 22nd March to 27th March 2002.
1255 completed questionnaires were received during this period.

How old are you?

45 - 54  28.0%
55 - 64
65 and Over
35 - 44
25 - 34
  6.6 %
16 - 19
20 - 24
Under 16

What is your marital status?

Married  67.3%
Single (Divorced) 
Single (Never Married) 
Single (Widowed) 

Do you have grandchildren or children pre-teens (under 13)?

Yes  52.4%

Are you male or female?

Male  53%
Female  47%

What is your employment status?

Employed  46.1%
Self Employed 
Looking after Home
Full Time Student
Not Able to Work

In which industry sector does your occupation fall?

Other  17.8%
Public/Civil Service 
Financial Services 
Hotel & Catering 
Scientific Research 
Civil Engineering 
Real Estate 
Travel & Leisure 

At what level is your position?

Other  30.6%
Middle Manager 
Administrative Assistant 
Senior Manager/Divisional Manager
Senior Executive/Senior Associate 
Junior Manager 
Executive Director/Partner

What is your own approximate gross annual earned income from work activities?
968 answered this question out of 1255 respondents and of those who answered:-

under £10,000 ($US 14,000)  14.7%
£30,000 - £40,000 ($US 42,000 - 56,000)  13.7%
£25,000 - £30,000 ($US 35,000 - 42,000) 
£20,000 to 25,000 ($US 28,000 - 35,000) 
£15,000 to 20,000 ($US 21,000 - 28,000) 
£75,000 - 100,000 ($US 105,000 - 140,000) 
£50,000 - 75,000 - ($US 70,000 - 105,000) 
£10,000 - 15,000 ($US 14,000 - $21,000)  7.3%
Over £100,000 (over $US 140,000 

Do you own or rent your main home?

Own  80.1%

At what age did you finish, or are you expecting to finish, your full-time education?

16 or under  7.9%
17 - 19 
20 or over 

What is your ethnic origin?

Scottish  75.9%
Other Western European  9.6%
Other  (Most other respondents reported having some European connections)

In which country do you live?

USA   63.7%
Canada  16.5%
Australia   6.4%
England   4.2%
Scotland   3.4%
New Zealand   2.9%

Which major city do you live in, or nearest to?
(We only asked this question to see if there was any particular density areas and we only list cities where 10 or more responded).

Toronto 48
Los Angeles 29
Vancouver  24
Seattle 21
Boston, MA 21
Chicago  19
Melbourne 19
Washington, DC. 18
Ottawa 18

Dallas 18
Detroit 18
Glasgow 18

Atlanta  17
Oklahoma City 17
Sydney 17
Brisbane 16
Denver 16
New York 16
Halifax 14
Phoenix 14
Edinburgh 13
Houston 13
Kansas City 13
Pittsburgh 13
Tampa 13
Orlando 12
Aukland  12
Portland, OR 12
Montreal 12
Salt Lake City 12
St. Louis 12
Nashville 11
Cleveland 11
Sacramento 11
Charlotte, NC 11

San Francisco 11
Winnipeg 11
Philadelphia, PA 10
Calgary 10
Little Rock 10
London, England 10
Louisville 10

What is the name of your state or region where you live?
(We only asked this question to see if there was any particular density areas and we only list states or regions where 10 or more responded). On this basis around one third of our visitors come from the top 9 states/regions.

Ontario  92  (7%)
California  75  (6%)
Texas  51  (4%)
Florida  43  (3.5%)
British Columbia  35  (3%)
Washington  34  (3%)
Michigan  31  (2.5%)
New York  28  (2.0%)
Illinois  27  (2.0%)
Arizona  24
North Carolina  24
Oklahoma  22
Missouri  21
Ohio  21
Virginia  21
Georgia  19
New South Wales  19
Massachusetts  18
Tennessee  18
Alberta  17
Colorado  17
Maine  17
Victoria  17
Queensland  16
New Jersey  15
Oregon  14
Arkansas  14
Pennsylvania  14
Quebec 14
Manitoba  12
Kentucky  12
Utah 12
Nova Scotia 11
Wisconsin  11
Alabama  10
New Mexico 10
Indiana  10
South Carolina  10

Do you plan to come to Scotland for a holiday?

Yes  67.6%
Perhaps  25.4%
No  7%

Would you like us to provide the means of booking a holiday to Scotland on the site?

Yes  29.5%
Perhaps  44.0%
No  26.5%

Do you purchase goods online?

Yes  75.2%
No  24.8%

What do you buy online?
We asked people to tick all boxes that applied.

Books  58.9%
Music  40.6%
Clothing  34.7%
Computer/Electrical  33.5%
Travel  30.0%
Clan products  30.0%
Genealogical Information  28.7%
Tartan products  23.3%
Information  17.9%
Food  11.2%
Financial Services  6.9%

What types of printed magazines do you read regularly?
We asked people to tick all boxes that applied.

None  19.6%
Fashion/women’s issues 
Men's magazines 

Roughly how often have you visited Electric Scotland during the last 30 days?

3-5 times  39.9%
2 times  25.9%
6 - 10 times  13.7%
First time here  8%
11 - 25 times  6.7%
More than 25 times  5.8%

How did you first hear about Electric Scotland?

Link from another web page  43.9%
Search engine  34.6%
Word of mouth  13.2%
Other  8.3%%

Have you used the Electric Scotland Web Board?

Yes  36.8%
No  63.2%

When you get to an actual story on Electric Scotland would you prefer one long page or a series of shorter pages?

Shorter Pages  23.6%
About Right  56.4%
Longer Pages  20%

How do you rank the following aspects of Electric Scotland?
(Only 1 rating was received as Poor for the first three categories and 7 Poor ratings for community)

Ease of navigation: Excellent  50%  Good  46%  Satisfactory  4%
Quality of content:  Excellent  67%  Good  29%  Satisfactory  4%
Overall look and feel:  Excellent  53%  Good  43%  Satisfactory 4%
Sense of community:  Excellent  56%  Good  38%  Satisfactory 5%

If you get our Weekly Mailing list then please indicate if you'd like it...

Happy as is: 80%
Would like it shorter:  10.7%
Would like it longer:  9.3%

When you receive the Weekly Newsletter do you?

Read it all and click on links  39.4%
Read it all but not click on links 
Read some of it and click on links 
Read some of it but not click on links 

If you would like to comment on our newsletter or offer a suggestion please do so here.

There was no major topic that came out overall other than you liked the newsletter.  There were some requests for making it shorter, some for 2 weekly, and some for wanting colour.  Also some comments on links not working but as far as I could see this seems to be an AOL issue which I'll try to find out more about.

What single aspect of Electric Scotland do you enjoy most?

65% responded with some comment.

There were various groups of items in this one such as Webboard, Sense of Community, Diversity of Information, Histories, Stories, etc.

What single aspect of Electric Scotland disappoints you most?

45% responded with some comment.

The vast majority of comments were that nothing disappoints. However there were requests for more Travel information and features and for more photographs. There was also some adverse comments on the webboard due I think to some bad feelings in there for a time.

We asked if you would like us to feature more Shopping on the Site?

Yes  40%

We asked if you would like more of the material we are posting in our Kids section?

Yes  53%


Scottish Business. We asked if you would like us to profile Scottish businesses on the site and if so in what sectors?

  • Not Interested  29.8%

  • Tourism  37.6%

  • Food & Drink  19.8%

  • Creative Industries  17.4%

  • Small Business  12.1%

  • Textiles  11.5%

  • Software & E-Business  8.5%

  • Research & Development  7.8%

  • Communication Technologies  7.6%

  • Forestry  7.3%

  • Healthcare  6.2%

  • Electronics  5.5%

  • Sector Overviews  4.7%

  • Energy  4.6%

  • Aerospace  4.5%

  • Financial Services  4.4%

  • Biotechnology  4.4%

  • Microelectronics  4.0%

  • Automotive  2.4%

  • Call Centres  2.0%

  • Chemicals  1.0%

  • Optoelectronics  0.7%

Would you be prepared to pay for a subscription service to view copyright books online?

25% said yes to this question at a price of around £15 ($US21) per annum.

Is your company currently expanding and looking to locate in Europe?

Yes  6.3%
No  93.7%

Has your company considered locating in Scotland?

Yes  9.6%

Would you like to know more about conducting business in Scotland?

Yes  24.7%

Would you be interested in partnering with Scottish companies?

Yes  8.7%

What top 3 Scottish web sites do you find useful for BUSINESS interest?
Only 52 responded to this question and only 3 sites were mentioned more than once:

The Scotsman
Electronic Herald
Scots Parliament

What top 3 Scottish web sites do you find useful for PERSONAL interest?
We had 166 respond to this question but many just entered Electric Scotland or Clans. The only sites with more than 5 entries were:

Rampant Scotland  9
Scots Origins 8
ForeverScotland  7
and Visit Scotland with 4 entries.


Where do you tend to spend your holidays?
We asked to tick all that applied.

At home  26.4%
In your home state/province  30.8%
In your home country 
In a neighbouring country 
In another country 
In Scotland 
In the UK outside Scotland 

How do you go about booking your holiday?

Only book in own country including flight  40.0%
Only book in own country but book flight separately 
Would book anywhere but include the flight 
Would book anywhere but book flight separately 

If we did profile Tour Operators would you like us to profile ones with offerings around the world or just stick to ones offering holidays to Scotland?

International  8.6%
Scottish Only  33.5%
Mainly Scottish but some International  57.9%

How helpful do you find general accommodation sites on the web?

Excellent  8.2%
Very Good 
Very Poor 

Accommodation features?
This is where we asked if visitors would like to see detailed chatty stories about hotels.

Very Interested  25.3%
Would be nice to have 
Could be useful 
Not bothered 

Why do/would you come to Scotland?
We asked to tick all that apply.

Visit ancestral homeland  75.1%
For the scenery  72.2%
Visit historic properties  67.6%
Genealogy Research
To visit friends or relatives  42.9%
To visit a Highland Games or Festival  42.3%
To come for a clan gathering  34.8%
Education  12.9%
For sporting reasons (golf, fishing, etc)  12.7%
Business  3.2%

If you did come to Scotland would you make it as?

A Scotland only holiday  59.0%
As part of a British holiday  31.0%
As part of a European holiday  10.0%

If you did come to Scotland would you prefer to come as?

An individual  81.1%
With a Group   18.9%

What would be your preferred month for coming to Scotland?

Jan  0.2%
New Year 

What budget would you work on (per person) for your holiday "excluding" airfare but including spending money.

Less than £500 ($US 700)  13.3%
£501 - £749 ($US 700-$1050) 
£750 - £999 ($US1,050 - 1,400) 
£1000 - £1,499 ($US 1,400 - 2,100) 
£1,500 - £1,999 ($US 2,100 - $3,500) 
Over £2,000 (Over $US 3,500) 

What quality of accommodation would you normally choose?

Good quality 4 star or better hotels  9.4%
Medium quality 2-3 star hotels 
B and B / Guest House or small hotel 
Self Catering 
Back Packing and/or Youth Hostels 

Would you be interested in an Electric Scotland holiday?

Yes  21.2%
Perhaps  58.3%
No  20.5%

If interested in above holiday of what duration would you prefer?

7 days  31.8%
10 days  34.2%
14 days  34.0%

Would you visit a Centre commemorating the Highland Clearances?

Yes  46.0%
Perhaps  48.5%
No  5.5%

Would you be interested in a Scottish theme holiday outside Scotland?

Yes  29.3%
Perhaps  44.8%
No  25.9%

Have you already been to Scotland on holiday?

Yes  45.6%

If you have already been to Scotland on holiday how would you rate your holiday?

Excellent  71.9%
Very Good 
Poor  0.8%

If you have already been to Scotland on holiday how would you rate the accommodation?

Expensive but good quality  18.4%
Expensive but average quality 
Expensive but poor quality
OK but good quality 
OK but average quality 
OK but poor quality 
Cheap but good quality 
Cheap but average quality 
Cheap but poor quality 

Could you tell us what kind of information we could provide that would be of real assistance?

287 gave responses to this question.

Many responses commented on the expense of a trip to Scotland and indicated they would be interested in visiting if they could get a cheap enough flight and likely either a tour based on cheap hotels or do it themselves through Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Due to this I also got a lot of requests to profile B & B's and cheap hotels.

If you have been to Scotland through a tour operator and enjoyed your visit could you provide contact details for them?

84 responded to this question and Globus and Cosmos were among the most popular answers.

And Finally feel free to add any comments or suggestions in here on anything to do with Electric Scotland.

280 gave responses and are gratified to note that most used them to say how much they enjoyed the site. Here is a selection of comments received...

  • Alastair - thank you for this fine service you provide; you continue to stoke a fierce Scottish pride and a strong desire to visit the homeland.
  • An excellent site to me in learning more of my roots and any enhancements will be greatly appreciated. Other than suggestions already given, the only other one that I feel could use more information is that on all available genealogy sites in Scotland and means of accessing them.
  • AT 60plus, I sometimes wander to the kids games to catch a few sheep, great job! keep up the good work as we look forward to Fridays and your newsletter
  • Before Christmas you had an offer for heather potpourri samples. I submitted my name and received a wonderful sample. I then ordered some for Christmas presents. I was please to see that the company was in Georgia, U.S.A. I was not aware of them. Everyone I sent this gift to was so please with such neat present that was not the routine tie/shirt, etc. So please continue to highlight Scottish business in American. In searching the extremely generous amount of greeting and all occasion cards that are available on the site, I failed to find a NICE highlander to send to some friends; whether comic or real. I did find a site with some lassies comic and real that my husband liked, too much. Get some laddies for us lassies... We are not dead, yet. [Yes, I did see the weather ole lairds)
  • could you include more info and helpful hints for researching ancestors for people living along way away.
  • Do a column about the flora of Scotland. I was surprised at the different flowers blooming in May.
  • Electric Scotland is GREAT, but sometimes I don't have much time to browse it. I would miss it if I didn't get the weekly letter. You do a great job. My visit to Scotland (Moray) was great and I had every intention of returning this year, but time won't allow. I truly felt as if I "had come home."
  • Electric Scotland is wonderful. It's hard to imagine how it could be improved upon. I thank Alastair for all his hard work. He certainly tries hard to accommodate all the visitors to the site and to make them feel welcome.
  • Enjoy the content. Perhaps an occasional section on the North-East (home of Doric speakers!)
  • Enjoy the site and Alastair is always helpful. Keep up the great work.
  • Enjoy your newsletter! Seems like something for everyone...keep up the good work.
  • ES is the site I visit most as the historical content is excellent. Also, Alistair is likeable, trustworthy, and clearly interested in all the members.
  • Great site! Great sense of community and ethnic origin. Great source of Scottish history. I have enjoyed purchasing "things" scottish from links on the web site. If vanished from the web, it would be sorely missed.
  • Have you considered posting real estate offerings on your site?
  • how about info on caravan rentals and barge trips?
  • I already filled out the survey and submitted, but I thought about this after I did it. I really like the Gaelic section you added, I wish there was more Gaelic on the site and more links. Thanks!!!
  • I am a woman, a scientist by profession, and have a wide variety of interests, the environment, gardening, plants, nature, history, art, cooking, science, crafts, aromatherapy, herbals, etc. So, the more variety you have about Scottish interests, the more I am interested! I would love to learn more about Scottish expressions. I found out that a term my Dad passed on to me, "by the way" is a term used there. If I come to Scotland, I would love to know more of the terms used there that differ from the language we use in U.S. Maybe some links to other Scottish chat rooms would be helpful. I do talk with some Scottish historians, but would like to find some for scientists. I have not had much luck, as people give directions to sites that are unclear (e.g. go to the ____ site, but do not provide a URL) or the site they provide is not accessible. I would love to talk with other scientists there or businesses about the environment and what they are doing. Recipes and plant info is the best!
  • I am curious as to the average age and education level of ES members. I look forward to the ES WebBoard everyday, great job, it is most entertaining.
  • I am not Scottish, but Electric Scotland is the highlight of my week. Love to visit Scotland but would not drive. Would need information about sight seeing from place I would stay.
  • I am thrilled to read your newsletter. I am proud of the fine writing and the great interest and love that you express for Scotland.
  • I am unable to travel so I do so via Electric Scotland. I enjoy the history of the country and enjoy seeing the photographs of the cities and countryside.
  • I can't keep up with all the new things you keep adding as it is. I love this site.
  • I discovered this site about a month and a half ago and have found it very informative. I have been helped to find lots of information on learning Scots Gaelic by friendly folks on the web boards and I've found the historical information easily accessible. I recently bought some books by Nigel Tranter through your link to I would not have found these books if I hadn't been puttering around on your site.
  • I do enjoy reading the Electric Scotland. It lets me feel like I am in touch with my history. Thank You Cliff.
  • I don't know if this is because you get most of your responses from the U.S., but I feel that the emphasis seems directed more towards the U.S. and that other countries, especially the other Commonwealth countries are rarely mentioned. Canada is still a separate country from the U.S.
  • I enjoy all of the information you provide thru newsletter & website. Thoughtful, well planned & expanding constantly.
  • I enjoy ES immensely. I use it constantly for research and as a link to research pages, although I'd like to access a Scottish Gaelic / Old Scots to English page easier
  • I have seen many an offering where you would have to be extraordinarily rich or at least pretty darn flush in order to come over & stay. I need something middle of the road; that is, that I could do for a holiday & still come home & afford to live afterwards. I like to spend about $500-$600 in airfare. That means maybe not landing in the most bucolic of places but not necessarily in the heart of London to come to everywhere else on the island. I would like to be able to "hang my hat" in either one central location & then tour or bicycle or walkabout out from there or have an itinerary where I can choose a different place depending on how our research is going. Being an herbalist & roman archeaologist/anthropologist means that I have more interest than some in both Roman settlements/ benedictine libraries & other herbal/folk lore than most. I am of Celtic belief in my herbal teaching & enjoy gardens & other locations which deal/ have dealt with herbal medicine.
  • I like your site a lot but I think if you improved genealogy research I'd like that a lot.
  • I like your site and the feeling of "brotherhood" on there. I live in England and rely on sites like yours to keep in touch with Scotland. I have talked to some very nice people overseas through visiting your site. Well done, keep up the good work
  • I live in Scotland but still have much to learn about our country and people, you can help.
  • I look forward to each Friday and the diverse aspects of the contents. Thanks.
  • I love Electric Scotland and recommend it to all my friends.
  • I love Electric Scotland and tell many about it. While not a big spender on the internet, I love Scotch (Oban) and love Scottish Ales. Have you ever done a story on the Ales (craft brewed and Major companies) of Scotland. I love wearing my kilt and recently attended the Gathering of the Clans in NC, USA. Dave
  • I love ElectricScotland and look forward to it every week. I enjoy all the links and quite often spend hours going around to different things. Thanks for all the work you put into it!
  • I love Saturday mornings, I can have a read of Electric Scotland over my early morning cuppa.
  • I LOVE the newsletters and LOVE the site. I have used (with credit) a great many informational, mostly historical, pieces in newsletters I create. I LOVE your super graphics/drawings.
  • I love what you do. Since we have been to Scotland, we have become very involved in the games, music, art, etc. available in the USA. My husband has recently started creating pottery with Celtic knots that has drawn lots of attention. Electric Scotland makes us all feel the connection that is part of our genetic makeup!
  • I love your site, it gives you the desire to come to Scotland and never go back home.
  • I need a Scottish husband! Any ideas?!
  • I really enjoy Electric Scotland. It has the best selection of links and information. would it be possible to have sessions on learning Gaelic like the ones that were on Scottish Internet Radio. Thanks Jim.
  • I really enjoy your news letter - has given me great ideas for a holiday in Scotland. I find the History the best reading.
  • I really found a lot of information about my Genealogy and history on this site. and is creating a interest if your country and perhaps a visit some time soon. If I could decide where the most interesting places are and the least expensive arias.
  • I really look forward to my Friday Electric Scotland it helps me relax after a busy week and I also get such a laugh at the stories. It's as good as a holiday some Fridays. Thanks
  • I think it's a good site for Scots like us away from Scotland but like to keep up to date with Scottish news etc:
  • I think you should have membership cards, with discounts attached when visiting Scotland
  • I thoroughly enjoy ES, it is a useful source of information, helps keep me in touch with 'home'. Give me ideas for activities when on holiday/long weekends...
  • I would congratulate you on the whole presentation of Electric Scotland. Perhaps a section about the physical Scotland would be well received. i.e. Its flora, fauna (including small life) and its geological structure which is very interesting, including its plate tectonic history. In making selections, a button for not applicable (N/A) could save embarrassment too. Please do not forget New Zealand in your lists of countries, there are a lot of Scottish descendants here. :-)
  • I would like some more sites on free genealogy tracking. Everywhere I go, someone wants a fee. There are people who do genealogy as a hobby and post their findings on web pages, maybe you could provide links to some of them.
  • I would like to know more about the foods of Scotland, perhaps even some recipes.
  • I would like to see a change in conferences on the webboard. I love the history that is presented on this website. I would like to see more specific help in travelling in Scotland. I also would like more articles about people and every day life in Scotland.
  • I would like to see a little more on historical sites but otherwise Electric Scotland is good to read.
  • I would LOVE to come to Scotland, and some day I shall; I have Scottish friends and my mother was born in Hawick. The people are so friendly! I find your Electric Scotland a wonderful weekly read. Thanks for it. Lucille.
  • I'd just like to say how much I enjoy the site and the newsletter and that I've also gotten several friends of Scottish ancestry interested in both also.
  • If we had any doubts we would probably contact Electric Scotland.
  • Is it possible to include job opportunities as a link? I am a registered nurse working in Intensive Care and am interested in taking a travel assignment for a few months in Scotland. I don't even know where to begin planning or if it's even possible. Maybe there isn't any such thing as a link to a site about job opportunities.
  • It's a great web site. I read most of the newsletters - at least to see if there's something I'm really interested in. Would LOVE to see some articles on the Small Isles (Rhum, Eigg and Muck) as a lot of us came to Cape Breton from there. Would also love to have a page of references of people who would look for general information -such as detail on the clearances from the Small Isles.
  • Keep up the good work, I look forward to your weekly emails and find interesting sites from them. The games are cute too.
  • Keep up the good work. We love it, Alistair
  • Keep up the great work! Your site is an invaluable asset to the Scottish community around the world.
  • Love getting the weekly newsletter. Look forward to it. Print everyone out, so that when I have the time to check out different sites, I will have them available.
  • Maybe more on Scottish happenings in the States.
  • Maybe this isn't up your alley but perhaps some information on helping people get back Scotland or the UK? We are planning on settling there as my husband was born in the UK and misses it dearly :)
  • My G Grand parents came to NZ in 1860. Research has given me a strong sense of feeling for what was once family homelands. This newsletter helps put meat on the bones of emotion.
  • Overall, a very good site. Some improvements could be made here and there, such as the overall layout. Maybe, have the links that are at the top of the page down the side of the page. Oh, and put some information on about the Hollas!
  • Perhaps a little more information on the excellent farmhouse B & B places
  • Perhaps more plaques, bagpipes, clan items for sale.
  • So far so good. One thing I would like to see is some more on general life in historic Scotland. Maybe including depictions, etc.
  • Thank you for providing so much information about Scotland.
  • Thank you very much for an informative and entertaining newsletter and site.
  • There is such an amazing variety of information available through E. S. It would be wonderful if E.S could be an umbrella for all the other good/useful Scottish sites. Links are o.k., but if E.S. were to act as a portal, with a directory of sites and their links, it could be even better. An example of how this works would be a site like This is a State of Maine portal to all the sites operated by Maine government agencies. Lots of cooperation required, and maybe not directly applicable to what E.S. does, but an idea to contemplate. Take a look at this site to see what I mean.
  • This is my favourite website of all. Each time I see it, I say this is the best ever--then you outdo yourself. I am a professor and a program director at a large Canadian university (-------). I meet a lot of book sales reps--I make it a point to ensure that all with Scots names are told about your website and encouraged to visit and start researching their own Scots history. Many have thanked me for doing so. Keep up the outstanding work Alistair! Thanks.
  • Very good website. Thought New Zealand section was very good. Is good for the Scottish to know where some of their people went. You could have a section dedicated to some of today's outstanding Scottish people. Also maybe a competition or two??
  • We are really enjoying Electric Scotland. It is very informative and fun.
  • Would love to visit Scotland, but must stick close to home for a "few years" due to caring for elderly in-laws. Think Alastair is doing a bang-up job, am always amazed at amount of info available (after three or four years of visiting, I'm still discovering things).
  • You are still my first, and most visited website I've had in my favorites since I received my computer 8 months ago. Although in my mid 40's I have been nothing but impressed with your website and continue to tell all my "Celtic" friends about you daily. My wife (who is Mexican) and I try to visit every other day to enjoy your offerings as well as our daughter (10yrs.) who enjoys your children's site. Thank you for bringing my heritage closer to home for all of us. :-)
  • You are track. Do not get too big. You are a lot of help as it is. Travel information would probably a good fit. Best wishes.
  • You have a great opportunity to become the major travel info source for Scotland. Get some of the Scottish travel vendors to advertise on your site. Pay the it were. No one cares if you seek and get advertisers so long as they are informative.



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