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Electric Scotland's June 2003 Visitor Survey
We received 1004 completed forms in a 14 day period

General Demographic Information
Here we just need a basic idea of the age, sex and which country you come from.
What age are you? 25 and Under - 2.7%
26-35 - 5.9%
36-45 - 14.2%
46-55 - 29.0%
56-65 - 24.1%
Over 65 - 24.1%
What sex are you? Female - 49.0%
Male - 51.0%
In which country do you live? USA - 66.2%
Canada - 14.9%
Scotland - 5.1%
England - 3.9%
New Zealand - 3.8%
Australia - 3.3%
Europe - 1.5%
Rest of the World - 1.3%

Browsing Habits
Here we are trying to discover how many Scottish web sites you visit and how often.
How often do you visit Electric Scotland? First Time - 6.6%
Daily - 7.9%
Twice a Week - 16.6%
Weekly - 51.2%
Twice a Month - 5.3%
Monthly - 9.1%
Longer - 3.3%
How many other Scottish web sites do you visit on at least a monthly basis? 1 other site - 36.2%
2-5 sites - 48.1%
6-10 sites - 9.4%
11+ sites  - 6.3%
What percentage of your browsing time is spent on Scottish sites? 5%  - 33.4%
10% - 22.6%
25% - 19.0%
50% - 16.5%
75% - 8.5%

Members Only Content
Electric Scotland will always be a FREE site but we are going to launch a "Members Only" web site later this year where you would need to pay for membership. New books on Clans and Scottish history will be made available on pretty much a daily basis (Mon-Fri) through this service. The money raised will be used to employ a person to OCR in content from antiquarian books and other resources as well as to purchase the content. This content will only be available to paid up members.
Would this service be of interest? Yes - 53.6%
No - 46.4%
If of interest what is the most you would pay for such a service on an annual basis? $25 - 80.5%
$35 - 11.2%
$45+  - 8.3%
If of interest would you prefer to pay for this service on a monthly basis instead of annually? No - 70.7%
Yes - 29.3%

We are considering working with one Scottish company that provides tartan cloth, kilts and other Scottish products. We were thus wondering how many of you might make use of this service.
Would you purchase tartan, kilts, etc., online from Scotland? No - 15.8%
Perhaps - 54.1%
Yes - 30.1%

Alastair in the USA
As you may know I'm going to be moving to the USA and wondered how many of you might be interesting in hearing of my experiences and the area I'll be living in.
Would you be interested in hearing about Alastair in the USA? No - 18.7%
Yes - 81.3%

Do you visit any Scottish Business Web Sites?
(excluding newspaper sites)
No - 54.1%
Yes - 45.9%

Scottish Weekend
Each year the Odom Library in Georgia puts on a special Scottish Weekend. The library holds the archives of some 125 Scottish Clan Societies in America and is also the home of the Family Tree Newspaper.
Would you like to get information on this event? No - 25.9%
Yes - 74.1%

Flag in the Wind
We'd be interested to know if you read this section of our site and what in particular you read in it.
Do you read the "The Flag" ? No - 44.6%
Yes - 45.4%
If you do read The Flag what do you read? Both - 64.8%
Cultural - 32.8%
Political - 2.4%

Knowledge of Regions/States/Towns
I'd be interested to know if you know where these areas are in the world. I'm always saying that most of us do not have a great knowledge of places other than in our own area so here is a chance to prove me right or wrong :-) To be accurate on this you need to know the precise location of these places so if you have simply heard the name but don't actually know where it's located then answer No!
Do you know where Prince Edward Island is? No - 20.1%
Yes - 79.9%
Do you know where Moultrie is? No - 58.0%
Yes - 42.0%
Do you know where Falkirk is? No - 31.0%
Yes - 69.0%

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