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Stories from House of Tartan
IronWolf Clan

Good Sir,
   I was under the understanding that your web site was one of fact and true Scottish heritage. I have had you listed on my site for that reason, especially since I am a real Macrae. I came across a clan story/history on your site that is something I wrote some years ago, but is not true. It is of a fictitious clan created for the Bristol renaissance faire. I am the one that is listed at the bottom of it as Ian MacTavish. I went by that name for faire re-enactment and fun. I now see this is listed upon your good historical and accurate site. I am asking that you please remove it to keep yourself accurate and true. Also, since I was the writer of it at the time, I would not and do not want to be associated with a unreal clan. It is a clan for Renaissance faire fun only, and they have also claimed a generic tartan as theirs. It is not real in any way but for a few small things in that some in it are real Scots representing their own family clans. Thanks for your time in this.
Sir Clisto Seversword
Knight of the Holy Blade of York
"Oh... The Sweet Reward of Knighthood
Lies Not in the True Noblest of Deeds,
But is Buried Deep Within the Eyes and
Heart of His One Beautiful Admiring Lady".

Note: As it's a good story and just goes to show that fiction and fact can get mixed up I thought I'd leave the story on the site as a kind of illustration on how things can get confused :-)

Since Sir Nessus Ramsay, back in 1236AD....... through generations of the Ramsay clan, a story has been passed down. This legend speaks of the sons of Gods which sired immortal men to mortal women. Many of these people were said to have formed the new clan by the name "Gadfaol" pronounced (god fah ool), which when translated literally from ancient Gaelic into English means "IronWolf". However, taking into consideration the text and dialect of the times, IronWolf would have meant "Warrior Clan".

Now then, in 1400, Sir Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie, successfully withheld a six month siege by English forces under Henry IV at Dalhousie Castle. He had accomplished this with the assistance of a small army of men from various clans that had interests to be protected but had to remain anonymous. For whatever reason, they did not want their true clan names to be involved, so Sir Alexander Ramsay used the name of IronWolf to protect the clansmen's true identities. Thus, the IronWolf Clan had been reborn. He passed along knowledge of these events to his son, also named Alexander, who continued on as the first chieftain of the IronWolf Clan.

This all brings us to the birth and life of Morgan Ramsay, who became known as Sir Morgan Ramsay, chieftain of the clan Ramsay and of IronWolf. He saw this new version of an ancient clan flourish and prosper. People of all clans joined loyalties under the black and silver tartan that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Sir Morgan Ramsay was quite pleased, since by 1575AD at the age of 27, he was already Chieftain of Ramsay and IronWolf clans and on his way toward becoming the first knight of King Aongus O'Dell of Ireland. He needed a way to insure the success of his beloved IronWolf clan. It was then, the Ramsay clan motto of "Pray and Work" enlightened him to what he must do. He rallied all his allies to stand behind and recognize the IronWolf clan as a true clan of Scotland.

King O'Dell of Ireland, Prince of Barra Kierron Gunn MacNeil, Sir Tirlough MacInnes of Wales and Norway, Sir Richard Gill Knight of Tian Ross Shire, and many other Scottish clans lead by Sir Maradon MacKaden Chieftain of clan Ramsay, all stood behind Ramsay and all those that would call themselves of the IronWolf Clan. Whether by bloodline or tartan alone, the clan IronWolf would stand victorious. For Ramsay had also uncovered the Tenets by which the first IronWolf clan bonded together.

Now then, by 1578AD at the peacetime invitation of Queen Elizabeth to Bristol, Sir Morgan Ramsay, accompanied by a representative of each of his allies for IronWolf, held a momentous ceremony naming a bloodline descendant of Gadfaol as Regent Lorde of IronWolf. He was Sir Ian Macrae, now Regent Lorde of IronWolf. Ramsay had found the man that would insure the prosperity of the renewed clan of his origin. Sir Ian then named his officers in the clan, with the appointment of his First Knight, Sir Angus Guild, so that a proper hierarchy would rule and be ultimately affective as a recognized force in the realm as he too re-established the tenets.

Since then, it was learned that many other family names were connected with the ancient Gadfaol clan such as MacLeod, Montague, Gunn, and Ragnar of Norway. There are many, many accounts and amazing stories of people connected with the IronWolf Clan. Soon more will be released after the extensive research is completed.

So there you have it. I hope that this small bit of history has enlightened everyone as to who we really are, what we represent and what we continue striving to achieve. If there are questions anyone has and would like to have answered, if possible, send missive through your scrying device to Ian.

England forever, but Scotland for just a "WEE BIT LONGER"

Sir Ian MacTavish, Regent Lorde of the IronWolves
November 12th 1578

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