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Banter.. by definition can be either witty exchanges.. (us?.. witty) or in another way, it can be defined as a challenge.. (us?.. challenge?).. but maybe we need to challenge some of what is going on within the site, so I'll get the ball rolling.....

We have had many discussions about the incident with China, cutting down cable cars, crooks as politicians, and some outright disagreements.. I have been a reader of most of this without comment and certainly still think any of you are entitled to your opinion..... even if I don't agree with what you say.. It would seem to me based on statements made from several of you that USA bashing is something you love to do.

Hey, I live here...I am free to do most anything I feel the need to do without worrying about what my govt might do about it or what kinds of punishment I might get because I don't agree with whats being done by said govt... but some of you seem to forget that no country is an island unto itself and I personally feel if someone didn't try to maintain some kind of order, we as a world would be overtook by the Hitlers and Saddams of the world.. In doing so, we make mistakes because we are human.
With all the complaining, what do you think we should do.. Quit trying to feed the starving, poor and helpless in other nations.

The last time we tried this, the very ones we were trying to feed turned on us and the warlords were fueding and tried to keep the food from the people and soon what was a mercy mission became a police mission in an effort to see that the food got to those who were in dire need of it.. Thousands were starving but those crooks kept every truck they could from delivering the food. What started off as trying to do something good became a death trap to some American soldiers. We are supposed to be our brother's keeper and in many cases, due to politics in other countries and bumbling on our part, we fail...but at least we tried. Brings to mind something about "best efforts of mice and men are sometimes doomed to failure" but the intent was good..

And with the China mess we have just went through, China has shown many times that they have no intention of complying with anyone's rules but their own.. We have few ideas of what goes on in their military and based on the take-overs they have supported in the past, I totally agree with keeping an eye on what they do. We have made mistakes for sure in our handling of things and our govt sometimes make me want to move to some unknown island but lets face facts.. this is the best system going that I know of, flaws and all and until someone comes up with something better, I'll stick with it..

I've often wondered what would happen if we built a huge fence around the USA and armed it to the teeth and told everyone else to fend for themselves. We are tired of pouring billions of dollars into foreign aid to ungrateful people who kill those who come to feed them, help them in time of national disasters, train their doctors and do special surgery that saves lives and it can only be done in this country, often times for free.. Sometimes trying to be your brother's keeper is a burden not appreciated
and like I stated before, we make mistakes but the last time I looked, according to our history, there has only been one perfect man and I think we will continue to make mistakes in an effort to do good in some cases and in others, try to see that other countries are also not planning on another world wide take over like the two in the last century.

Those that seem to gloat and point fingers at the USA should spend their time coming up with a better idea instead of criticizing us for trying. To anyone who doesn't agree with me, then state your case and we'll go at it until we get tired of it and then we'll start something else to dissect.. But I seriously doubt that my mind will be changed because in many cases, I know these facts, yes, facts, because I have seen it up close and personal..

Now its your turn and I'll listen or read the opposing views......I still wish the entire world was a place of peace and someday it will be.


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