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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix I - The Coats of Arms

MacConsidine Per pale sa. and gu., three lions passant guardant in pale per pale or and ar., armed azure.
MacCorquodale Ar. a demi-stag gu. naissant Out of a fesse tortile of the second and first.
MacCostello Or three fusils az.
MacCotter Az. three evetts in pale proper.
MacCurtin Vert in front of a lance in pale or a stag trippant ar. attired or between three crosses crosslet or, two and one, and as many trefoils slipt ar. one and two.
MacDermot Ar. on a chevron gu. between three boats' heads erased az. tusked and bristled or as many cross crosslets of the last.
MacDonald Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., armed or, 2, Or, a dexter hand couped fesswise, holding a cross crosslet fitchy gu., 3, Or, a lymphad or galley, oars in saltire sa., and in base a salmon naiant proper, in sea vert., 4, Ar., an oak tree surmounted by an eagle displayed or (Clanranald).
MacDonald Or, an eagle displayed gu. surmounted of a galley sails furled and oars in action sa. (Macdonald of Macdonald).
MacDonald Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., 2, Or, a hand in armour holding a cross crosslet fitchy gu., 3, Ar., a row galley (or lymphad), the sails furled sa., 4, Vert, a salmon naiant in fess proper (Sleate).
MacDonell Or, an eagle displayed gu., surmounted by a galley (biorlin) sa., sails furled, in dexter chief a hand couped of the second; sinister a cross crosslet fitchy of the third (Glengarry branch).
MacDonell Or, a lion rampant gu., a canton, ar., charged with a dexter hand couped fessways proper holding a cross crosslet fitchy of the second (Keppoch branch).
MacDonlevy Ar. on a mount in base proper a lion gu. and a buck of the second ram-pant combatant supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the third.
MacDonnell Az. an ancient galley sails set and flags flying ar. between in chief a cross calvary in three grieces or, between in the dexter an increscent of the second and in the sinister a dexter hand couped at the wrist appaumee proper and in base a salmon naiant of the second (Clare).
MacDonnell Quart., 1, Or a lion rampant gu., 2, Or, a dexter arm issuant from the sinister fess point out of a cloud proper, in the hand a cross crosslet fitchee erect az., 3, Ar. a lymphad sails furled sa., 4, Per fess az. and vert a dolphin naiant proper (of the Glens).
MacDonogh Per chevron invected or and vert, in chief two lions passant guardant gu. in base a boar passant ar. armed and bristled of the first langued of the third.
MacDougal Quart., 1 and 4, Az., a lion rampant at., 2 & 3, Or, a lymphad (or galley) sa., with a beacon on the topmast proper.
MacDuff Or, a lion rampant gu.
MacEachern A shield gyronny of eight or and sa. suspended from the mast of a lym-phad sa.
MacEnery Ar. an eagle displayed vert.
MacEvoy Per fess az. and per pale or and ermine a fess gu. issuant therefrom a demi-lion ar., in the dexter base a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the fourth.
MacFarlane Ar., a saltire waved and cantoned with four roses gu. MacFie Per fess nebully az., and or, in chief a two-handed sword ar. hilted and porn-melled of the second, & in base a lymphad sa., under sail of the third.
MacGarry, Garrighy Ar. a lion rampant between four trefoils slipt vert, in chief a lizard passant vert.
MacGenis Vert a lion rampant or, on a chief at. a dexter hand erect couped at the wrist gu.

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