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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix I - The Coats of Arms

fesswise, grasping a man's heart proper, 3, Az., a boar's head couped or, 4, Or, a lymphad az., oars erect in saltite gu.
MacLachlan Quart., 1, Or, a lion rampant gu., 2, Ar., a dexter hand couped in fess, holding a crosslet patte in pale gu., 3, Or, a galley, oars in saltire sa. in a sea proper, 4, Ar., in base in the sea undy, vert a salmon naiant proper.
MacLame Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., 2, Az., a tower ar., 3, Or, a dexter hand couped in fess gu., holding a cross crosslet fitchy az., 4, Or, a lymphad proper, in base vert a salmon naiant proper.
MacLaren, Laurin Or two chevronnells gu., a lymphad sails furled sa. in base.
MacLean Quart., 1, Ar., a rock gu., 2, Ar., a dexter hand couped fesswise gu., holding a ctosslet fitchy in pale az., 3, Or, a lymphad, oars in saltire, sails furled sa., flagged gu., 4, Ar., a salmon naiant proper, and in chief two eagles' heads erased respectant gu.
MacLeish Or two chevtons gu. a canton sa.
MacLeod Quart., 1 & 4, Az., a castle triple-towered and embattled ar., masoned sa., windows and porch gu., 2 & 3, gu., three legs armed, conjoined, and flexed at the knees ar. (Harris branch).
MacLeod Or, a burning mountain proper, in the dexter and sinister chief points two crosses patte fitchy gu. (Lewis branch).
MacLoughlin Per fess az. and gu., in chief a lion rampant or between two swords erect ar. pommels and hilts or, in base three crescents ar. (TirconnelD.
MacLoughlin Per fess, the chief two coats, 1, Ar. three dexter hands couped at the wrist gu., 2, Ar. a lion rampant gu. armed and langued az., the base wavy az. and ar. a salmon naiant proper (Meath).
MacLysaght Ar. three spears erect in fess gu., on a chief az. a lion passant guardant or.
MacMahon Ar. an ostrich sa. holding in the beak a horse shoe or (Oriel).
MacMahon Ar. three lions passant reguardant in pale gu. armed and langued az. (Thomond).
MacManus Vert a griffin sergreant or, in chief three crescents at.
MacMillan Or, a lion rampant sa., in chief three mullets azure.
MacNab Sa., on a chevron at., three crescents vert, in base an open boat with oars at., sailing in a sea proper.
MacNally Gu. an arm in armour proper garnished or and embowed couped at the shoulder holding in the hand a battle-axe of the second between six martlets ar. three and three palewise, in the centre chief point an ancient Irish crown or.
MacNamara Gu. a lion rampant at., in chief two spearheads or.
MacNaughton Quart., 1 & 4, Ar., a hand fesswise proper, holding a cross crosslet fitchy az., 2 & 3, Ar., a castle embattled gu.
MacNeil Quart., I, Vert, a lion rampant or, 2, At., in base the sea, with a castle is-suant therefrom proper, 3, Or, a lymphad, sails furled sa., 4, Or, a dexter hand palewise couped gu., within an one of nine fetterlocks (Barra).
MacNeil Quart., 1 & 4, Az., a lion rampant, armed and langued gules, 2, Ar., a sinister hand couped fessways in chief gu., in base wavy, az., a salmon naiant ar., 3, Or, a galley, oars in saltite gu., on a chief gu., three mullets or (Gigha).
MacPherson Party per fess or and az., a lymphad of the first flagged gu. sails furled, oats in action proper, in the dexter chief point a dexter hand couped fesswise grasp. ing a dagger erect palewise gu., and in the sinister a cross crosslet fltche gu.
MacQuarrie Quart., 1 & 4, vent three towers embattled in chief an., 2 & 3, ar. 3 ar three cross crosslet fitchee.
MacQueen Ar. three wolves' heads couped sa.
MacQuillan Cu. a wolf rampant at., a chief or.

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