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Scottish Clans DNA Project
Report to December 2006

The Scottish Clans DNA Project was established in Oct 2001 and published its first Report on March 1 2002. That report was published in a mailing list ( created at interesting to read from the standpoint of looking back   on history).  

The Scottish Clan project was started to look at the potential interrelationships of the Scottish Clans. However, it is also obvious that these same results will show relationships with any other family or group that could have a common connection by migration due to wars, economic movements, etc.

The current project goals have broadened a bit to include anyone that has some indication of a Scottish, Irish, British   and even Scandinavians background. The current study that I'm completing that has looked at other nationalities is very interesting. The sample base is still small ( 2200 results).... but is on cusp of being statistically significant.

The Scot-DNA List at is the original list that supports the Scottish Clans (Scot DNA) Project and   all those project managers and participants and interested parties that want to contribute and   receive information regarding the   Original   project for all Scottish peoples.  

Additionally, there are 7 websites either connected directly or indirectly with this project:

A: requires a login ... information is not generally public for protection against spiders etc-- free ... contains recent news from members, posting, family   trees, and a downloadable copy of the full database. That database   includes   FTDNA   results, other DNA projects that   we co-operate with in exchanging results and people that have been tested at other projects   but still want their results compared to the FTDNA results ( currently 525 results).

B:   -- no login....information is public, scope of project and updates.

C:   -- no login... information is public, DNA status and tools I also add references here to other general information on other projects', DNA analysis tools, and other web sites that provide some really good background on DNA testing etc.

D: .. no login. This contains public information on results of DNA tests   This web site publishes all DNA test results where the person has been tested at FamilyTree DNA and authorized the public display of those records in our Scottish Clans DNA project.

BTW: The Scottish Clans project at Family Tree is now in the top ten of all the Family Tree projects !!!

E: The Scottish DNA project status reports are also posted at: (note the 2 underscores _ in the URL) Be sure to combine the full URL :-)

F: Nice list of the status of the Scottish Clans.

G: Detailed information on each of the Clans that do publish information and usually their current web site.

There also needs to be a special recognition for the Project Volunteers that have started with us and stayed with the project for 4 long years.

Lauren Boyd = Administrator of the mailing list Charlotte Broun = responsible for the administration of the myfamily web site Marsha Smith = inputs the constant flow, updates,  and changes of the database.

I have deeply appreciated the efforts and hours of work that these ladies have contributed to the success of the project.

BTW: I would appreciate forwarding the status report to the various message boards and mailing list that you might consider as being interested in Scottish DNA.

Warmest Regards
John A Hansen
Scottish Clans Project Admin

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