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Historical Geography of the Clans of Scotland
By T. B. Johnston, F.R.G.S. and Colonel James A. Robertson
Badges of the Clans

Suaicheantas Nan Gael; or, The Badges of the Clans, In Gaelic and English.
Clans Gaelic


Buchanan Lus nam Braoieag; an Darach The Bilberry; the Oak
Cameron An Dearc-fithick The Cranberry
Campbell Roid Wild Myrtle
Do. Garbhag an t-slibhe Fir Club Moss
Chisholm Raineach The Fearn
Colquhoun Braoileag nan con Dogberry, Bear-whortle
Cumin Lus Mhic Chuimein Cumin Plant
Drummond Lus nam Macraidh (Lus Mhic Righ Bhreatuinn) Wild Thyme
Do. Cuilionn Holly
Fergusson, MacFarquhar, and Farquharson Rspgrine; Lus nam bansith Little Sunflower; Foxglove
Forbes and Mackay Bealaidh Broom
Fraser Iubhar Yew
Grant, MacGregor, MacKinnon, MacNab,  and MacQuarrie Giuthas Scotch Fir
Gordon Iadh-shlat Eidheann Rock-Ivy
Graham Buaidh Chraobh, no Laibhreas Laurel, or Tree of Victory
Hay Uile-ic Mistletoe
Johnston   Red Hawthorn
MacAulay and MacFarlane A'Muileag Cranberry
MacDonald, MacAlastair, and MacNab Fraoch Common Heath
MacDougal Fraoch Dearg Bell Heath
MacIntyre Fraoch Geal White Heath
Mackensie and MacLean Cuilionn Holly
MacLaren Labhras Fiadhaich Wild Laurel
MacLachlan Uinnseann Ash Tree
Murray, MacLeod, Gunn, and Ross Aiteann Juniper
MacNaughton Lus Albanach Trailing Azalea
MacNeill and Lamont Luibh nan Tri-beann Trefoil
MacKay Luachair Bulrushes
MacPherson, MacIntosh, MacDuff, MacBean, Shaw, Farquharson, MacQueen, and many others as belonging to Clanchattan Busca Box-tree. This is said to be the oldest badge.
Do.  Do. Lus nan Cnaimsheag; Braoileag Red Whortleberry
Menzies Fraoch nam Meinearach The Menzies Heath
Munro Garbhag nan Gleann Common Club Moss
Murray and Sutherland Bealaidh Broom; Butcher's Broom
Ogilvie Boglus Ox-tonque; Evergreen Alkanet
Oliphant Luachair The Bulrush
Robertson Dlth Fhraoch Fine-leaved Heath
Do. Frith-raineach Dwarf Rosemary
Rose Rs-Miri FIadhaich Wild Rosemary
Sinclair Conusg Whin, or Gorse
An Darach
An Cluaran
The Oak; also the Thistle, the present national badge. That of the Pictish Kings was Rudh (Rue), which is joined with the Thistle in the Collar of the Order.
Urquhart Lus Leth-an-t-Samhraidh Gillyflower, Wallflower

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