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Clan Leith

A Story of The Leith Family Tree

l hope bouncing back in forth amongst our tree branches will not be to difficult to follow for we have a long way to go.

Before l begin the story of the Leith Clan l would like to give credit to Pauline

Paterson a descendant of The Leith Clan from Hamilton, New Zealand with out her help of all her research between her tree and mine none of this would have been possible to have even have attempted, thank-you again Pauline hopefully with help of our other generations of Leith’s we can fill the blanks in for all our Leith Clan with a bit of cooperation if any one wants to help we all would love to hear from you all.

Written By
Geraldine Drake
November 12th ,1999

Clan Leith

The De Leyth Clan we know are originally from France arriving in Scotland in the Fourteenth Century around the Midlothian they changed their name taking it from the port of Leith of Edinburgh and from here we build our roots .

From Pauline’s records the first so far found is William Leith his wife’s first name was Jane daughter of Donald 12th Earl of Mar. We feel he built his first home in Provost of Aberdeen in 1350 ,dying in 1411 having had two son

i. Laurence Leith

ii. John Leith (we so far have no more mention of this son)


Laurence Leith beginning our second generation we have no record of who he married or when he was born or died he did how ever have had one son.

i. Norman Leith


Norman begins our third generation we know he was born in Barnes and Married

Elizabeth Leslie of Balquhain they had three children.

i. Henry Leith,born in Barnes

ii. Gilbert Leith (nothing more on him)

iii. John Leith ,died 1520


Henry Leith of Barnes, Auchleven, Ardeen & Mill of Harlow beginning our fourth generation Married Mariette Stewart they had one son

i. William Leith, died 1469

John Leith the third child of Norman Leith took a wife whose first name has not be so far found in our records but her last name Lyon of Muiresk had two sons

i. Gilbert Leith ,died 1536 (nothing further on his line)

ii. William Leith

Which begins our fifth generation we shall start with Henry’s son William Leith whom died in 1469 we have no mention of whom he Married but he did how ever have one son .

i. Henry Leith, died 1491

John Leith the third son of Norman Leith whom died in 1520 his second son William Leith Married Christian Auchinleck they had one son.

I. Gilbert Leith, died 1583


Which begins our sixth generation starting with William Leith whom died in 1469 his son Henry Leith whom died in 1491 married Elizabeth Gordon they had three sons .

I. George Leith ,born in Barnes, died 1505

ii. William Leith, Born about 1456; died after 1498

iii. Patrick Leith, died 1597

Gilbert Leith whom died in 1583 Married Margaret Forbes they had one son.

I. George Leith ,died 1618


This begins the seventh generation starting with Henry Leith’s first son George Leith who was born in Barnes and died in 1505 we have no mention of whom he married but he had Four children.

I. John Leith ,born in Barnes; osp (nothing further on him)

ii. William Leith ,o.p.

iii. Elizabeth Leith, born in Barnes

(She married John Forbes of Townie)

iv. Janet Leith

(married twice first Alexander Sexton of Meldrum)

( second Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie )

Which starts our eighth generation beginning with Gilbert Leith’s son George Leith whom died in 1618 he married Magdalene Leith there is no mention of any children which ends their line.

Next is George Leith’s second son William Leith; osp. Was born about 1456 and died sometime after 1498 he married Ann Gordon of Strathdon he was of Edingarioch & Lickeyhead osp they had two sons.

I. George William Leith of Barnes ,died 1597

ii. Patrick Leith of Edingarioch & Lickeyhead,(nothing further on his line)

Henry Leith’s third son Patrick Leith whom died in 1597, the 1st of Harthill, Married Clara Janet Leslie of Wardas. They had three children.

I. John Leith ,2nd of Harthill; died 1625

ii. William Leith of Premnay (living in 1604)

iii. Christine Leith

(married John Lumsden of Clovay)


Here begins our ninth generation we will start with George William Leith of Barns the son of William Leith and his wife Ann, whom died in 1597 we have no record of who he Married but he had one son.

I. Patrick Leith of Lickeyhead; born about 1508; died 1625

(whom is the ancestors of my family line .)

John Leith ,the 2nd of Harthill son of Patrick Leith ;died in 1625 married twice.

First wife was Helen Auchinleck they had seven children .

I. John Leith, 3rd of Harthill ;died 1630

ii. Patrick Leith (nothing further on him)

iii. George Leith, died 1608

iv. William Leith

v. Helen Leith

(married John Seaton of Achorters) (nothing further)

vi. Bessie Leith ,

(Married James Ogilvie) (nothing further)

vii. Jean Leith(nothing further)

John Leith’s second wife whom we have no record of them having any children together was Katherine Forbes the daughter of William Forbes, and Elizabeth Keith.


We now begin our tenth generation starting with George William Leith’s son Patrick Leith who was born of Lickeyhead around 1508 and died 1625

married twice his first wife was Jean Leslie daughter of William Leslie and Elizabeth Ogilvie .they had six children together.

I. Patrick Leith(nothing further on him)

ii. John Leith,osp(nothing further on him)

iii. Laurence Leith ,born in 1534 in Kirkton, Inverness-Shire

iv. Henry Leith (nothing further)

v. Nicholas Leith(nothing further)

vi. Margaret Leith

(Married Stephen Leslie 4th of Wartle) nothing further)

John Leith 3rd of Harthill son of John Leith and his wife Helen .He married twice his first wife was Beatrix Fraser they had one son together.

I. John Leith, 4th of Harthill; died 1670

John later remarried his second wife

was Janet Gordon of Gight, he and Janet had five children together.

I. Alexander Leith of New Rayne (nothing further)

ii. William Leith ,died 1712

iii. Patrick Leith

iv. George Leith ,killed in 1643

v. Elizabeth Leith, died 1631(nothing further)

George Leith the third son of John Leith and his wife Helen whom was killed in 1608 was married Helen Leith daughter of John Leith of Montgarry they had three sons together .

I. Robert Leith (nothing further)

ii, John Leith (nothing further)

iii. George Leith , died 1633

(He married Isabella Erskine of Balhaggerty nothing further)

William Leith of Newlands the 4th son of the John Leith and his wife Helen we have no record of who he married or when he died had one son

i. John Leith (nothing further)

Laurence Leith the 3rd son of Patrick Leith and his wife Jean born about 1534 in Kirkton, Inverness-Shire, Scotland married twice his first wife Agnes Leslie which there is no record of them having children .

His second wife was Elizabeth Bessie Gordon daughter of George Gordon and Oliphant. Had one son

i. John Leith ,born about 1605 in Kirkton De Rain ,Aberdeen

We now begin our eleventh generation we shall start with John Leith 4th of Harthill whom died 1670 the son of John Leith and his first wife Beatrix

.He married twice his first wife was Margaret Gordon of New town they had one child together.

I. Patrick Leith ,born 1625 died 1647

(He was executed as a Royalist )

John Leith’s second wife Jean Forbes of Blacktown had one child together .

I. Anna Leith

(Who married Alexander Gordon of New town)

they had one son John Gordon of Avachie, died 1681)

William Leith of Auld Rayne, the second son of John Leith 3rd of Harthill and his second wife Janet Gordon whom later became the 5th of Harthill .died in 1712 he married first name unknown her last name was Leslie of Pitcaple he and his wife had three sons .

I. Patrick Leith

ii. George Leith (nothing further)

iii. William Leith (nothing further)

Patrick Leith the Third son of John Leith the 3rd of Harthill and his second wife Janet Gordon married Anna Abercromby of Borkenberg had one son

i. Alexander Leith (nothing further)

George Leith the fourth son of John Leith and his wife Janet Gordon, whom was killed in 1643 married his wife’s first name not known her last name was Abercromby daughter of Adam Abercromby of Auld Rayne they had two daughters together .

I. Marjorie Leith (nothing further)

ii. Janet Leith (nothing further)

John Leith the son of Laurence Leith and his second wife Elizabeth was born about 1605 in Kirkton de rain, Aberdeen, Scotland of Bucharn & New Leslie, Peel, Syde & Arnbog . Married Margery Forbes daughter of Arthur Forbes and Margaret

Leslie They had four Children .

I. James Leith

ii. Alexander Leith

iii. Faith Leith, born 1656

(Married James Johnston in 1686 in Scotland son of Thomas Johnston and Mary Irvine)

iv. Agnes Leith , born about 1658 in ,Aberdeen-shire ,Scotland

(married Robert Lumsden, son of Arthur Lumsden and Christine Irvine)

We start again our twelfth generation starting with Patrick Leith the 6th of Harthill son of William Leith. married Joan Ogilvie they had two children .

I. Patrick Leith born 1688 died 1760(nothing further)

ii. James Leith, died 1780, 7th of Harthill

James Leith son of John Leith and Margery died in 1689 was the one who built Leith Hall in 1650 .He married Margaret Strachan they had five children.

I. John Leith ,died 1727 2nd of Leith Hall

ii. Alexander Leith ,born 1664; died 1754

iii. William Leith osp.(nothing further)

iv. Margaret Leith

(She married L. Gordon of Beldorney)

v. Jean Leith

(She married J. Grant)

Alexander Leith 1st of Bucharn"Hard head" was the second son of John Leith and Margery Forbes. He married Marjorie Johnston they had one son .

I. John Leith

Here we begin our tree of fourteenth generations which lm sure by now have you totally confused if not totally lost. For everyone’s best interest l feel it would be better to go off in different trees first starting with the descendants of James Leith of Leith Hall and his wife Margaret Strachan.

We shall begin again with John Leith the first born son the 2nd of Leith Hall whom died in 1727. He married Janet Ogilvie, daughter of 2nd Lord Banff together they had five children but whom we have only found record of two sons the other three may have been girls .

I. John Leith , born about 1680; died 1736; 3rd of Leith Hall

ii. Patrick Leith , born about 1684 in Leith Hall (nothing further)

(Source : IGI Record ,Internet fn2034782.).

iii. Unknown Leith

iv. Unknown Leith

v. unknown Leith

The second son of James Leith and Margaret Stratchan was Alexander Leith ,1st of Free field born in 1664 ;died in 1754 he married Christian Davidson together they had four children .

I. Alexander Leith ,born 1717; died in 1803 2nd of Free field

ii. Walter Leith (nothing further)

iii. Patrick Leith ,died in 1778 (he married Margaret Gordon)

iv. George Leith (nothing further)

Our fifteenth generation begins with John Leith 3rd of Leith Hall whom died in 1736 whom married Mary Hay ,daughter of Charles Hay of Rannes in 1730 together they had two children .

I. John Leith,born about 1731; died about 1763 ,(4th of Leith hall)

ii. Janet Leith

Alexander Leith 2nd of Free field born 1717 ; died in 1803 married three times his first wife was Jean Garden together they had six children .

I. Alexander Leith ,3rd of Free field

ii. Jean Leith ,died 1766

(she married George Buchan of Hepburn they had one son

John Buchan)

iii. Garden Leith, Army Officer

iv. Bethia Leith

v. Christian Leith

( she married Alexander Stuart of Masterick)

vi. Agnes Leith ,(married Lewis Grant )

whom had one son ; Garden Grant died in 1801

Alexander’s second wife was Martha Ross they had one son together .

I. John Leith-Ross, born 1777; died in 1839

Here we begin our sixteenth generation of Leith’s we begin with John Leith 4th of Leith Hall, whom died in 1763 he married Harriet Stuart in 1756 together they had three sons .

I. John Leith, born 1757; died 1776

ii. Alexander Leith -Hay, born 1758; died 1838

iii. James Leith . General; Sir.

Alexander Leith 3rd of Free field married Mary Elizabeth Gordon in 1773 together they had two children for sure but possibly six .

I. Alexander Leith 4th of Free field born in 1774 died in 1859

ii. Elizabeth Ann Leith(married Peter Gordon of Abergeldie)

John Leith -Ross son of Alexander Leith 2nd of Free field and his second wife Martha Ross was born in 1777 and died in 1839 married Elizabeth Young in 1807 daughter of William Young and Mary Anderson 4th of Arnage .

Together they had three children .

I. John Leith -Ross ,born in 1809 died in 1898

ii. Alexander Leith-Ross , born in 1811

iii. Christina Leith-Ross , born in 1814

Now our seventeenth generation unfolds for us a little , John Leith whom died in 1776 was to be the 5th heir of Leith Hall but due to his early demise this title was handed to Alexander Leith -Hay whom took on the Leith-Hay name from his grandmother Mary Hay’s older brother Andrew whom had no legacy of descendants to pass on his wealth left his on the condition they take on his name of future all heirs. In 1797 Leith Hall was refurbished and all descendants become Leith -Hay of Rannes hence forth.

Alexander Leith-Hay of Rannes the second son 5th of Leith Hall married Mary Forbes whom is a distant cousin , daughter of Charles Forbes of Ballogie together they have six children .

I. Andrew Leith -Hay , died 1862

ii. John Leith -Hay born 1788; died 1854

iii. Harriet Christian Leith-Hay, died 1820

( she married Harry Niven Lumsden bart of Cushnie & Pitcaple)

iv. Elizabeth Leith-Hay ,born about 1791

( she married Alexander Forbes)

v. Unknown Leith-Hay

vi. Margaret Leith -Hay

The third son of John Leith and his wife Harriet Sir. General James Leith married Lady Augusta Forbes daughter of George 5th Earl of Granard .l have nothing further on his line of descendants .

Alexander Leith 4th of Free field was born in 1774 in Forgue , Aberdeen ,Scotland was married twice his first wife was Mary ??? as far as we know they had no children together his second wife was Maria Disney Thorp born in 1816 together they had six children .

I. Alexander Leith, 5th of Free field; died in 1886

ii. Robert William Disney Leith born in 1819, died in 1892

iii. James Leith(nothing further)

iv. Thomas Leith , born 1830 ; died in 1920

v. unknown Leith ,(married Alexander Innes

vi. Unknown Leith , Married Robert Farquharson

John Leith -Ross 5th of Arnage born in 1809 in Arnage ,Aberdeen ,Scotland ;died in 1898 married Nicola Arbuthnot in 1844 together they had one son .

I. John Leith -Ross 6th of Arnage born in 1845 died in 1937

Here we begin the eighteenth generation starting with Andrew Leith -Hay 6th of Leith Hall whom in 1862 married Mary Margaret Clark, daughter of William Clark together they had three son and two we have no record of .

I. Alexander Sebastian Leith-Hay died 1900 7th of Leith Hall

ii. Charles Leith-Hay, born about 1831

(Source :IGI Record ,Internet c1113555.).

Later emigrated to Australia

iii. James Leith - Hay of Rannes(went to Queensland)

iv. Unknown Leith -Hay (went to Australia)

v. unknown Leith-Hay (went to Australia)

The second son of Alexander Leith-Hay and Mary Forbes, John Leith-Hay born about 1788 later died in 1854 married Margaret Forbes he was the founder of Forbes - Leith of Fyvie Castle he and his wife had four children

i. Alexander Leith -Hay (later Forbes-Leith ;Lord Leith of Fyvie Castle

( married Marie Louise January)

ii. Albert Leith -Hay

( married Margaret Shaw )

iii. Margaret Leith-Hay

(Married Patrick Stirling )

iv. Elizabeth Leith -Hay

(She married Duncan Gordon )

Alexander Leith 5th of Free field died in 1886 married Mary Halkett together they had one daughter .

I. Georgiana Leith of Free field & Culquoich

(I have nothing further on this line)

Robert William Disney leith of Glenkindie& Westhall the second son of Alexander 4th of Free field , who was born in 1819 ;died in 1892 married Mary Charlotte Julia Gordon in 1865 daughter of Henry Gordon and Mary Blanche together they had three children .

I. Alexander Henry Leith ,born 1866; died in 1926

ii. Mary Lavinia Leith

iii. Edith Leith

Thomas Leith the fourth son of Alexander Leith the 4th of Free field who was born in 1830 and died in 1920 he married Mary Isabella Dalzell in 1874 she was the sister of 14th Earl of Cranwath. Together they had one child .

I. Evelyn Mary Amelia Leith,(married Percy Robert Clifton )

John Leith - Ross who was born in 1845 died in 1937 the 6th of Arnage he married Frances Forbes Lamond in 1878 together they had one child .

I. William Leith-Ross, born in 1884 ;died in 1960 the 7th of Arnage

he married twice his first wife Ethel Florence James there is no record of them having children . His second wife was Elizabeth Martin Stewart in 1914 there is no record so far of them having any children making him the 7th and last of Arnage.

At this time l have nothing further on John Leith- Hay descendants so we will carry on with Alexander Sebastian Leith -Hay so we shall start our nineteenth generation . Alexander born approximately 1818 died in 1900 married Christina Hamilton of Craig law, Wigton shire in 1860 Hall. It is a little confusing there may have been three children but we have record of one .

i. Charles Edward Norman Leith -Hay ,died 1939

Alexander Henry Leith who was born in 1866 and died in 1926 married twice his first wife Mildred Katherine Nicholson in 1893 they had one child before her death

I. Mildred Katherine Leith , born 1894

his second wife was Phyllis Goldie in 1902 they had three children together .

I. Eveleigh Julia Leith , born in 1904

ii. Alexander Leigh Henry Leith ,born 1906; died in 1959

iii. Disney Leith ,born 1909(married Mona Simpson)

We are now coming to the end of the Leiths of Harthill as we start our twentieth generation Charles Edward Norman Leith -Hay 8th of Leith Hall died in 1939 he married Louisa Henrietta O’Neill they had one son .

I. Charles Arthur O’Neill Leith -Hay ,born about 1918; died in 1939 ?

The 9th and last Laird of Leith Hall was a second Lieutenant 77554 91 Bty.,12 Field Regt. Royal Artillery he met with his death at the age of 21 while on the road to join his regiment .

(source :Commonwealth War Graves Commission .)

Burial : Kennethmont Old Cemetery ,Aberdeen shire, Scotland.

his mother Henrietta gave the property in 1945 to the National Trust for Scotland here l am sadden to say are no Leiths in the Leith Hall but is a wonderful Museum for folks and distant relatives tracing there roots to come home to visit during its seasonal hours .

Alexander Leigh Henry Leith who was born in 1906 and died in 1959 married twice his first wife was Elizabeth Rose in 1934 they had one so n together .

I. Alexander Peter Willoughby Leith born in 1935

his second wife was Joyce Watts in 1947 there is no record of them having any children .

Alexander Peter Willoughby Leith who was born the 7th Baron of Burgh born in 1935 married Anita Lorna Eldridge of Gillingham ,Kent together they have two children .

l have nothing further on these descendants but l have no doubt there tree will continue.

We now must continue with our story of the Leith’s beginning with our second branch the second son of John Leith and his wife Margery Forbes., Alexander "hard head "Leith 1st of Bucharn this line is where my roots have traveled from and l am still trying to fill in a lot of bare tree spots so if we have any Leiths who have any information from this particular descendant please feel free to help we need it .

As previously mentioned Alexander Leith married Marjorie Johnston together they had two sons, who is the start of the fourteenth generation of Leith’ s for this side of the Leith Tree

i. John Leith, 2nd of Bucharn; 1st Bart

ii,. Alexander Leith (nothing further)

So we start the journey with John Leith whom married Beatrix Ogilvy daughter of Major Walter Ogilvy of Boyne together they had one son .

I. Alexander Leith, 3rd of Bucharn; 2nd Bart

Alexander Leith the 3rd of Bucharn married Margaret Halkett together they had three son .

I. Alexander Leith ,4th of Bucharn ; 2nd Bart killed 1762 at Havana

ii. Laurence Leith ,died 1795(nothing further)

iii. James Leith (nothing further)

Alexander 4th of Bucharn was a R.A. he was killed at Havana in 1762 we have no record of who he married but together they had one son.

I. Sir. Alexander Charles George Leith 5th of Bucharn; 2nd Bart died 1780

Sir. Alexander Charles George Leith 5th of Bucharn was a Col. 88th Foot, 2nd Bart 1775. Died in 1780 we have no record of who he married but he had one son.

I. Sir. George Alexander Leith, 6th of Bucharn; 3rd Bart

Sir. George Alexander Leith 3rd Bart .,M.P.,K.C.B. Major- General, born in 1766 he died in 1842 he married Albinia Vaughan who also died in 1842 they had two sons

i. Sir. George Alexander Wellesley Leith, died 1842

ii. George Gordon Browne Leith

The first son Sir. George Alexander Wellesley whom died in 1842 along with his father and mother and his brother’s first wife .I found it to be very strange they all died in the same year which makes me wonder if by some tragic accident or maybe a fatal disease of some sort .Maybe soon the mystery will solve it’s self .back to our story Sir. George Alexander Wellesley Miss Macdonald Buchanan of Drumkill & Ross together they had three sons.

I. Sir. George Hector Leith-Buchanan, 4th Bart

ii. John Macdonald Leith, Col. 79th Hrs.,C.B., died 1888

(Nothing further)

iii. James Leith , Ensg. A & S. Hrs.

( his line also ends here for me)

Our second son a very interesting character in our story George Gordon Browne Leith, born around 1812 died in 1887 who settled in Canada in 1834 he returned to Scotland to marry his first wife Jemima Ramsey in 1835 on his return to Canada where he purchased 400 acres in Binbrook Township where he established his home the " Craig Leith" his first wife passed away along with his parents in 1842 he returned to Scotland where he married his second wife Eleanor Ferrier born in 1817 ,died in 1900 she was the niece of the Scottish Novelist Susan Ferrier and the writer John Wilson "Christopher North" they remained in Scotland for about twelve years together they had five children they eventually purchased land in Ancaster to this day is now a Museum known as the ‘Hermitage " which they used as there summer home spending there winters in Hamilton .

I. Margaret Albinia "Dot" Leith

ii. Jemima Leith

iii Charlotte Elrington " Chattie’ Leith

iv. Alexander Henry Leith

v. Eleanor Alma Leith

Returning to Sir George Hector Leith Buchanan 4th Bart; Capt . 17th Dragoons died in 1903 he married Caroline Todd together they had seven children .

I. Sir. Alexander Wellesley Leith Buchanan, 5th Bart

ii. Caroline Leith , she married J. Horn

(nothing further)

iii. Georgine Leith, married William Porter

(nothing further)

iv. George Leith ,Lt. ,Mch. Gun Corps. M . C. 1915-19(nothing further)

v. James Leith ,Capt., S. Africa, 1900-02 T . F .Res. (Nothing further)

vi. Charles John Leith , Canadian Pioneer, 1915-18

vii Thomas Todd Leith, Canadian Pioneer ,1915-18

Sir Alexander Wellesley Leith Buchanan 5th Bart ,Col., Dumbarton shire Territorial died in 1925 we have no record of who he married but he had two sons .

I. Sir . George Hector Leith Buchanan, 6th Bart

ii. Alexander Wellesley Grant Leith Buchanan, 9th A& S Hrs.

( l have nothing further on this line)

We continue with the sixth son Charles John Leith , born in 1875 ; died in 1948 who immigrated to Ancaster along with his younger brother Thomas Todd Leith, He purchase land known as the "deersprings "he married Mary Eleanor Farmer Daughter of William Farmer and his wife Elizabeth Wale of Brockton, England the property they bought used to be an Inn . Together they had three children.

I. George William Hector Leith

ii. Thomas Wellesley Macdonald Leith

ii. Mary E. W. Leith

The youngest son Thomas Todd Leith,born 1877; died in 1947 also emigrated to Canada with his brother Charles Leith he married the sister of Charles wife Frances M. Farmer she was born in 1875 and died in 1970 during her life span she wrote many diaries which are now in the National Archives of Ottawa., Canada to the best of my knowledge they never had any children here ends there line .

The first born of George Gordon Browne Leith was Margaret Albinia Leith born in Scotland in 1844 she later immigrated with her family twelve years later while living at the Hermitage in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada she met her Husband John Wright son of Joseph and his wife Mary Anne they purchased their first home in West Flambro , Ontario. Which was later named the Woods land, where they lived for sometime after the mill closed they moved to Hamilton then moved to New York City ,U. S. A where John died. Upon his death Margaret moved to Florence Italy where she died in 1934.there has never been any children mentioned.

The second chid of George Gordon Browne Leith was Jemima Leith born in Scotland in 1933 later moving with her family to Canada she met her husband while living at the summer home in Ancaster ,Ontario she married the brother of her older sister Matthew Wright they purchased their home where it was named "Deersprings which my Great -Grandfather years later purchased until his death and it was sold to his wife older sister Florence Farmer a Nurse who served during the war in Russia who led the orphaned children to safety any way .

Together they had many children .

i. Mary Eleanor Wright, born 1866; died in 1927

(she married Clement Speiden of New York.,USA)

ii. Gordon Wright , born 1867 joined the Mounted Police and later moved to west Canada

iii. Georgina Katherine Wright ,born 1869

(Married Herbert E. Gates of London ,Ontario)

iv. Percy Ernest Alexander Wright ,born 1871

(Moved to Farmington Connecticut )

v. George Frederick Dewar Wright, born 1873

vi.. Gerald Wright , born 1879

vi. Edward Vaughan Wright , born 1879

( married Mabel Leather 1844-1968)

vii. Harold G. Wright, born 1885; died 1970

( married Clarissa Smith 1883-1950)

viii. Madeline Elma Wright

( unknown Shackleford , living in Lancaster, England)

Charlotte Elrington Leith, George Gordon Browne Leith’s third daughter was born 1846 died in 1923 married Charles Matthew Counsell of Hamilton, Ontario l have no record of them ever having children.

Alexander Henry Leith the fourth child of George Gordon Browne Leith was born 1852 married Mary Eddis born (1856-1937) of Albury Lodge Toronto ,Ontario after his fathers death he and his mother moved into the hermitage spending there winters in Bermuda until his mothers death in 1900 then the property was split up amongst Alexander and his sisters and his two daughters.

I. Eleanor Marjorie Leith ,born 1883; died 1960

( married Montye Macrea of Oakville, Ontario)

ii. Mary Penelope Leith , born 1887; died 1957

( married Alfred Walter Hutchinson (1878-1957)

The last child of George Gordon Browne Leith was Eleanor Alma Leith born in Hamilton, Ontario; Canada in 1854 she married against her family’s wishes to Stair Dick Lauder in 1878 son of Sir. John Dick Lauder the grandson of the North Dalrymple, 9th Earl of Stair after a few years she reconciled with her family and traveled to Britain for two years they returned to Ancaster setting up there home at" Fountain Hall" where she remained while her husband moved to Toronto to be a secretary at the Albany Club she was one of Ancaster’ s colorful people with her diaries and her writing columns for the which are in the Canadian Farmer.

After her Parents death she purchased shares of the hermitage approximately 161 acres including the house from her siblings she eventually move to the hermitage alone in 1904 until a fire broke out in October 10th 1934 she being a resourceful person she rebuilt a smaller home in amongst the charred wall where she lived until her death in 1942 the property now belongs to the city which now has a museum set up in the Gate house you can still see part of the original walls before the two fires took place .

There was no children ever mentioned of Eleanor and Stair Dick Lauder so there line ends here.

We continue with Charles John Leith’s children starting with the oldest George William Hector Leith born in Ancaster, Ontario ,Canada in 1905 never married he moved to Saskatchewan to be a farmer and work the land until his death in 1969 his body was brought back to Ancaster for the finally resting place in St. John’s Church of Ancaster’s Cemetery where all the other family members have been laid to rest. he having no descendants left his personal belongings to his only niece Eleanor Claire Leith .

The second son of Charles John Leith and Mary Farmer was Thomas Wellesley Macdonald Leith born in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada in 1907; he died in 1967, he married Mary Catherine Cameron born 1910 died 1985 they had one daughter . Thomas served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1924 until 1956 .

I. Eleanor Claire Leith ,born 1935 ;died 1989

The last child of Charles John Leith and his wife Mary Farmer was Mary E, W. Leith born in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada in 1911 she died in 1970 she never married. Which ends her line.

So we have Eleanor Claire Leith born in 1935 in Halifax., Nova Scotia while her father Thomas Wellesley Macdonald Leith was stationed with the Navy she lived for some time in Halifax then as her father was stationed in Ottawa for a while then finally settled back in there home known as the " Cedars"she met her Husband William Hugh Shaw and the settled in Ancaster where they had three children together .she died in 1989 and was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery in Aldershot; Burlington.

This my friends ends our story of the Leith Family Tree as told by Geraldine Drake as best to her knowledge as accurate as possible. We have not included descendants that are currently living.

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