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Clan Lundin / Lundie
Chapter Four – Lundin of Baldastart

Lairds of Baldastard

The family of Lundin of Baldastard, Baldastart or Baldastar descend from a great-great-grandson of Walter Lundie and Elizabeth Lindsay. Most of this account is taken from G.T. Welsh’s "Lundins of Fife".

The following extract is taken from Nisbet’s Heraldry.

"John Lundin of Baldester, who’s great grandfather was a lawful brother of the ancient family of Lundin, assumed the new coat of Lundie, and quartered it with the old arms of Lundie, thus recorded in the Lyon Register, quarterly, first and fourth the arms of Scotland within a bordure gorbonated, argent and azure, as being the arms granted by King Charles II. to the family of Lundin; and specially adapted to their descent form Robert of Lundin, natural son to William the Lion King of Scotland, and brother to King Alexander II. The second and third quarters are, paly of six, argent and gules, on a bend azure, three cushions of the first, as the coat formerly used and borne by those of the name, and all within a bordure azure; crest, a dexter hand open, and charged in the palm with an eye, all natural: motto, Certior dum cerno; so recorded in the Lyon register, 14th January 1698."

The Lundins of Baldastard are the only Cadet of the Lundin family that are permitted to carry the Royal Arms of Scotland

James Lundin in Balcormo Myln, grandson of Walter Lundie of that ilk, suggested through his son James, was a tenant in Balcormo Mylne. Balcormo Mylne, in the Parish of Largo was owned by successive Lairds of Lundie from the earliest days. In 1502, the annual rents were dedicated by Sir John Lundy of that ilk, to the Church in Largo for the maintenance of a chapel. He was named, with four others, all kinsmen of the Lundies, curator of Thomas Johnston, grandson of William Lundie of that ilk, through a judgement of the Lords of Council and Session, on 13th March 1616. He married Marion Greig who died in January 1617. They had issue.

1 James
2 William
3 Robert
4 John
5 Agnes, living in 1650

James Lundin, married Margaret Trail, sister of the Laird of Blebo-Hole. James died 25th August 1650. Margaret Trail was provided with a life interest in Balcormo Mylne. This suggests that they were considered benificial owners of the lands. They had issue:-

1 John
2 James
3 Robert, married Ann Moncreif, 14th February 1668, but died without issue.

John Lundin of Baldastard, married Barbara, eldest daughter, and heiress of John Ireland of Baldastart and Bessie Scott, 2nd March 1660. John Ireland had died October 11th, the previous year, so John Lundin became the laird of Baldastard. John was a strong supporter of the Covenantors, and in 1672 was fined for attending conventicles. On November 29th 1701 he was a member of the Largo Church Session that caused Alexander Selkirk (the prototype of Robinson Crusoe) to attend Church the following day to confess his sin for causing a family brawl and to be rebuked from the pulpit for his indiscretion. He had issue:-

1 Sophia, born 20th September 1660, died November 21 1660
2 John Lundin, who succeeded to Baldastard
3 James Lundie in Balcormo Myln

John Lundin, 2nd of Baldastard, married Ann Levingston. They had issue:

1 John, who succeeded

John Lundin, 3rd of Baldastard, was baptized 29th June 1696. He married Christian Durham, third daughter of Alexander Durham 3rd Baron of Largo, second son of James of Pitkerow, by Margaret Rutherford, the daughter of Sir Thomas Rutherford of Hunthill. They had issue:-

1 Robert, baptized 23rd January 1702
2 Margaret, baptized 16th March 1705
3 Archibald, baptized May 1709
4 James, baptized February 8th 1711, of whom later
5 Alexander, twin brother of James, baptized February 8th 1711

Who the next laird was, if anyone, in unknown. The estate of Baldastard was sold in 1755.

Family in Balcormo-Myln

James Lundin in Balcormo-Myln, younger son of John Lundin, 3rd of Baldastard, married, first, Elizabeth, daughter of John Haldane of Myretoune. By her he had one son, John, baptized 8th January 1693, who died in the West Indies without issue in 1715. James secondly married Janet Gourlay in Newburn. They had at least 15 children in the subsequent 22 years:-

1 James, baptized 29th November 1695, of whom later
2 Robert, baptized 15th January 1698, died young
3 William, baptized 14th February 1699, died young
4 Elizabeth, baptized 9th June 1700
5 Barbara, baptized October 25th 1701
6 Thomas, baptized 24th January 1703
7 Anne, baptized 14th March 1704
8 Robert, baptized November 26th 1706
9 Martha, baptized 1st January 1708, buried 13th May 1773
10 Margaret, baptized 2nd January 1709, died young
11 Patrick, baptized 5th March 1710
12 Christian, baptized 8th July 1711
13 Mary, baptized 9th November 1712
14 William, baptized April 4th 1714
15 Margaret, baptized 1st September 1717

James Lundin, eldest son of James Lundin in Balcormo-Myln and Janet Gourlay, married first Christian Rhymer in Falkland on 29th November 1717 and has issue:-

1 Sophia, baptized 11th June 1721.

James secondly married Magdalene Condie, daughter of Robert Condie in Dalkeith by Margaret Laurie on 14th September 1727. They also had issue:-

1 Henrietta, baptized 14th September 1729
2 James, married Christian Henderson, July 16th 1758, with issue:-
          i James, baptized April 18th 1762
3 John, baptized 9th January 1732, married Margaret Reid, with issue:-
          i Rachel, baptized 6th February 1756
4 Patrick, baptized 28th March 1736
5 Elizabeth, baptized 25th September 1737. She married James Henderson, 1st September 1753.
6 Magdalene, baptized 4th September 1740. She married Ebenezer Coutts, Bailie in Drumochie, on December 20th 1769. She was buried 28th March 1810.
7 Rachel, baptized 24th September 1742
8 Robert, baptized 17th July 1744. He married Helen Briggs, daughter of William Briggs, baker in Elie, and Helen McIntosh. Robert was a Tailor in Drumochie. He had issue:-

i Helen, baptized 27th July 1774. She married Commander James Welsh R.N. in 1794 and died in 1802. They had issue and are the grandparents of G.T. Welsh, author of "Lundins of Fife"
ii Robert, baptized 11th August 1776, died in 1794.
iii Magdalene, born in 1778, married John Crevie in 1799 and Commander James Welsh, R.N., 10th July 1810.
iv Rachel, baptized 19th October 1782, died 1825
v Henrietta, baptized 19th October 1783, died 1791
vi Elizabeth, born in 1785
vii Jane, born 1789

The lands of Balcormo Mylne were sold in 1755

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