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Motto: Per mare per terras - "By sea and by land".
Badge: A clenched, armoured hand holding a cross.
Septs of the Clan: Beath, Beaton, Bethune, Bowie, Colson, Connall, Connell, Darroch, Donald, Donaldson, Donillson, Donnell,  Donnelson, Drain, Galbraith, Gilbride, Gillis of Morar, Gorrie, Gowan, Gowrie, Hawthorn, Hewison, Houstoun, Howison, Hughson, Hutcheonson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Isles, Kellie, Kelly, Kinnell, Mac a' Challies, MacBeth, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBride, MacCaishe, MacCall, MacCash, MacCeallaich, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacConnell, MacCook, MacCooish, MacCrain, MacCuag, MacCuish, MacCuitein, MacCutcheon, MacDaniell, Macdrain, MacEachern, MacElfrish, MacElheran, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGoun, MacGowan, MacGown, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIan, Macilreach, Macilriach, Macilleriach, Macilrevie, Macilvride, Macilwraith, MacKean, MacKellachie, MacKellaig, MacKelloch, MacKiggan, MacKinnell, MacLairish, MacLardie, MacLardy, MacLarty, MacLaverty, MacLeverty, MacMurchie, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacO'Shannaig, MacQuistan, MacQuisten, MacRaith, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRuer, MacRurie, MacShannachan, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSwan, MacWhannell, Martin, May, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, O'Drain, O'May, O'Shannachan, O'Shaig, O'Shannaig, Purcell, Revie, Reoch, Riach, Rorison, Shannon, Sorley, Sporran, Train, Whannel. Clan MacDonald of Clanranald: Allan, Allanson, Currie, MacAllan, MacBurie, MacEachin, MacGeachie, MacGeachin, MacIssac, MacKeachan, Mackechnie, MacKeochan, MacKessock, MacKichan, MacKissock, MacMurrich, MacVarish, MacVurrich, MacVurie. Clan MacDonald of Ardnamurchan: Johnson, Kean, Keene. Clan MacDonald of Glencoe: Henderson, Johnson, Kean, Keene, MacHenry, MacIan, MacKean.
Names associated with the clan: MacDonald of Ardnamurchan:
Cain Johnesson Johnnessone Johnson Joneson Jonesson Jonessone Jonson Jonsone Jonsoun Kain Kean Keand Keane Keene Kene MacAin MacAne MacCain MacCaine MacCane MacCayne MacDonald MacEan MacEane MacEoin MacIain MacIan MacKain MacKane MacKean MacKeand MacKein Makane Makayn Makcane Makcayne Makean Makkane Makkean Macdonald of Clanranald: Ailen Ailene Ailin Aillieson Alain Alan Alanach Alane Alanesone Alanesoun Alanson Alansone Alansoun Alanus Alason Aleinson Alen Alenach Alene Alensone Aleson Alesone Alesoun Aleyn Aleynson Aleynsson Aliesone Alinson Alison Alisone Alissone Alizon Allan Allanach Allanache Alland Allane Allanock Allanson Allansone Allansoune Allason Allasone Allasoun Allasoune Allasson Allen Allenoch Alleson Allesoun Allesoune Allinson Allison Allisone Allone Allsoun Alnach Alowne Alwyn Alynson Alysone Auchaneson Caitchen Callan Calland Callen Ceachie Clanranald Couric Curie Curray Curre Curri Currie Curry Currye Eachan Eachane Eachen Eachin Eachine Gachen Geachan Geachin Geachy Kaachie Kachie Keachie Keachy Keesack Kissack Kissick Kissock Lescott MacAchaine MacAchan MacAchane MacAchin MacAchine MacAichan MacAilein MacAilin MacAitchen MacAllan MacAllane MacAuchin MacAychin MacBurie MacCachane MacCachie MacCachin MacCallan MacCallane MacCalloun MacCaughan MacCeachan MacCeachie MacCeasag MacCeasaig MacCheachan MacCheachie MacChrynnell MacCisaig MacCourich MacCrendill MacCrenild MacCrindell MacCrindill MacCrindle MacCrundle MacCrunnell MacCryndill MacCryndle MacCrynell MacCrynill MacCrynnell MacCrynnill MacCurich MacCurie MacCurrach MacCurragh MacCurrich MacCurrie MacCurry MacCusack MacDonald MacEachain MacEachainn MacEachan MacEachane MacEacharin MacEachen MacEachin MacEachine MacEachnie MacEachny MacEchan MacEcheny MacEchnie MacEsayg MacEuchine MacFuirigh MacGachan MacGachand MacGachen MacGachyn MacGaghen MacGaichan MacGaithan MacGauchan MacGauchane MacGauchin MacGaugie MacGaukie MacGaychin MacGeachan MacGeachen MacGeachie MacGeachin MacGeachy MacGeaghy MacGeak MacGechan MacGechie MacGeechan MacGeuchie MacGrindal MacGrundle MacIkin MacIosaig MacIsaac MacIsaak MacIsack MacIsaick MacIsak MacIseik MacIssac MacKallan MacKeachan MacKeachie MacKeachy MacKechnie MacKeech MacKeechan MacKeekine MacKeesick MacKeich MacKeihan MacKeissik MacKeithan MacKeithen MacKeochan MacKesek MacKesk MacKessack MacKessick MacKessock MacKessog MacKessogg MacKethan MacKeyoche MacKiachan MacKichan MacKiech MacKiehan MacKirchan MacKisack MacKiseck MacKissack MacKissek MacKissick MacKissoch MacKissock MacKistock MacKithan MacKouchane MacKrenald MacKrenele MacKukan MacKurrich MacKury MacKusick MacKussack MacKyrnele MacMhourich MacMhuireadhaigh MacMhuirich MacMhuirrich MacMurich MacMurrich MacMurriche MacMurrycht MacOurich MacQuithean MacQuitheane MacQuithen MacRanal MacRanald MacRandal MacRandall MacRandell MacRanich MacRanie MacRannal MacRannald MacRenald MacRenold MacReynald MacReynold MacReynolds MacRindle MacRinnell MacRinnyl MacRonald MacRonall MacRynald MacRynall MacRyndill MacRynell MacRynild MacUirigh MacUrich MacVarish MacVarraich MacVarrais MacVarrich MacVarrish MacVarrist MacVeirrich MacVirrich MacVirriche MacVirrist MacVoerich MacVoreis MacVoreiss MacVoreist MacVorich MacVoriche MacVoris MacVorish MacVorist MacVorrich MacVourich MacVurich MacVurie MacVurirch MacVuririch MacVurist MacVurrich MacVurriche MacVurrish MacWarish MacWirrich MacWirriche MacWithean MacWithy MacWurie MacYsaac MacYsac Makachyn Makallane Makcachane Makcrunnell Makcurrie Makesaig Makessaig Makgachane Makgachyn Makgechine Makkessake Makmurriche Makrinnyl Makrunnell Makrynnild Makrynyll Makvirriche Makysaac Mecachin Muireach Murreich Raghnall Ranald Ranaldson Ronald Ronaldson Ronnald  MacDonald of Glencoe: Cain Eanrig Eanruig Henderson Hendersone Hendersonne Hendersoun Hendersoune Hendery Hendirsone Hendirsoune Hendrie Hendrisoune Hendry Henersoun Hennersoune Hennryson Henresoun Henreysoun Henriesoun Henrison Henrisone Henrisoun Henrisoune Henry Henryesson Henryson Henrysoun Johnesson Johnnessone Johnson Joneson Jonesson Jonessone Jonson Jonsone Jonsoun Kain Kean Keand Keane Keene Kene MacAin MacAne MacCain MacCaine MacCane MacCanrig MacCanrik MacCayne MacDonald MacEan MacEane MacEanruig MacEnrick MacEoin MacHendric MacHendrie MacHendry MacHenrie MacHenrik MacHenry MacIain MacIan MacKain MacKane MacKanrig MacKean MacKeand MacKein MacKenabry MacKendric MacKendrich MacKendrick MacKendrie MacKendrig MacKendry MacKenrick Makane Makanry Makayn Makcane Makcayne Makean Makhenry Makkane Makkean  MacDonald of Sleat: Cook Cooke Hewison Hewson Hoeson Hotson Houcheon Houestoun Houston Houtton Howchesoun Howieson Howison Hucheoun Huchesoune Huchisone Huchone Huchonson Huchonsone Huchonsoun Huchosone Huchown Huchunson Hudson Hugh Hughson Huisdean Huston Hutcheon Hutcheonson Hutcheoun Hutcheson Hutchesone Hutchieson Hutchin Hutching Hutchinson Hutchison Hutchon Hutchone Hutson MacCucheon MacCuistan MacCuisten MacCuistion MacCuiston MacCutchan MacCutchen MacCutcheon MacCutchion MacCutheon MacDonald MacGuistan MacHouston MacHoutton MacHucheon MacHucheoun MacHugh MacHuiston MacHuitcheon MacHutchen MacHutcheon MacHutchin MacHutchison MacHutchon MacHutchoun MacOisein MacQueiston MacQuesten MacQueston MacQuistan MacQuisten MacQuistin MacQuiston MacUiston MacWhiston Makhuchone Sleat Uisdean Uisdeann Uisdinn  MacDonald: Alexanderson Aschenane Aschennan Aschennane Aschennay Ballach Balloch Balloche Bay Beath Beathune Beathy Beaton Beatoun Beattone Beattoun Bello Belloch Bellocht Bethon Bethune Betoin Beton Betone Betoun Betown Betowne Betton Bettune Beutan Bey Bittoune Bouie Bouwie Boway Bowey Bowie Bowy Bowye Boye Bridison Bridyson Brydeson Brydison Budge Buie Bulloch Bullock Burk Burke Buy Cale Canochson Ceachairne Coll Collson Colson Comgal Con Cone Congal Conghal Conn Connal Connall Conne Connel Connell Cook Cooke Coulson Cririe Crowder Daracht Daroch Darow Darragh Darrah Darrauch Darraugh Darroch Darroche Darrock Darroicht Darrow Darroycht Darwycht Derroch Donald Donaldson Donaldsoun Donaldsoune Donillson Donnaldsone Donnell Donnellson Donnelson Dorrach Dorroche Dorrocht Drain Durroch Eachern Enrick Flora Garrach Gilbreid Gilbride Gilbryde Gilcomgal Gillbride Gillebrid Gillebride Gilleconal Gilleconel Gillevrich Gilliconeill Giothbrith Godfraid Godfrey Goffraidh Gorey Gorre Gorrie Gorry Gothbrith Gove Gow Gowan Gowans Gowen Gowie Gowin Gowrie Grewar Grewer Grewyr Growar Gruar Gruer Guoroor Halthoirne Halthorn Halthorne Hathorn Hathorne Haulthorne Hauthorn Hauthorne Hawthorn Hawthorne Hewison Hewson Hoeson Hotson Houcheon Houestoun Houston Houtton Howchesoun Howieson Howison Hucheoun Huchesoune Huchisone Huchone Huchonson Huchonsone Huchonsoun Huchosone Huchown Huchunson Hudson Hugh Hughson Huisdean Huston Hutcheon Hutcheonson Hutcheoun Hutcheson Hutchesone Hutchieson Hutchin Hutching Hutchinson Hutchison Hutchon Hutchone Hutson Inrick Inrig Isles Kellaig Kellaigh Kelloch Kellough Kelly Kendrick Kenrick Kingairloch Kingsburgh Kinnell Kynell Kynnell Ladron Ladrone Leach Leatch Lech Leche Leech Leeche Leetch Leiche Leitch Leitche Leyche Liche Liech Lietch Litch MacA'Challies MacAcharn MacAchern MacAcherne MacAffer MacAll MacAlwraith MacArorie MacArory MacAsh MacAull MacBaith MacBathe MacBay MacBea MacBeath MacBeatha MacBeathy MacBee MacBeith MacBeth MacBetha MacBey MacBheath MacBheatha MacBheathain MacBraid MacBrid MacBridan MacBride MacBryd MacBryde MacCaell MacCaffer MacCaffir MacCaichrane MacCail MacCaill MacCaish MacCaishe MacCale MacCall MacCambridge MacCannel MacCannell MacCash MacCauchquharn MacCaug MacCaul MacCaull MacCeallaich MacCellaich MacChruimb MacChuthais MacClacharty MacClaffirdy MacClairtick MacClartie MacClarty MacClorty MacCoag MacCoasam MacCoch MacCochran MacCock MacCodruim MacCodrum MacCoiseam MacCole MacColl MacConell MacConil MacConile MacConill MacConl MacConnal MacConnel MacConnell MacConnil MacConnill MacConnyll MacCook MacCorrie MacCorry MacCory MacCosch MacCosh MacCosham MacCoshan MacCoshen MacCoshim MacCoshin MacCouck MacCoug MacCouk MacCouke MacCowag MacCowig MacCowis MacCrain MacCran MacCrane MacCrary MacCravey MacCreary MacCreavie MacCreavy MacCreerie MacCreery MacCreire MacCreirie MacCreory MacCrerie MacCrery MacCrevey MacCrewer MacCrewir MacCrire MacCririck MacCririe MacCriuer MacCrivag MacCriver MacCrom MacCron MacCrone MacCrore MacCrorie MacCrory MacCrouder MacCrouther MacCrowther MacCrum MacCrumb MacCrume MacCrumie MacCuag MacCuaig MacCuail MacCuaill MacCueish MacCug MacCuidhean MacCuig MacCuish MacCuishe MacCuithean MacCuithein MacCuk MacCurchie MacCuthan MacDanel MacDaniel MacDaniell MacDhomhnuill MacDonald MacDonell MacDonill MacDonnel MacDonnell MacDonnill MacDonnyle MacDonol MacDonoll MacDonyll MacDouny MacDrain MacEacharne MacEachearn MacEacheran MacEachern MacEachran MacEachren MacEchern MacEcherns MacElfresh MacElfrish MacElheran MacElherran MacElrath MacGacharne MacGaughrin MacGeoraidh MacGilbride MacGillebeatha MacGillegrum MacGillemartin MacGillemertin MacGillereach MacGillereith MacGillereoch MacGillewriche MacGillibride MacGillirick MacGillreavy MacGillreick MacGilmartine MacGonnal MacGonnel MacGorie MacGorre MacGorrie MacGorry MacGory MacGrader MacGrain MacGrane MacGrevar MacGrewar MacGrewer MacGroary MacGrory MacGrouther MacGrowder MacGrowther MacGruar MacGrudaire MacGrudder MacGruder MacGruer MacGrury MacGruthar MacGruther MacHonel MacHrudder MacHruder MacHucheon MacHucheoun MacHugh MacHuiston MacHuitcheon MacIlaraith MacIlarith MacIlbowie MacIlbreid MacIlbrick MacIlbryd MacIlbuie MacIlchrom MacIlchrum MacIlchrumie MacIlerith MacIllbride MacIllereoch MacIllereoche MacIlleriach MacIllfreish MacIllfrice MacIlliruaidh MacIllreave MacIllrick MacIllwrick MacIlmartine MacIlmertin MacIlraich MacIlraith MacIlravey MacIlravie MacIlreach MacIlreath MacIlreave MacIlrevie MacIlriach MacIlrith MacIlrivich MacIlroych MacIluraick MacIlurick MacIlvraith MacIlvreed MacIlvride MacIlwhannel MacIlwraith MacIlwraithe MacIlwrathe MacIlwrick MacIlwrith MacIock MacIsh MacJock MacKail MacKaill MacKale MacKall MacKbayth MacKbrid MacKconil MacKconnell MacKcook MacKcrain MacKcrumb MacKecherane MacKechern MacKechran MacKechrane MacKechren MacKeil MacKelbride MacKell MacKellachie MacKellaich MacKellaig MacKellaigh MacKelloch MacKelly MacKewish MacKick MacKiggan MacKillaig MacKillmartine MacKilwraith MacKilwrath MacKindel MacKindle MacKinnel MacKinnell MacKiock MacKlewraith MacKonald MacKonnell MacKreath MacKrory MacKuish MacKush MacKynnell MacLaerigh MacLaerike MacLaertigh MacLaffertie MacLafferty MacLairish MacLairtie MacLardie MacLardy MacLartie MacLarty MacLartych MacLaverty MacLefrish MacLeverty MacLwannell MacLwhannel MacMark MacMarquis MacMarten MacMartin MacMartun MacMartyne MacMertein MacMertene MacMertin MacMhurchaidh MacMordoch MacMoroquhy MacMuiredhaigh MacMuiredhuigh MacMuirigh MacMurachy MacMurchaidh MacMurchie MacMurchou MacMurchy MacMurd MacMurdo MacMurdoch MacMurdy MacMuredig MacMurphy MacMurquhe MacMurquhie MacMurtchie MacO'Shenag MacOdrum MacOneill MacOnele MacOnhale MacOnill MacOseanag MacOsenage MacOsennag MacOsham MacOshennag MacOshenog MacOwis MacQueen MacQuhannil MacQuhonale MacQuhonyle MacRain MacRaine MacRaurie MacRavey MacRayne MacRearie MacReary MacReirie MacRerie MacRevey MacRevie MacRiridh MacRirie MacRither MacRob MacRobb MacRobe MacRoderick MacRoithrich MacRone MacRorie MacRory MacRotherick MacRourie MacRoyre MacRoyree MacRoyri MacRuairidh MacRuar MacRuaraidh MacRuary MacRudder MacRudrie MacRuer MacRuidhri MacRurie MacRurry MacRury MacRyrie MacShannachan MacSherry MacShirie MacShirrie MacSoirle MacSorle MacSorley MacSorlie MacSorll MacSorlle MacSorrill MacSorrle MacSouarl MacSporran MacUish MacUrchie MacUrchy MacVanish MacVannel MacVenish MacVinish MacVorchie MacVurchie MacWhaneall MacWhanell MacWhanle MacWhanlie MacWhannall MacWhannel MacWhannell MacWhannil MacWhanrall MacWhonnell MacWorthie MacWurchie MacYnniel Maelbeth Magilraich Magruder Mairtin Makauchern Makcacharne Makcaill Makcale Makconehill Makconeil Makconell Makconnele Makcosshen Makcrire Makcrome Makdonald Makeacharne Makerori Makgacharne Makgilbred Makgillereach Makgillereacht Makgillereoch Makgruder Makilbred Makilreve Maklafferdich Maklewreach Makmartin Makmurche Makmurdie Makmurquhy Makmurthe Makreury Makririe Makrome Makrore Makrudder Malaverty Malavery Malbeth March Marcus Mark Marke Marquis Martein Martin Martine Martyn Martyne May Meiklevrick Melbeth Merk Mhurchaidh Micklewrath Miklerock Mordac Mordake Mordik Mordoc Mordok Mordyk Moreduc Morthaich Mourdac Muireadhach Muiredach Murchad Murchadh Murchaidh Murcheson Murchesoun Murchie Murchieson Murchison Murchosone Murchosoun Murchy Murdac Murdak Murdoc Murdoch Murdock Murdoson Murdy Murphie Murphy Murquhason Murquhasson Murquhessoun Murquhosoun Murtchie Murthac Murthak O'Drain O'May O'Mey O'Seanaigh O'Shaig O'Shannachan O'Shannaig O'Shannon Odhrain Odhran Odran Omay Omey Omeych Pathillock Patillo Patillok Pattillo Pattillock Pattullo Pattullok Patullo Patullow Pethilloch Petillok Pettillo Pettillok Pettillow Pettullock Petulloch Petullow Pitilloche Pitiloch Pittilloch Pittillock Pittillocke Pittilluo Pittulloch Pitullich Porcel Porcell Purcell Pursel Pursell Pursill Pyttyllok Raich Reach Reacht Reaich Reauch Reaucht Reche Reiach Reoch Reoche Rethe Reuch Revie Reyth Riach Riauch Rioch Rioche Ririe Roeoch Rorie Rorieson Rorison Rorrison Ryrie Serle Shannan Shannon Shennan Shennane Soirlie Somerled Somhairle Sommerled Sorill Sorlet Sorley Sorll Sorlle Sorrie Sourle Sporran Staffa Sumerled Sumerledi Sumerleht Sumerleith Sumerleth Sumerlethus Summerleith Surlay Surleus Surley Surly Train Tran Trane Trayne Uisdean Uisdeann Uisdinn Vcconull Vccoshem Vcmurrochie Vconeill Whandle Whannel Whannell Whonnell

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David Macdonald of Castle Camus, 17th Hereditary Chieftain, Lieutenant of Sleat
David Macdonald of Castle Camus, 17th Hereditary Chieftain, Lieutenant of Sleat. Photo taken June 2001.



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