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Motto: Timor omnis abesto - "Let fear be far from all".
Badge: The head of a male savage.
Septs of the Clan: Abbot, Abbotson, Dewar, Gilfillan, Macandeoir, Clelland, Dewar, Gilland, MacLellan and MacNair.
Names associated with the clan:
Abarcrumbie Abarcrumby Abbot Abbotson Abbott Abbottson Abercrombie Abercromby Abercrombye Abercrummye Abircromby Abircromme Abircromy Abircromye Abircrumby Abircrumbye Abircrummy Abircrumy Dewar Deware Dewere Dochard Dochart Gilelin Gilfalyn Gilfelan Gilfillan Gilfillane Gilfillian Gilfolan Gilfulain Gilfulan Gilland Gillefalyn Gillefillane Gillefillian Gillefolan Gilleland Gillephillane Gillifelan Gillilan Gilliland Gillphillan Gilphillan Guileland Guililand Guilliland Guliland Gulliland Jore MacAnaba MacAndeoir MacGeorge MacIndeoir MacIndeor MacIndoer MacJore MacKnabe MacNab MacNabb MacNap Makinnab Maknabe Milnab

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