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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (L)
Leith Genealogy

I hope that this helps you.   My name is Ian Alexander Leith.  I am told that I am the direct decendant to the heir of Leith hall but I do not know.  I am 15 years old and live in North Carolina, United States.  I had to do a genealogy project for school and this is the info that I gathered.  I start at where you left off with #12 Patric Leith on the website. Here is the info:

Ian Alexander Leith (ME)

Victor Leith
Alexander Leith the Seventh ---- Erica ShleŁter
Alexander Leith the Sixth ---- Jemima Cruickshank
Alexander Leith the  Fifth ----Mary Halkett
Alexander Leith the Fourth  ---- Maria Thorp
Alexander Leith the Thrid ---- Marry Gordon
Alexander Leith the Second ---- Jean Garden
Alexander Leith the First ---- Christian Davidson
James Leith ---- Margert  Stratchen
John Leith ---- Margery Forbes
Laurence Leith  ---- Agnes Leslie
Patrick Leith  ---- Jean Leslie

I REALLY would like some feed back to see if this helped you any thank you.

my email is currently but sometime next week I will have a email carrier change so if it says fail to connect that is why I will try to contact you again at a later date thank you so much for
publishing this on the web!!!

with thanks,

Ian Leith

Twenty-two Generations of Leiths

The De Leyth Clan came from Breton France. They arrived in Midlothian Scotland in the Fourteenth Century and changed the family name to be consistent with the spelling of the port of Leith, in Edinburgh.

William Leith married Jane (unknown last name) who was the daughter of Donald the Twelfth. William and Jane built their first home in Provost of Aberdeen in 1350. William died in 1411 having had two sons. The eldest was Laurence Leith.

Laurence Leith begins the second generation. There is no record of whom he married, when he was born, or when he died. But he did have one son, whose name was Norman Leith.

Norman Leith begins the third generation. He was born in Barnes and married Elizabeth Leslie of Balquhain. They had three children, and Henry Leith was the eldest.

Henry Leith of Barnes, begins the fourth generation. Henry married Mariette Stewart and they had one son, William Leith. There is no mention of when he died.

William Leith begins the fifth generation. There is no mention of whom he married, but he did have one son Henry Leith. William died in 1469. 

Henry Leith begins the sixth generation. He married Elizabeth Gordon they had three sons, and the eldest was George Leith. Henry died in 1491.

The seventh generation begins with George Leith who was born in Barnes and died in 1505. There is no mention of whom he married but he had four children. The eldest, John Gilbert Leith died childless and the second son was William Leith. William Leith was born in 1456.

George Leith’s second son, William Leith, begins the eighth generation. William was born in 1456 and died in 1498. He lived in Edingarioch and Lickeyhead. George married Ann Gordon of Strathdon and they had two sons, the eldest was George Leith.

The ninth generation begins with George Leith of Barnes, who was born in   1492. George died in 1597 but was married and had one son, Patrick Leith of Lickeyhead.

The 10th generation begins with Patrick Leith of Lickeyhead. Patrick was born about 1508 and died in 1625. He was married to Jean Leslie. They had six children. The first two sons, Patrick Leith and John Leith, are recorded births, but there is no record of marriage or death. The third son was Laurence Leith who was born in 1534, in Kirkton, Inverness-shire.

The 11th generation starts with Laurence Leith, who married twice, his first wife Agnes Leslie was childless. His second wife Elizabeth Bessie Gordon had one son John Leith.

The 12th generation begins with John Leith married Margery Forbes and they had four children the eldest was James Leith. James built the famous Leith Hall. Alexander Leith the First was the second son to be born.

The 13th generation begins with James Leith who was born in 1664 and died in 1754. He married Margerate Stratchen they had one son, Alexander Leith the First.

LEITH HALL was given to the Leith-Hays. It stayed with them until the John Leith lineage was broken in 1939. By then the property had been turned over to the National Trust of Scotland and was no longer an issue. The Leiths then retraced the lineage through the Leiths of Free Field back to James and Margaret Strachan Leith's SECOND son Alexander Leith who was born in 1664 and died in 1754.

The 14th generation begins with Alexander Leith the First who was born in 1664, and died in 1754. He was married to Christian Davidson and had four children, the eldest son was Alexander Leith the Second.

Generation 15 begins with Alexander Leith 2nd of Free field who was born in 1717 and died in 1803. He married three times. His first wife was Jean Garden with whom he had six children, of which Alexander Leith the Third was the eldest.

The 16th generation has Alexander Leith the Third who married Elizabeth Gordon in 1773. Together they had several children, the eldest son was Alexander Leith the Fourth who was born in 1774.

Generation 17 begins with Alexander Leith the Fourth who was born in 1774 and deceased in 1859. He married twice. His first wife Mary had no children. His second wife, Maria Thorp born in 1816, had six children, the eldest son was Alexander Leith the Fifth.

The 18th generation has Alexander Leith the Fifth who was born in 1832 and died in 1886. He was married to Mary Halkett, who first had a daughter who was named Georgiana and 18 years later in 1882, had twin sons, Alexander Whyte Leith and Robert William Leith. 

Generation 19 starts with Alexander Whyte Leith who was born 1882 and died in 1960. He was married to Jemima Cruickshank, having five children, the eldest son Alexander Francis Leith born 1906. The family immigrated to America in 1909. His twin brother Robert William Leith never married.

The 20th generation has Alexander Francis Leith who was born in 1906 and deceased in 1970. He was married in Germany to Erika Schleuter who bore three children, eldest son Harry Leith was born in 1951, second son Victor Leith (this is my father), and a daughter Sandra. He was married again, to Edith Muller in Florida a month prior to his death.

Generation 21 has Victor Scot Leith, the second son of Alexander Francis Leith, born June 10, 1955. He was and still is married to Susue Packard Leith in Florida. They then bore me, Ian Alexander Leith on November nineteenth nineteen-eighty-five. They have also adopted a girl from Bulgaria, by the name of Olivia Clara Tsonka Leith. 

Generation 22 has Ian Alexander Leith who was born on November nineteenth nineteen-eighty-five.

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