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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (M)
Grandpa Milne

Thanks to Eddy Milne for this information.

My Grandfarther was born in Perth, year 1920.  As a young boy he always dreamed to be in the navy.  As most of my family feel we belong on the sea.  He signed up in 1937 just before the war. 

Whilst on leave he and his mates desided to have a trip to Rochdale, England.  In a shop paying for an ice cream he turned around and saw this stunning women, her name was Nora Coxs.  She took one glance at him and started warlking up Yorkshire Street.  He soon followed and started talking to her.  It took a bit of work but he eventally talked her round to going out with him that night to the cinema.

They had a lovely time and wanted to see each other again but my Grandfarther had to back at the ship the following day, so they swaped address's and swared to keep in contack.

Two mounths later they were still writing to each other and saw each other whenever they could. 

Time past and world war II broke out.  Nora was terrably worried about her lover but tryed not to show it in her letters or when she saw him.

He was on several ships during the war.  Most sank before him.  But there was one ship that he loved and would hate to have left or been sank.  That was HMS Hood.  He was on that ship for several months then one day he was ordered of it.  The reason he worked with the torpedos and his expertes were needed on another ship.  Four weeks later he heard the news that the ship had been sunk.  He was crushed.  He had many friends on that ship.

When he was given leave all Nora did was cry she thourght he was on the ship.  She had no word from the Navy and because my Grandfarher was so deverstated he didnt think to write to her.

Many years past and they were doing much the same thing seeing each other when they could.  One day when my Grandfarther came home he asked Nora if she would like to marry him the following day.  She acsepted the offer but warned him that she would love him for eternaty.  The next day they got married at the local chirch.  Nine months later two days before the end of the war they had a son, Gerard.  My Farther.  Soon followed by Malcom and Carl.  They never lost that spark between them and swared to always love each other.  One day decided as a family they would go to Scotland Perthshire to see my Grandfarthers homeland.

During the morning of the first stay My Grandfarther mayed Nura Breakfast.  Picking up the coffee he had cheast pains.  Carl his youngest son came to him trying to help, but it was a bad heartattack and he died in his son's arms.

My Grandfarther was a very nice man, he was kind genuras and thoughtful.  The only good thing Nora (Grandmother) and our family can say about him dying is that he died in his home where he belonged.

Our family dont think we are scots, but we do think were Celts.  To honour our ansesters we always wear Kilts on special occations and we say the milne motto. 

God Bless My Grandfarther.

Since Alburt died more family members have arrived.

Edward Milne, Rebecca Milne, Paul Milne, Louise Milne, Leane Milne, Sam Milne. (Married in to the family)Anne Milne and Janet Milne.

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