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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (Mc)
MacVarish Family

The MacVarish Family of River Inhabitants, Inverness County, Nova Scotia
Compiled by Allan J. Gillis  © 2005

ALEXANDER MacVARISH (  -1860s), known in this country as "An Taillear Mór" (The Big Tailor), was married in Scotland  to CATHERINE STEWART (ca. 1813-Feb. 9, 1911), daughter of George Stewart.  They left Mingarry Ard, Moidart, in 1843 with their four children and came to Ship Harbour (Port Hawkesbury), ultimately settling at River Inhabitants.

According to MacDougall's History of Inverness County, Alexander MacVarish had three brothers, namely: "Black" Donald, who went to Australia; Hugh, who died in Scotland; Angus, who came to Antigonish and changed his name to "MacDonald", the clan name.  There was also a Donald “BBn” MacDonald (MacVarish) who settled at Lower South River in Antigonish.  He was also from Moidart  It seems that Alex MacVarish died sometime between the census of 1861 (where he is listed with six males and seven females in his family) and that of 1871, where Catherine is listed as a widow.  Catherine MacVarish died on February 9, 1911, at the advanced age of 98 years.  She had lived the last eight years of her life with her daughter Margaret, the eldest of her Nova Scotia-born children.  Margaret died within twelve hours of her mother and Mrs. MacVarish's obituary states, "It was a touching sight to see mother and daughter lying in the same room and laid to rest side by side in the graveyard at River Dennis, where they were the first to be buried."Catherine and Alexander MacVarish had a family of fourteen children, the first six being born in Scotland (two died as infants).  The other eight were born on this side of the water.  At the time of her death, Catherine MacVarish was the matriarch of 14 children, 65 grandchildren, 68 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren -- a total of 149!

(see: HIC, p.635; GG, pp.84-85)

The children of Catherine Stewart and Alexander MacVarish were: I. John; II. Mary; III. Angus; IV.Donald; V. and VI. died as infants; VII. Margaret; VIII. Marcella; IX. Anne; X. Hugh; XI. George; XII. Christina; XIII. Jane (twin); XIV. Mary (twin).

I.          John MacVarish b. Scotland m. Catherine (Kate) MacNeil, nfi.

II.         Mary MacVarish (c.1839-  ) b. Scotland m. Rory MacInnis "Donald" (ca.1816-1880s) of Kingsville, with issue: 1. Mary Catherine; 2. Donald; 3. Mary; 4. John; 5. Alexander.   
(see: GG pp.58-59)

1.         Mary Catherine MacInnis "Ruairi"(c.1862-  ) m. Donald Rory MacDonald "Iain mac Eoghainn Mór(ca.1840-  ) of Kingsville, (South Uist connection) with issue: A. Mary Ellen; B. Mary Catherine; C. Mary Jane; D. Mary; E. John Rory; F. John; G. Daniel Peter (Danny).                        (see: CIB, p.353; GG, pp. 33-34, 59)

                        A.        Mary Ellen MacDonald (ca.1882-Aug. 8, 1963) m. Angus Boyd (ca.1873-1965) (Arisaig connection) on Oct 6, 1906, at St. Mary's, Glendale.  They had issue: a. Margaret Isabel; b. Hugh; c. Donald John; d. Catherine; e. Donald Joseph; f. Mary Catherine.
(see: CIB, p.165; GG, pp.14, 33; The Boyds of Glendale,  p.4)

                                    a.         Margaret Isabel Boyd m. Michael Malcolm MacLean of Boisdale, with issue: i. Michael Francis; ii. John Angus.
(see; HOB, p.373) - She was his 1st wife.

                                                i.          Michael Francis MacLean died young in a car accident; nfi.

                                                ii.          John Angus MacLean m. Charlotte MacDonald (1944-  ) d/o Sarah MacDonald and Dan C. MacDonald of Creignish.  They live in Scheffreville, P.Q., where he is on the mine railway, with issue: ai. Michael.  (see: FIP, p.430)

                                                            ai.         Michael MacLean (1967-  ); nfi.

                                                N.B.     I believe that some of Michael Malcolm MacLean's second family live in the West Bay Road area: i.e.: Anne=John Livingston and Cheryl=Lauchlin MacDougall.              

                                    (see: The Boyds of Glendale, p.3; GG, p.14)

                                    b.         Hugh Boyd (1909-Nov. 12, 1964) n/m, was killed in a car accident, along with Rannie MacInnis; nfi.

                                    c.         Donald John (Dan J.) Boyd (May 8, 1911-Sep. 16, 1995) , n/m, lived on the old homestead; nfi.

                                    d.         Catherine B. Boyd (Sep. 2, 1912- ) m. Frederick J. Reardon

                                                (May 12, 1907-Jul. 2, 2000) of Boston.  Catherine owned part of the old farm.  Fred died in Florida and is buried at Glendale.

                                                (see: CIB, p.768)                                                                    

                                    e.         Donald Joseph Boyd (1916-Oct. 1977) m. Edna Marie Sampson

                                                (1919-Oct. 10, 1995), with issue: i. Angus, ii. Margaret Ellen, iii.Sylvia, iv. Donna, v. Carol Anne, vi. Almeda, vii. Donald.

                                                i.          Angus Boyd, a teacher in Richmond County, m. Marlene Beaton; nfi.

                                                ii.          Margaret Ellen Boyd m. Raymond (Ray) MacKinnon of Antigonish, with issue: ai. Luke, bi. Matthew, ci. Jude.

                                                            ai.         Luke MacKinnon       ci.         Jude MacKinnon

                                                            ci.         Matthew MacKinnon

                                                iii.         Sylvia Boyd m. Kevin French, with issue: ai. Jonathon,

                                                            bi. Michael.

                                                            ai.         Jonathon French        bi.        Michael French

                                                iv.         Donna Boyd m. John (Jack) MacNeil, with issue:

                                                            ai. Chris, bi. Craig.

                                                            ai.         Chris MacNeil           bi.        Craig MacNeil

                                                v.         Carol Anne Boyd m. Don Maybin of Ontario, with issue:

                                                            ai. Candace, bi. Aaron.

                                                            ai.         Candace Maybin        bi.        Aaron Maybin

                                                vi.         Almeda Boyd m. Peter Deamicis, with issue: ai. Natalia,

                                                            bi. Carolyn, ci. Julia.

                                                            ai.         Natalia Deamicis       ci.         Julia Deamicis

                                                            bi.        Carolyn Deamicis

                                                vii.        Donald Boyd lives in Sydney; nfi.

                                    f.          Mary Catherine Boyd (1920-1980), n.m.;  nfi.

                        B.         Mary Catherine MacDonald (ca.1884-  ) m. at Glendale, Feb. 14, 1914,

                                    Peter R. MacEachen (ca.1875-  ) s/o Isabel (Bella) MacDougall "Padruig Crubach", of Judique Intervale and Ranald "Ruadh" MacEachen, of Glendale.  with issue:  a. Catherine Isabel; b. Donald Ranald;

                                    c. Flora Margaret; d. Marie; e. Walter, f. one child who died young. 

                                    (see: CIB, p.465; GG, pp.14, 33, 40-42; MJI, pp. 47-48)

                                    a.         Catherine Isabel MacEachen, n.m.; nfi.

                                    b.         Donald Ranald MacEachen, n.m.; nfi.

                                    c.         Flora Margaret MacEachen m. John Peter (Johnnie Joe) MacDonald (May 27, 1920-  ) son of Joseph MacDonald (S.Uist connection) and Mary Isabel Chisholm, River Denys, with issue:

                                                i. Ann Marie; ii. Gerard.  (see: GRDR, p.117)

                                    i.          Ann Marie MacDonald (Nov. 1960-  ) m. Ross Drake of Montreal, with issue: ai. Michael; bi. Stephen; ci. Ryan.

                                                ai.         Michael Drake (1986- )                    

                                                bi.        Stephen Drake (1988- )

                                                ci.         Ryan Drake (1992-

                                    ii.          Gerard MacDonald m. Michaelette MacDonald, d/o John R. MacDonald of Marble Mountain, with issue:

                                                ai. John Graham, bi. Matthew Barrington.  They are separated and Gerard is now living with his father.

                                                ai.         John Graham MacDonald (1999- )

                                                bi.        Matthew Barrington MacDonald (2001- )

                                    d.         Marie MacEachen (Feb. 20, 1923-Feb. 10, 1988) m. William Devercus Myten (Bill) Davies (Mar. 7, 1916-Jan. 20, 1993) of Boston, MA, with issue: i. William, ii.  Mary Catherine,

                                                iii. James Peter, iv. Jayne Marie, v. Isabel, vi. Peter, vii. William, viii. Anne.        (see: CIB, p.469)

                                                i.          William (Billy) Davies (1950-Aug. 30, 1956)

                                                ii.          Mary Catherine (Cathy) Davies (1951- ); nfi.

                                                iii.         James Peter Davies (1953- ) m., on Oct. 20, 1991, Linda Lydon.  They have issue: ai. Jayme Cameron,

                                                            bi. Neil.

                                                            ai.         Jayme Cameron Davies

                                                            bi.        Neil Davies

                                                iv.         Jayne Marie Davies (1957- ) m., on Sep. 19, 1981, Robert Gordon Anderson of Boston, with issue: i. Sarah,

                                                            ii. Robert, iii. Laura.

                                                            i.          Sarah Anderson         iii.         Laura Anderson

                                                            ii.          Robert Anderson

                                                v.         Isabel Davies (1961- ); nfi.

                                                vi.         Peter Davies (1963- ), twin, m. Joni Faria, with issue:

                                                            ai. Cameron, bi. Madison.

                                                            ai.         Cameron Davies        bi.        Madison Davies

                                                vii.        William Davies (1963- ), twin; nfi.

                                                viii.       Anne Davies (1965- ) m., on Aug. 27, 1994, Duncan Glenn MacDonald (1964- ), s/o Mary Jo Farrell of Christmas Island and Malcolm Alexander MacDonald of East Bay and River Denys.  They have issue: ai. Olivia Marie,

                                                            bi. Emily Anne. (see: CIB, p.401)

                                                            ai.         Olivia Marie MacDonald (1996- ) 

                                                            bi.        Emily Anne MacDonald (1998- )                 

                                    e.         Walter (Gallant) MacEachen m. Jenevieve Gray of West Bay.  They live in Dartmouth, NS, with issue: i. Donald.

                                                i.          Donald MacEachen; nfi.

                                    f.          _____ MacEachen died young.

                        C.        Mary Jane MacDonald m. Dominic O'Donnell of Philidelphia, PA; nfi.

                        D.        Mary (Mamie) MacDonald m. Dan Alex MacLennan of Judique Intervale, with issue: a. Margaret; b. John Martin, c.Alexander. 

                                    (see: MJI,  p.50; GG p.47; Descendants of John MacEachern, Kingsville, p.1)

                                    a.         Margaret (Peggy) MacLennan m. Donald Joseph MacEachern

                                                (  - May, 1991) of Kingsville.  They lived in Toronto, with issue:

                                                ai. Brian; bi. Jennifer.

                                                i.          Brian MacEachern; nfi.         

                                                ii.          Jennifer MacEachern; nfi.    

                                    b.         John Martin MacLennan (  -2004), n/m, lived in Toronto; nfi.

                                    c.         Alexander MacLennan

                        E.         John Rory MacDonald (  -Apr. 1981); n/m, lived on the old homestead; nfi.

                        F.         John D. (Johnnie) MacDonald (  -June 19, 1963), n/m, died in Kingsville; nfi

                        G.        Daniel Peter (Danny) MacDonald (Apr. 9, 1889-Jul. 18, 1967) m., on Sep. 30, 1930, Mary Catherine (Mona) MacDonald (Mar. 4, 1909-Oct. 30, 1984), d/o Mary Graham of Judique and Edward MacDonald of Long Stretch Road, with issue: a. Edward, b. Donald, c. Malcolm,

                                    d. Mary Catherine, e. Anna Margaret, f. Francis Xavier, g. Kathleen,

                                    h. Angus Chrysostom.   (see: FIP, p.364; GG, pp.34-35; GRDR, p.132)

                                    a.         Edward MacDonald (1931- ) m. Sarah (Sadie) MacGillivray of St. Andrew’s, Antigonish County.  They live in Halifax, wuth issue: i. Kimberley Ann, ii. Barry, iii. Ramona.

                                    i.          Kimberley Ann MacDonald (1965- ) m. Michael (Mike) Anstey on Jul. 29, 1989.  They have: ai. Amanda Mae,

                                                            bi. Ashlee Sarah.

                                                            ai.         Amanda Mae Anstey (1994- )

                                                            bi.        Ashlee Sarah Anstey (1999- )

                                                ii.          Barry MacDonald (1967- )

                                                iii.         Ramona MacDonald (1974- ) m., on Aug. 22, 1998, Steven McOnie.

                                    b.         Donald MacDonald (Sep. 30, 1932-Jul. 21, 1979) m., on Oct. 3, 1955, Joan Marie Gillis, d/o Ida Grant and Alexander Gillis.  They had: i. Daniel Alexander, ii. Carol Ann, iii. Donna Marie,

                                                iv. Darlene Marie.

                                                i.          Daniel Alexander MacDonald (1956- ) m., on Apr. 25, 1987, Edna Stella MacDonald (1961- ), d/o Martha Rankin and Lawrence MacDonald “Angus the Carpenter” of Judique.  They live in Kingsville, with issue:

                                                            ai. Bhreigh Ann, bi. Kaitlin Marie, ci. Dylan Donald.

                                                            ai.         Bhreigh Ann MacDonald (1988- )

                                                            bi.        Kaitlin Marie MacDonald (1989- )

                                                            ci.         Dylan Donald MacDonald (1990)

                                                ii.          Carol Ann MacDonald (1958- ) m., on Oct. 20, 1979, Raymond Joseph Boudreau (1956- ) of New Waterford and Flin Flon, Man., with issue: ai. Tracy Marie,

                                                            bi. Jason Donald, ci. Lyle Alexander.

                                                            ai.         Tracy Marie Boudreau (1982- )

                                                            bi.        Jason Donald Boudreau (1985- )

                                                            ci.         Lyle Alexander Boudreau (1988- )

                                                iii.         Donna Marie MacDonald (1961- ) m., on Jul. 7, 1984, Michael Joseph McKeough (1961- ), with issue:

                                                            ai. Joseph Donald, bi. Travis Donald.

                                                            ai.         Joseph Donald McKeough (1986- )

                                                            bi.        Travis Donald McKeough (1990- )

                                                iv.         Darlene Marie MacDonald (1964- ) m., on June 22, 1991, Bernard (Bernie) Deveaux (1964- ), s/o Lloyd Deveaux of Judique.  They have: ai. Dylan James,

                                                            bi. Christopher Michael.

                                                            ai.         Dylan James Deveaux (1992- )

                                                            bi.        Christopher Michael Deveaux (1995- )

                                    c.         Malcolm MacDonald (Mar. 18, 1934-June 17, 1990) m., in Sep. 1963, Elizabeth Ursula (Bessie) Rankin (Oct. 21, 1939- ), d/o Sarah Cameron and John Rankin of Mabou.  They have:

                                                i. Karen Marie, ii. John Daniel, iii. Francis Gerard, iv. Dawn Ann,

                                                v. Darren. (see: CIB, p.357; MPII, p.641)

                                                i.          Karen Marie MacDonald (1964- ) m. Thomas (Tom) Slinker and they live in Florida.

                                                ii.          John Daniel MacDonald (1965- ); nfi.

                                                iii.         Francis Gerard MacDonald (1967- ) m. Darlene ? in Medford, MA; nfi.

                                                iv.         Dawn Ann MacDonald (1973- ); nfi.

                                                v.         Darren MacDonald (1975- ); nfi.

                                    d.         Mary Catherine MacDonald (1935- ) m., on Jul 23, 1960, Joseph E. Boudreau (1930- ), s/o Marie Aucoin and Alexandre Boudreau of Cheticamp.  They live in Waltham MA, with issue:

                                                i. Ann Marie, ii. Patricia Lee, iii. Alexander Joseph,

                                                iv. Daniel Paul, v. Gene Daniel.

                                                i.          Ann Marie Boudreau (1961- ); nfi.

                                                ii.          Patricia Lee Boudreau (1963- ) m., on Oct. 26, 1991, Charles D (Charlie) Arciprete (1964- ), s/o Cora and Gino Arciprete of Lexington, MA.  They have: ai. Gene Anthony,

                                                            bi. Joseph Alexander.

                                                            ai.         Gene Anthony Arciprete (1992- )

                                                            bi.        Joseph Alexander Arciprete (1995- )

                                                iii.         Alexander Joseph Boudreau (1965- ) m., on Dec. 3, 1994, Donna Gertie, with issue: ai. Bailey Renee, bi. Erin Nicole.

                                                            ai.         Bailey Renee Boudreau (1998- )

                                                            bi.        Erin Nicole Boudreau (2000- )

                                                iv.         Daniel Paul Boudreau (1967- ) m., on Aug. 29, 1992, Pamela Bennette (1967- ), d/o Patricia and Roger Benette of New Hampshire, with issue: ai. Ryann Durham,

                                                            bi. Callum Daniel, ci. Jackson Quinn, di. Logan Matthew.

                                                            ai.         Ryann Durham Boudreau (1999- )

                                                            bi.        Callum Daniel Boudreau (2001- ), triplet.

                                                            ci.         Jackson Quinn Boudreau (2001- ), triplet.

                                                            di.        Logan Matthew Boudreau (2001- ) triplet.

                                                v.         Gene Daniel Boudreau (1970- ) m., on Oct. 10, 1997,  Tonja Souza (1970- ), d/o Ronnie and Robert Souza, with issue: ai. Joseph Robert.

                                                            ai.         Joseph Robert Boudreau (2001- )

                                    e.         Anna Margaret MacDonald (May 12, 1936- ) m., on Aug. 9, 1958, Duncan Joseph Gillis (Jul. 1, 1928-Oct. 6, 1993), s/o Florence Agnes MacPherson of Black River and Neil Charles Gillis of Maple Brook, with issue: i. Donna Marie,

                                                ii. Florence Ann, iii. Duncan Joseph, iv. Jean, v. Joan.. 

                                                (see: CIB, p.212)

                                                i.          Donna Marie Gillis (1961- ) m., on Sep. 6, 1991, Wayne McNamara of Lower River, Richmond County, NS.

                                                ii.          Florence Ann Gillis (1962- ) m., on Oct. 17, 1998, Paul Gerus in Boston, MA. 

                                                iii.         Duncan Joseph Gillis (1964- ); nfi.

                                                iv.         Jean Gillis (1965- ), twin, m., on June 21, 1986, David Ryan (1962- ), s/o Heather Warner and John Ryan of Port Hawkesbury, with issue: ai. Jennifer Nicole,

                                                            bi. Matthew Duncan, ci. Bradley David.

                                                            ai.         Jennifer Nicole Ryan (1988- )

                                                            bi.        Matthew Duncan Ryan (1994- )

                                                            ci.         Bradley David Ryan (1999- )           

                                                v.         Joan Gillis (1965- ), twin; nfi.

                                    f.          Francis Xavier MacDonald (1937- ), n/m, lives at Kingsville; nfi.

                                    g.         Kathleen MacDonald (1944- ) m., on Jul. 29, 1969, Thomas Lussier (1941- ), s/o Frances Reynolds and Thomas Lussier of Waltham, MA, with issue: i. Kris Alan, ii. Michelle Lee.

                                                i.          Kris Alan Lussier (1992- )

                                                ii.          Michelle Lee Lussier (1974- )

                                    h.         Angus Chrysostom MacDonald (1949- ) m., on Aug. 26, 1977,  Grace Elizabeth MacMullin, d/o Jean MacIntyre and John MacMullin of Queensville.  They live in Glendale, with issue:

                                                i. Jonna Donelle, ii. Andrea Loreen.       (see: CIB, p.724)

                                                i.          Jonna Donelle MacDonald (1981- )

                                                ii.          Andrea Loreen MacDonald  (1991- )

2.         Donald MacInnis "Ruairi" (ca.1865-  ) m. Anne (Annie) Chisholm (ca.1868-  ) of Princeville, with issue: A. Mary; B. Catherine; C. Mary Anne;

                        D. Margaret Jane.

                        A.        Mary MacInnis (Oct. 15, 1889-Dec. 5, 1972) was Sister Francis Xavier, C.S.M.  (see: GG, p.91)

                        B.         Catherine (Katie) MacInnis (Feb. 1891-Apr. 1972) was the 2nd wife of Lauchlin Norman Cameron (Jun. 2, 1878-Feb. 12, 1948), with issue:

                                    a. Catherine, b. Donald Bernard; c. Donald John; d. Francis Xavier;

                                    e. Angus Donald; f. Dan; g. Anne; h. Alexander Ronald; i. John Malcolm; j. Alex Ronald; k. John Joseph; l. Florence Margaret.   

                                    (see: GG, p.16; The Smiths of Glendale, p.2)

                                    a.         Catherine Cameron m. John MacCormick and lived in New York; nfi.

                                    b.         Donald Bernard Cameron n.m.; nfi.

                                    c.         Donald John Cameron lived in Sydney; nfi.

                                    d.         Francis Xavier Cameron (Dec. 24, 1918- ) lived in Montreal; nfi.

                                    e.         Angus Donald Cameron (Nov. 8, 1920- ) lived in Vancouver, B.C.; nfi.

                                    f.          Dan Cameron; nfi.

                                    g.         Anne Jane Cameron (Jan. 23, 1923- ) m. ________ Delorey, Antigonish, N.S.; nfi.

                                    h.         Alexander Ronald Cameron; nfi.

                                    i.          John Malcolm Cameron (1927- ); nfi.

                                    j.          Alexander Ronald Cameron; nfi.

                                    k.         John Joseph Cameron (1930- ); nfi.

                                    l.          Florence Margaret Cameron m. ________Delorey, Antigonish, N.S.; nfi.

                        C.        Mary Anne MacInnis (1902- ) m. Malcolm R. MacLeod of Ottawa Brook, Victoria County.  They lived and died in Massachusetts; nfi.

                        D.        Margaret (Maggie) Jane MacInnis m. John Angus MacEachern "Alasdair Mór", Glendale; nfi.  (Not so!)

            3.         Mary MacInnis "Ruairi Dhbmhnuill" (ca.1865-  ); in 1871, age 6; 1881, age 14; nfi.

            4.         John Rory MacInnis "Ruairi" (ca.1869-  ); nfi.

5.         Alexander MacInnis "Ruairi" (Mar. 19, 1872-Sep. 1954) m. Julia Belle Chisholm (Jul. 23, 1884-Oct. 16, 1976) d/o Margaret Gillis "Alasdair Mór" and Allan Chisholm "Uilleam ag" of Long Point. w.i. A. Mary, B. Margaret,

                        C. Catherine, D. Mary Flora, E. Allan Joseph, F. Roderick John. 

                        (see: GG, p.59; GRDR, p.149; HIC, p.222)

                        A.        Mary MacInnis (Aug. 29, 1906-Jun. 29, 1999), n/m, worked in Boston for 55 years and retired to live with her brother Roddie in Kingsville until her death.

                        B.         Margaret MacInnis (1909- ) m. Thomas Walwork of Massachusetts in August 1929, with issue: a. Genevieve.

                                    a.         Genevieve Walwork; nfi.

                        C.        Catherine MacInnis (Jul. 15, 1913-Nov. 1982) m. Ranald (Rannie) MacEachern “Gilleasbuig BBn” of Glendale, with issue: a. Francis Beaton, b. Sarah Harrietha.      (see: CIB, pp.454, 516)

                                    a.         Francis Beaton MacEachern; nfi.

                                    b.         Sarah Harrietha (1936- ; foster child), d/o Josephine MacNeil and Neil Harrietha of Glace Bay.  She m. Francis Daniel Cameron (Nov. 29, 1926-Oct. 29, 2001), s/o Margaret MacLeod of Mabou Ridge and Daniel Alexander (Dan Alex) Cameron of Glendale and Pembroke, MA.  They had: i. Margaret Josephine, ii. Brian Daniel, iii. Kevin Robert, iv. Donna Marie, v. Daniel Francis, i. Joan Anne, vii. John Joseph, viii. Jean Marie, ix. Janet Louise, x. Robert,   xi. Neil.

                                                i.          Margaret Josephine (Peggy) Cameron (1959- ) m. Thomas McKenna, with issue: ai. Kristen, bi. Cameron.

                                                            a.         Kristen McKenna (1990- )

                                                            b.         Cameron McKenna 

                                                ii.          Brian Daniel Cameron (1960- ) lives in Brockton, MA; nfi.

                                                iii.         Kevin Robert Cameron (1961- ) m. Barbara ? and lives in Pelham, NH; nfi.  

                                                iv.         Donna Marie Cameron (1963-  ) m. (1) Randy

                                                             MacDonald, with issue: ai. Jeffrey Michael.

                                                            ai.         Jeffrey Michael MacDonald (1985- )

                                                            Donna m. (2) Nicholas Slaughter, with issue: bi. Trae.

                                                            bi.        Trae Slaughter (1994- )

                                                v.         Daniel Francis (Danny) Cameron (1964) m. Stella MacPhail, d/o Muriel MacLean and John MacPhail of Lake Ainslie.  They moved from the USA to Rannie MacEachern’s and have issue: ai. Tyler,

                                                            bi. Danielle Alexandra.

                                                            ai.         Tyler Cameron (1989- )

                                                            bi.        Danielle Alexandra Cameron (1994- )

                                                vi.         Joan Anne Cameron (1967- ) m. Stephen Gurtin.  They live in Malden, MA, with issue: ai. Michael, bi. Stephen.

                                                            ai.         Michael Gurtin (1993- )

                                                            bi.        Stephen Gurtin (1998- )

                                                vii.        John Joseph Cameron (1968-  ) m. Diane ?.  They live in Worcester, MA, with issue: ai. Nicole, bi. Justin.

                                                            ai.         Nicole Cameron (Apr. 15, ?)

                                                            bi.        Justin Cameron

                                                viii.       Jean Marie Cameron (1970- ) lives in Dorchester, MA; nfi.

                                                ix.         Janet Louise Cameron (1971- ) m., on Aug. 6, 1994, Stephen MacIntyre, s/o Alice Horton and Peter J. MacIntyre of Port Hawkesbury.  They live in Malden, MA, with issue: ai. Owen, bi. Parker.

                                                            ai.         Owen MacIntyre (1999-  )

                                                            bi.        Parker MacIntyre (2001- )   

                                                x.         Robert Cameron (1973- ) m. Patti ?.  They live in North Reading, MA, with issue: ai. one child (b. 2001)

                                                xi.         Neil Cameron (1977- ); nfi.

                        D.        Mary Flora MacInnis (1915- ) m. John Carroll of Massachusetts, with issue: a. Donna Marie, b. John (Jackie), c. Barbara.

                                    a.         Donna Marie Carroll; nfi.

                                    b.         John (Jackie) Carroll; nfi.

                                    c.         Barbara Carroll; nfi.

                        E.         Allan Joseph MacInnis (Aug. 2, 1917-dec’d) m. Teresa Ceretti (dec’d) of PEI.  They lived in Hamilton, ON, with issue: a. Laurie, b. Kenneth, c. Donna.

                                    a.         Laurie MacInnis; nfi.  c.         Donna MacInnis; nfi.

                                    b.         Kenneth MacInnis; nfi.

                        F.         Roderick John (Roddie Alex) MacInnis (Nov. 29, 1910- ), b. Kingsville, m. on Aug. 24, 1952, Margaret Catherine MacIntyre (Oct. 2, 1914-May 28, 1996) , d/o Mary Jane MacDonald and Dan L. MacIntyre of Princeville, with issue: a. Donald Gerard, B. Alexander, C. Robert Joseph, d. Linda Marie, e. Mary Isabel.  Roddie Alex is a fine Gaelic singer and has a great memory for Gaelic songs and other Gaelic lore.   

                                    (see: CIB, pp.520, 556)

                                    a.         Donald Gerard (Donnie) MacInnis (1950- ), b. Inverness,

                                    b.         Alexander MacInnis (1955- ) m., on May 23, 1994, Peggy Ann MacDonald (Oct. 2, 1955- ), d/o Margaret Viola MacLellan and Donald Allan MacDonald.  Alexander and Peggy live in Halifax where he is employed by the CNR. (see: CIB, pp.385, 659)

                                    c.         Robert Joseph (Bobby) MacInnis (1957-Mar. 4, 1998), n/m, died in Dartmouth, NS; nfi.

                                    d.         Linda Marie MacInnis (1959- ), b. Sydney, m., on Mar. 13, 1976, Robert Archibald MacLellan (1958- ), s/o Grantie Cummings and Norman Robert MacLellan of Glendale, with issue: i. Sandra Lee,

                                                ii. Norman Roderick Thomas.   (see: CIB, p.663)

                                                i.          Sandra Lee MacLellan (1976- ), b. Baddeck, m., on Jul. 27, 1996, Bruce Ellsworth Embree (19968- ), s/o Shirley Murray and Sam Embree, with issue: ai. Vanessa Dawn.

                                                            ai.         Vanessa Dawn Embree (2001- (, b. Antigonish.

                                                ii.          Norman Roderick Thomas MacLellan (1985- ); nfi.

                                    e.         Mary Isabel MacInnis (1961- ), n/m, lives at home with her father; nfi.                     

III.       Angus MacVarish (ca.1840-Feb., 1911) b.Scotland m. Margaret MacRae (ca.1844-  )

            d/o "Widow" Mary MacRae of North Mountain, with issue: 1. Mary; 2. Margaret;

3. Donald Alex; 4. Catherine; 5. Donald; 6. Mary Jane.   Angus MacVarish died at the age of 72.

            1.         Mary MacVarish (ca,1870-  ); nfi.

            2.         Margaret MacVarish (ca.1873-  ); nfi.

            3.         Donald Alex MacVarish (ca.1874-  ); nfi.

            4.         Catherine (Katie) MacVarish (ca.1875-  ); nfi.

            5.         Donald MacVarish (ca.1878-  ); in 1881; not in 1891; died young?

            6.         Mary Jane MacVarish (ca.1879-  ); nfi.

In the 1871 census, Angus is listed as a mason by occupation.  He moved, eventually, to Sydney Mines and died there in 1911, within three days of his mother's and sister's funerals.  (see: GG, p.84)  He was a Catholic and his wife a Presbyterian.  The children were Catholic.  Very likely, the children married in the Sydney area or moved away. nfi.

IV.       Donald MacVarish (Dbmhnull an Taillear) (ca.1842-  ) b.Scotland m. Ellen MacDonald (ca.1846-  ) d/o Catherine Grant "Duncan" of Long Point and John MacDonald "Hugh Mór" of Kingsville, (South Uist connection) with issue: 1. John; 2. Alexander Daniel.  Donald died prior to 1881 and his widow, Ellen, is listed in the 1891 census as a saloon-keeper.  She later married Archie MacDonald "Rory" of Glendale, without issue. 

            (see: GG, pp.31, 84)

            1.         John MacVarish (ca.1868-  ) b. in U.S.A.; nfi.

2.         Alexander Daniel (Alex Dan) MacVarish (Mar., 1871-  ) m. Flora MacInnis sis/of "Sandy the Mason", Mason Road.  They lived in Maine. nfi. 

                        (see: GG, p.60)

V.        _______ MacVarish died in infancy in Scotland

VI.       ______ MacVarish died in infancy in Scotland

VII.      Margaret MacVarish (ca.1843-Feb. 9, 1911) m. Hugh MacLean "Sam" (ca.1830-  ) of River Denys, with issue: 1. Catherine (Katie Ann); 2. Catherine; 3. Samuel; 4. Janet; 5. Mary; 6. Alexander Hugh; 7. Donald George; 8. Marcella; 9. Jane; 10. Margaret.

            N.B. In 1891, there was also a grandchild, Lizzie Boyle, age 11 months; nfi.

            1.         Catherine (Katie Ann) MacLean (ca.1866-  ); nfi.

2.         Catherine (Katie) MacLean (ca.1868-  ) (1).m. Angus "ag" MacDonald of River Denys Road (S.Uist connection) his 2nd wife and (2). m. Archie MacDonald "Dbmhnull MacRuairi" , his 2nd  wife.  (see: IV.Donald, and GG, p.31, 84)  No issue in either marriage.

            3.         Samuel L. MacLean (ca.1870-1946) m. (1) on Jan. 24, 1893, in Port Hawkesbury, Charlotte MacMaster (Aug. 15, 1872-Mar. 6, 1896), d/o Catherine Anne MacInnis of Judique and Hugh MacMaster of Queensville.  They had issue:

                        A. John Hugh, B. Dan Hugh, C. Charlotte.

                        A.        John Hugh MacLean (1894-1964), died at River Denys?; nfi.

                        B.         Dan Hugh MacLean (1896- ); nfi.

                        C.        Charlotte MacLean (1896-1897)                 

            4.         Janet (Jessie) MacLean (ca.1869-Feb. 17, 1956); m. _____ MacDonald, with issue: A. Elizabeth.  She lived at River Denys and kept a store there.  She d. in Sydney at the age of 87 an was buried from the home of her only surviving brother, Alex Hugh, and was buried at River Denys.  She left 5 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

                        A.        Elizabeth MacDonald m. _____ MacDougall and lived in Sydney Mines; nfi.

            5.         Mary MacLean (ca.1874-1955); nfi.

            6.         Alexander Hugh MacLean (ca.1876-1963); nfi.

            7.         Donald George MacLean (ca.1877-1963) m. Catherine (Katie) MacDonald, d/o Catherine MacDonald “Aodh” and Angus “ag” MacDonald of River Denys Mountain, with issue: A. Samuel, B. Eugene, C. Hugh Angus, D. Allan John,

                        E. Catherine, F. Mary.  (see: GRDR, p.117)

                        A.        Samuel (Sammy) MacLean; nfi         D.        Allan John MacLean, d. at

                                                                                                            age of 2 ˝  yrs.

                        B.         Eugene MacLean; nfi.                        E.         Catherine MacLean; nfi.

                        C.        Hugh Angus MacLean; nfi.                F.         Mary MacLean; nfi.

            8.         Marcella MacLean (ca.1882-1947); nfi.

            9.         Jane MacLean (ca.1883-1919); nfi.

            10.       Margaret (Maggie) MacLean (ca,1887-  ) m. John Hugh Lamey

                        (  -May 10, 1954), s/o Annie MacMaster and William Lamey, Glenora, with issue:

                        A. William; B. Daniel; C. Margaret; D. Sadie; E. James; F. Sam; G. Ranald.   

                        (see: CIB, p287; GG, pp.28, 31, 46, 84)

                        A.        William Hugh (Bill) Lamey m. Sarah Anne MacEachern d/o Catherine MacEachern and Dougald A. MacEachern "Rob" res.: Glenora and Jamaica Plain, MA; with issue: aii. Patricia; bii. William Jr.;

                                    cii. Margaret; dii. Lawrence; eii. Sarah; fii. Mary.  (see: CIB, 293; Bill was a prominent Cape Breton violinist and recording artist)

                        B.         Daniel Lamey m. Jessie Mae MacEachern d/o Catherine MacEachern and Dougald A. MacEachern "Rob"; res.: Glenora and Toronto; with issue:

                                    aii. Gail Marie; bii. Catherine; cii. Brian.

VIII.     Marcella MacVarish (ca.1846-  ) m. James MacEachern "Hugh Ciobair"

            (ca.1837-Aug. 20, 1893) of Glendale, with issue: 1. Margaret; 2. Joseph; 3. Catherine;

            4. John; 5. Janet    (see: CIB, p.457; GG, pp.48, 84)

            1.         Margaret (Maggie) MacEachern (ca.1868-  ) m. _______ in Montana; nfi.

            2.         Joseph (Joe) MacEachern (ca.1870-  ); nfi.

            3.         Catherine (Katie) MacEachern; nfi.

            4.         John MacEachern (1869-Dec. 22, 1897); nfi.

            5.         Janet (Jessie) MacEachern (Apr. 6, 1892-1974); nfi.

IX.       Anne MacVarish (ca.1847-  ) m. Peter Kenny; nfi.

X.        Hugh MacVarish (Mar. 1, 1850-Apr. 21, 1923) m. Jessie Gillis "Alasdair Mór" (Oct. 10, 1862-Aug.10, 1953) with issue: (see: GG, p.84; GRDR, sect.5 p.44; attached sheets)

XI.       George MacVarish (ca.1853-  ) m. Catherine MacEachen (ca.1863-  ) d/o Catherine Campbell, Glencoe, and Allan MacEachen "Dbmhnull MacPhadruig", Kingsville, with issue: 1. Catherine; 2. Donald; 3. Allan; 4. Catherine Mary; 5. Mary; 6. Alexander;

7. Mary Ann; 8. Margaret Isabel.    (see: CIB, p.463; GG pp.42, 84-85)  His mother, Catherine, was living with him in 1891 and her age is given as 78, which ties in with Fr. Campbell's remarks.

            1.         Catherine (Katie) MacVarish (Jan.12, 1887-  ) m. Dan MacEachern; nfi.

            2.         Donald MacVarish (Apr. 5, 1888-Feb.14, 1920) n.m.; buried in Glendale; nfi.

            3.         Allan MacVarish (Dec.31, 1890-Nov.10, 1938), m.; died in Boston; nfi.

            4.         Catherine Mary (Kate May) MacVarish (Feb.13, 1893-  ) was Sister Mary Rose; nfi.

            5.         Mary MacVarish (Mar.24, 1895-  ) m. Joseph MacIsaac; lived in Sydney; nfi.

            6.         Alexander MacVarish (Mar.17, 1898-  ) m.Anne MacDougall; lived in Boston; nfi.

            7.         Mary Ann MacVarish was Sister Loretta Vincent; nfi.           

            8.         Margaret Isabel MacVarish (1901-Aug. 3, 2004) entered the Daughters of Charity in 1923.  Margaret Belle was given the name Sister Andrea.  In 1966 she was transferred to Villa St. Michael in Emmitsburg, MD, the province’s retirement residence, and served as its administrator and local superior until 1976.  From there she went to Bon Secours DePaul Centre in Norfolk, VA, where she served for 18 years - her last active assignment.  She returned to Emmitsburg in 1994; nfi.

XII.      Christina (Christie)MacVarish (ca.1855-  ) m. John Smith nfi.

XIII.     Mary MacVarish (ca.1858-  ), twin, m. Alexander Cameron "Duncan", Greenock, Scotland and Port Hastings, w.i. 1. Jane; 2. Anne; 3. Alexander; 4. Mary Anne. 

            (see: HIC, p.166; GG p.84)

XIV.    Jane MacVarish (ca.1858-  ), twin, m. Dougald MacCormick nfi.

Post-scripts:  Mrs. Catherine MacVarish, in her conversation with Fr. Archie Campbell, S.J., in 1907, stated that she came from Moidart to Nova Scotia in 1843, at the age of thirty.  This ties in with her age as given in the 1891 census.

            There were other MacVarishes from Moidart in the Sydney area, East Bay, Creignish Rear, West Lake Ainslie and South-West Margaree.  Some of those in the Margaree area were also intermarried with Stewarts, so it appears that both groups came out from Moidart.  The Inverness County MacVarishes are listed in the 1871 census pages attached.  It is highly probable that they were all related, as the name is not a common one either here or in Scotland. 

            In the mid-1960s, there were still MacVarishes at or near, Rhu, Arisaig, Scotland.

            There are three MacVarishes listed in the 1798 census in P.E.I. and their name is recorded as "McFarrish", very close to the  way it was pronounced in Gaelic or as it was by Gaelic-speakers trying to say it in English.

            Also, it is worthwhile to note that the MacVarishes, MacLeods, Morrisons, MacKinnons and some of the MacEachens in the Judique-Glendale area all came out in 1843, after many of Clanranald's properties had been sold off.  There must have been quite an exodus from South Morar and Moidart at that time!

            A census check of the Sydney area should turn up more of these people, as many of them moved there in the 1880s and 1890s.


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and various censuses: P.E.I. 1798; N.S. 1861; Canada 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901

A Little Genealogy by Allan and Elizabeth MacDonald (email:   April, 12, 2005, >From "West Word"

The Photographs of M.E.M. Donaldson

It was about 1908 that Miss Donaldson came to the Highlands with her camera. "Herself" was of the Donaldson Shipping Line family and she was very proud of her Domhnallach ancestry. Her studies were largely concerned with the old Clan Donald lands. She died on 17th January 1958 leaving behind a valuable collection of photographs of the western Highlands and Islands. Some of the photographs are illustrated in a book entitled "Herself" and presented by John Telfer Dunbar. The book is, unfortunately, out of print. The ISBN is: 0 85158 133 1

Moira MacDonald, Kinnigary, helped us identify some of the people featured in the book, including some wonderful pictures of her great grandparents, grandparents, uncles and aunts taken outside the old Kinnigary black house.

Page 34 contains a photo of Moira's grandmother, Mary Ann MacDonald, née Beaton, with her 4 children, Donald aged about 8 years, later drowned whilst swimming in Morar River, Charlie, Kate b.1899 and Annie. Kate, later married Sandy MacEachen, " Sandag Iain", Tougal and they had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann. The foundations of the old thatched cottage can still be seen at the foot of Kinnigary Brae, beside the burn.

Page 35 has a picture of Moira's gt. grandmother, Annie MacDonald, carding wool and on page 36 she is spinning, watched by her granddaughter. Page 37 is another family group consisting of gt. grandmother Annie, her son, John, his wife Mary Ann Beaton, children Charlie, Kate, Annie and Angusina, who was Moira's mother. Angusina was a nurse and married John Campbell from Barra. Charlie and Annie remained unmarried. On pages 38 and 39, gt. grandmother continues spinning and winding wool and on page 40, she can be seen feeding the hens. Another splendid photo has John wearing his sou'wester and standing on the beach below Kinnigary John died in Rhu acha Mhbr a week before his 100th birthday.

In another photo, John MacDonald's brother, Donald, is examining a peat cutter and yet another picture shows him enjoying a smoke beside his boat. Donald was a tug- master, for many years, with the Clyde Port Authority. Page 66 contains a lovely photo, which has been much reproduced, of Moira's Uncle Charlie, aged about 8 or 9, barefoot and clad in his wee kilt and tweed, hill jacket, standing above the bay, with a brace of what may be haddock, in his hand. In his adult life Charlie was always known as, "Charlie Rhu acha Mhbr".

Christina MacVarish

On page 67 there is charming photo of Christina MacVarish carrying a bundle of brushwood for the fire. Christina was the daughter of Neil MacVarish and Margaret MacRae and her brothers were, Donald, John, Sandy "the Post" and Angus who ran the Post Office on the family croft in Bracara. Christina's father, Neil MacVarish was drowned off Eilean Ighe, Arisaig. Christina married Sandy MacDonald and they lived in Meoble. Their son, Neillie with his wife MBiri and children, were the last of the native families resident in Meoble.

Christina's husband, Sandy and his brother, John MacDonald, Inverosie, were natives of Moidart. John was married to Isabella MacDougall from Glen Nevis. Their daughter, Ishbel MacLellan, one of 8 children, lives in Morar.

Page 54 shows a photo of Allan MacEachen, who had a croft at Kinsadel and the now derelict dwelling was the family home of his son, Hugh, or, Ebghainn Ailein Ebghainn whose wife was a Barra woman. Their children were Archie, John and Mary Ann. Page 51 is a photo of Donald Macallister (see next page) standing on the old Rhue pier. The old pier was in good condition then. Macallister, who lived at Morroch, used to row M.E.M.D. on the 6 and a half hour journey to Eigg. He is buried in the old cemetery of Cill Maol Ruadh, where no headstone remains to show us his grave.

Pages 45 and 47 contain photos of Angus MacLellan, Seaview, Morar, cutting peats and cleaning the well. The likeness to his nephew, Ronnie Seaview, is remarkable.

Page 65 shows Katie Ann MacDonald, Bourblach, Morar, who was one of a family who lived in the 2, now derelict buldings on the shore. One of the buildings was a shop.

Page 70 is a picture of Ronald MacLaughlin who used to live in Rhubana and was the gamekeeper for Arisaig estate. Ronald's son John, was married to Lily MacEachen of Knoydart and they had one unmarried son, Ronnie. John was water bailiff for Prentice until he retired and came to live in the cottage in the Square at Cross Farm. Lily predeceased John. Her two sisters, Maggie and Kate had worked in Traigh, with the Shaw Stewarts, for many years and when they retired in the early 60s, they came to keep house for their brother-in-law, at Cross. Flora, another of Lily's sisters, was married to Donald Duncan MacLellan, who was originally from Riverside, Morar, and latterly, of Traigh Farm where he was farm manager. Their children were, Duncan, Ishbel and James.

Page 68 features Angus MacDonald, one of the accomplished piping brothers from Bun a Chaimbe, South Morar - although I think that the Arisaig people could claim them as their own. As a young man Angus was estate agent on the estate of South Morar for Aeneas (Aoghnas) MacDonnel. He was taught piping by Duncan Campbell, Foss and also by the MacKays who were composers and pibroch players. Angus was unable to compete in the public arena until he was 41 but then, with his brother George, competed at all the major games in the North. Between them, they took all the premier prizes in the area. Angus was a renowned piper of world class and his advice on the Cebl Mbr was keenly sought by amateur and professional pipers. Although Angus was unmarried, the descendants of his siblings, some of whom are fine musicians, still live in the district.

On page 44 is a photo of a man with a wooden, agricultural, implement, not unlike a plough but, this it appears that this was for hoeing between the rows of turnips. This is Sandy "a' Gheamair", MacKellaig, grandfather of CatrXona, MBiri and Mairead, MacKellaig, Beoraid.


Thanks to Allan J. Gillis for this information. 

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