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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (Mc)
McDougall, Valerie Sue

This story is true, it's about my life...and I believe it stands as a testimony of all Scots around the world. True pride and love of our heritage, is a gift that continues to be passed down to all descendents. Whether we are born and raised in Scotland, The States, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world, Scots have an undeniable Love of their homeland.It is embedded literally into our Blood!
Here's my story. I was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. I was adopted at the age of six months by the Jackisch Family. My father was German,(he passed away in 96') and my mother is Irish. My parents didn't know what my real heritage was. My mother used to take me to all of the big Irish parades in Chicago, and used to put those "KISS ME I'M IRISH" buttons on me. I was only 3 years old when I told her... "Mom, I am not Irish, I'm Scottish!" She would look at me sweetly and say .."Oh, honey!  You couldn't possibly know that, we don't really know what your heritage is!" But I knew, deep down in my heart of heart's that I was something called Scottish. It was that same trip to Chicago that I also heard the Scottish Bagpipes for the first time. I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful, and haunting sound of them. The sound literally carried me away to a place that somehow I knew. A place that to me, that sounded like home. As I grew, my love of Scotland did also! Not even realizing it, I was always attracted to Plaid. I used to beg my mother to make me plaid skirts.

When I was 18, after I graduated from high school in 1987, I started to search for my Biological Family. Unfortunately, the laws were very strict back then, and there was a lot of red tape involved.  However, I was allowed to receive Non-Identifying Information. It was a major breakthrough for me. For the first time, right in front of me, being held in my hands, was proof-positive that I was indeed Scottish...and not just on one side, but both. I never would have imagined it would have such an effect on me. I literally cried for an hour straight. How could I have possibly known all those years that I was Scottish, when everyone around me kept insisting that it just wasn't so. I finally felt like a part of me was beginning to belong somewhere. As much as I loved and respected my family, I never truly felt like I fit in with them. I realized then, that this was going to be a huge undertaking on my part to fill in all the missing gaps...and could possibly take years to find my real family. I was however, extremely blessed! I found out in the summer of 98' that the Michigan laws had changed. You could now go through the Adoption Agency that you were adopted from and use their Intermediary. I did! I paid a small sum of money, and within two weeks, I had a call from the agency. They had found my mother. She in fact, was trying to get in contact with me. Two days later in the mail, I received a formal document that stated my name at birth was Valerie Sue McDougall. I couldn't believe it, I freaked out!! Only one month prior to this, I had bought a puppy and had named it....can you believe.. MacDoogle. The spelling of course wrong, but the pronunciation quite the same. Now, if that doesn't prove that Scottish Blood, is truly in the blood, I don't know what does!! My biological mother called me 1 week after I received the formal document. I flew down to Florida to meet her and my half-sister Kelley who is 5 years older than I am. I connected with them immediately. I found out that my father was a pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force, and taught flight school. His name is Ronald Milton McDougall. When he and my mother separated, he moved back up to Canada. I have met him also, and we have a very close relationship. I wish he lived closer. I also have a half-brother named Randy McDougall who lives in British Columbia. I was given a very special gift from my father's brother Larry. He and his wife Sandy sent me a McDougall Family Tree. It goes quite a ways back. It shows the long proud line of McDougall's that have had many different occupations and calls in life. I even have a great-uncle who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and has been a physician there for a long time. I would very much like to meet him someday... Lord willing.

What more can I say!! My life has been a very strange Roller-Coaster ride! Many ups-Many downs, but never boring!!! I am now 32 years old. I've been very blessed to have found out where I come from, and where I belong. Yet somehow there is still a void. I can't explain it, I don't really understand it. I just Love Scotland! It envelops my heart! I would love to someday move there! I don't know if it will ever happen...but one can always dream...can't they?  For now I'm content with knowing my tartan, dreaming of the beautiful purple Heather.. blowing in the Scottish Highlands, and listening to the hauntingly lovely sound of the Bag-Pipes, whenever I can. They say that Home is where your Heart is!! Mine will forever be in Scotland!! :-)Thanks, for letting me share!!

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