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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (Mc)
Martha McLachlan

Third born child & second daughter Martha McLachan was born on the 30th August 1854 at  "Sorn Bank", Bathurst NSW, when her father had settled into his workaday life as a farmer on that property. Martha was the second daughter & third child of Daniel McLachlan & Jane McPherson from Scotland. Martha was named in honour of her paternal grandmother, as Martha Livingston was her father's mother's name. The maternal grandmother had gained that name from her father's mother & so on. The new arrival in the family, Martha McLachlan, was baptized in the old St Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Bathurst in February,1855,   by the Reverend Laughton.

Martha McLachlan Buckley  55 years & husband 1910
Martha McLachlan Buckley 55 years & husband 1910

Little Martha McLachlan soon joined her  "big"  sister, Jane, in  "apprenticeship"  to their mother, Jane McPherson, as she kept house & cared for the ever-increasing family. By the time the next baby, Elizabeth arrived,  Martha would have been able to do some of the simpler tasks for her mother with regard to the tending of the new baby.

martha mclachlan buckley graves
Martha Mclachlan Buckley graves

Schooling was very important in the household as well. The father, Daniel, engaged tutors to attend to specialised parts of the children's education. Daniel & his wife were already meeting the elementary needs of the children's basic academic learning. As the younger siblings were born, Jane had special charge of the sixth child, Barbara, who was an invalid. When John Angus & Agnes arrived, Martha took care of them.

eld son of Martha McLachlan Buckley - John Angus  mature years
Eldest son of Martha McLachlan Buckley - John Angus mature years

Then the sad day came when at twilight on the12th September 1871, the beloved mother, Jane McPherson McLachlan was found drowned in the inn's well. Martha was one of the daughters who went looking for the mother when she was late from her evening stroll. This event was upsetting to all.  Martha McLachlan seems to have taken young John Angus McLachlan & gone to live in Bathurst with friends. She might even have done some sort of work such as ...governessing. 

grandson of Martha McLachlan Buckley - Jack with wife Doris - Lowes Mount nr Oberon NSW - abt 1934
grandson of Martha McLachlan Buckley - Jack with wife Doris - Lowes Mount nr Oberon NSW - abt 1934

On the 6th January 1875, Martha McLachlan was a witness of the marriage ceremony of her eldest sister, Jane McLachlan to Andrew McDonald. At this time, the father, Daniel McLachlan, was preparing to travel to the location of Yullundry-Cumnock to set up a new homestead & household which he was to call "Avondale".

During the next few years, while Martha McLachlan & John Angus McLachlan were in Bathurst,  Martha McLachlan met Edmund Buckley, a brickmaker. The young couple was married on the 1st day of February 1877,  in the home of George & Elizabeth Bolton.

grandsons of Martha McLachlan Buckley -  Ronald & Milton  sons of Maude
grandsons of Martha McLachlan Buckley - Ronald & Milton sons of Maude

Although not married in a church building, they were married in a ceremony according to the Wesleyan (Methodist)  form of religion.  In the following year, Martha & Edmund welcomed their first-born child, a  son, who was named John Angus Buckley.

Some time after the birth of John Angus Buckley, the little family that included John Angus McLachlan, set off to join Daniel McLachlan on the property of  "Avondale". In the year, 1879, the second son, Edmund Albert Buckley, was born & his birth was registered at Molong, near "Avondale". Sadly he died very soon after birth. The couple were to welcome the third son into their family in 1881, also registered at Molong. This baby boy was named Arthur James Buckley. This baby boy was fine & healthy & grew to live a long & robust life.

kanbara 1952 - Lowes Mt
Kanbara 1952 - Lowes Mt

With the death of Martha's father, on the 1st February 1882,  Martha & Edmund Buckley & their two healthy sons left  "Avondale". They went to the silver mines at Sunny Corner, where two more children were born.  They were registered at East Macquarie. Once again, one, the daughter.  died & the other, the son lived. The first of these two was a little girl, who was named Barbara. The next was the a fourth (third surviving) son & he was called Josiah/"Josh" (after Martha's mother's maternal grandfather,  Josiah/Joseph, ... known as ...  "Josh" ...Wagstaff). 

Lowes Mt orchard
Lowes Mt orchard

When the estate of Daniel McLachlan, the father, was administered, Martha & Edmund used some of this to purchase forty acres at Lowes Mount, Tarana, near Oberon. The family settled there, at a place that they called  "Kanbara"  that means  "cascading or flowing waters". 

There, Martha & Edmund decided to grow fruit & vegetables. This project began round about the year, 1886,  & so was commenced  "the nucleus of what was to become a world-recognized horticultural effort,  particularly in orchard & vegetable growing".  The couple's eldest son, John Angus McLachlan,  was to lead the way during the 1920s for even  greater success with the  "Kanbara"  horticultural enterprise.

Lowes Mt school
Lowes Mt school

At  "Kanbara",  through the busy,  strenuous years, 1886 to 1899,  seven more children were born, They were ...  Agnes Maude (known as  "Maude") in 1886,  Albert Daniel (known as "Bert") born 1888, Andrew Gordon (known as "Gordon") born in 1890, Elizabeth Jean (known as  "Lizzie"  for her childhood & youth,  & as  "Jean" when she was an adult;  Edmund Harold (known as  "Ted") born 1895, William ("Bill"), & finally Alice May born in 1899. 

When the religion called the Seventh Day Adventist came into the Oberon area, Martha nee McLachlanBuckley was very glad to welcome them. She had been concerned about the welfare of her children's souls. Several members of the family with Martha, the mother, forged strong links with the religion. (In 2003, McLachlan-Buckley descendants are still active in this religion.)

Lowes M
Lowes M

On 14  August in the year, 1910, Martha's good & loyal husband, Edmund Buckley, died at  "Kanbara". He was buried in the Sydmouth Valley cemetery.  Earlier that year, on the twenty fourth day of January 1910,  the eldest daughter, Agnes Maude (known as  "Maude")  had married James (known as  "Jim") Pidgeon, in Bathurst NSW. On that occasion the only known or at least still existing image of the couple,  Martha McLachlan & Edmund Buckley,  was captured for posterity.

Maude's first child, a son, Milton James Pidgeon, was born on the thirteenth day of November in the same year . Thus Edmund Buckley, senior,  was to see his second grandchild & grandson, before he died.

Maude & Jim Pidgeon welcomed two more sons into their family. There was Ronald Edward Buckley born in 1912;  but sadly he died on the third day of September 1914.  On twenty fourth day of April 1917, the next child, another son, Melvyn, was born.

With the birth of Melvyn Pidgeon,  Martha nee McLachlan Buckley had become the grandmother of six surviving grandsons while she herself had borne seven surviving sons. What a tremendous contrast to the male child - starved household of Daniel McLachlan & Jane McPherson.

Shortly after the demise of Edmund Buckley, his eldest son,  John Angus Buckley,  his wife Maria  (known as "Min") nee Bartlett,  & their two sons, Raymond Nathaniel (known as Ray) & Jack Edmund,  arrived to take up residence at "Kanbara".  John Angus was to continue his parents efforts in the fruit & vegetable growing venture,  developing this to "greater heights". 

sydmouth cemetery
Sydmouth cemetery

Prior to this John Angus Buckley,  a carpenter of high repute,  had been working at several renowned building projects in the area,  such as - the Caves House at Jenolan Caves near Oberon NSW.  John Angus Buckley had married  "Min"  Bartlett at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saints Michael & John at Bathurst NSW, on the thirtieth day of December, 1908.

Their two sons, Raymond Nathaniel & Jack Edmund, had been born on the tenth day of  April 1910 & the twenty sixth day of  April  1912, respectively. Ray Buckley was the first grandchild of Martha McLachlan & Edmund Buckley.  Fortunately for Edmund Buckley senior,  Ray was born in time for his grandfather to cast proud eyes upon him.

With the arrival of John Angus Buckley, his wife & sons, at  "Kanbara",  Martha nee McLachlan Buckley, & her last child,  Alice May,  also Martha's first granddaughter,  Reta/Rita Buckley, born in 1913 @ Lowes Mount, Oberon NSW,  (the daughter of Lizzie Buckley),  left the property. The little group took up residence in a place called  "Rotten Row"  right in Oberon itself.  Martha McLachlan's grandsons,  Ray & Jack,  were to lodge there at times to facilitate their opportunity for schooling.

Arthur James Buckley,  the second surviving son of Martha McLachlan & Edmund Buckley,  married Lilian Sarah Pidgeon, the sister of  Maude's husband, Jim Pidgeon, in 1911,  in Bathurst NSW.  They had three children, two sons & one daughter. The sons were Mervyn, born twenty eighth October 1912 & Ivan, born twenty first April 1914. Their daughter, Lurleen Sarah, was born on the twenty first July 1917.

Lurleen was a very special little baby as she was a baby girl.  In the McLachlan-Buckley extended family there was a definite shortage of baby girls just as there had been in Martha's own family. Little girls were very important to the mother in those bygone days. Their hard-working efforts & these from a very young age, lessened the mother's tremendous work load with regard to the mother of the household.

"Josh" Buckley & his brother, Arthur, seemed to have been very close friends as well as brothers.  In their youth,  they had several jobs where they worked together,  such as in the building of the Caves House @ the Jenolan Caves near Oberon NSW.  Later  "Josh" demonstrated his expertise in gardening.  All his life, "Josh"  relished a love for gold mining;  & was frequently out in the hills seeking his fortune in gold.

In 1916, Martha's second daughter, Elizabeth Jean Buckley, known in her young years as -"Lizzie", married Robert Clifford Richard Thew at Bathurst NSW. He had a nickname that was used regularly during that era. Although he was of Anglo Saxon heritage,  he was called  "Nigger".

"Nigger"  Thew went to fight in World War One as an Australian  Lighthorseman. He returned safely in 1919. During his lifetime he was recognized as a very gifted musician.  "Lizzie",  who became known as "Jean" in her adult & mature years,  was very appreciative of all musical talent & especially that of her husband.

sydmouth valley
Sydmouth valley

"Lizzie" or Jean never returned to her own family. Rather she blended with her Thew kith & kin in-laws.  "Nigger" & Jean Thew adopted a daughter  from babyhood,  who was given the name of "Fay".

In 1916,  Martha's tenth child & seventh (sixth surviving) son, Ted Buckley, joined the Australian Imperial Force, for World War One, as no. 2133.  Still in existence are a few postcards from overseas including several from Scotland.  One of those from Scotland tells of Loudoun in Ayrshire SCT. 

Although Ted Buckley realised that his mother's people had come from Scotland,  possibly he was unaware that his maternal grandparents, Daniel McLachlan & Jane McPherson, had been married in the Loudoun Kirk on twenty seventh August in the year 1849;  & that Jane McPherson had been  "publicly baptized" there in 1827. He probably did not know that  "Hareshaw Hill"  in the Parish of Avondale, was near by & that his close "McLachlan" kith & kin still farmed on that property during the years of World War One.  It was Angus McLachlan who was the farmer there at that time.  This Angus McLachlan's father had been Alexander McLachlan. 

Ted Buckley & congrat letter WW1 hero - son of Martha McLachlan Buckley
Ted Buckley & congrat letter WW1 hero - son of Martha McLachlan Buckley

Alexander,  the brother of  Daniel McLachlan, Ted Buckley's maternal grandfather, had been born at  "Hareshaw Hill"  in 1831. He had married Barbara McPherson, a cousin of Jane nee McPherson McLachlan, hence the use of the name  "Angus".  (The first name of "Angus" denotes the McPherson ancestry predominantly.)  Alexander McLachlan,  born 1831, had died in 1909,  & his youngest son, Angus McLachlan, subsequently had taken over the responsibility of the  "Hareshaw Hill" farm in the  "Parish of Avondale".

Ted Buckley was distinguished for his bravery in France, & was awarded the Military Medal. The citation covering the award of the Military Medal to Lance Corporal Edmund Harold Buckley is recorded as follows:

"On 5th June, 1918, at Morlancourt near Albert when the enemy raided us,
a party of about 40 Germans succeeded in one place in getting in our trench.
This N.C.O. (non-commissioned officer) was the leading man in a small party
which counter attacked down the trench.  He inflicted heavy casualties & put
a M.G. (machine gun)  out of action by skilful bombing & captured a prisoner
& a M.G.."

Ted's mother, Martha, however, was not to see either this beloved son or the medal, as she was not alive on his return to Australia, in 1919. 

Martha nee McLachlan Buckley died just weeks before her son arrived from overseas. Her death occurred on the first day of  June 1919 at  "Rotten Row",  in the village of  Oberon  (as it then was).

wed  Maude & Jim -  Martha McLachlan Buckley  dau  Maude
Weding Maude & Jim - Martha McLachlan Buckley dau Maude

The cause of Martha's death was registered as  "Gastritis".  Martha had been suffering from this for at least four days. She was last seen by the medical attendant, Ernest E. Griffiths, on the first day of June, 1919.  Martha's eldest son, John Angus Buckley, of Lowes Mount near Oberon NSW, certified her death. The witness to his signature was  Evelyn Doust.

Martha nee McLachlan Buckley was buried in the Sydmouth Valley cemetery at Tarana near Oberon NSW, beside her husband, Edmund Buckley, on the third day of  June 1919. The witnesses to her burial were noted as - W. W. Lemon &  R.W. Webb. The Reverend W.B. Roden was the officiating minister, who conducted the funeral service according to the rites & forms of the Methodist religion.

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