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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (R)
Rodger Family

From Lawrence David Rodger, Patriarch, "CRNC, USA"

The following is the result of a ten year study of one Rodger family and some of the facts discovered. This study was initiated following my children, grand- and great- , having been told a traditional story by my spouse of her being descended of an Egyptian Princess of Rome, Italy. This story having been told for unknown generations according to her grandmother. When asked by the youngsters "Well, what about you, Dad"  I had to admit not having been raised by family I was unable to offer such grand tales. Remembering a few family names, and that father had migrated from Newfoundland, I began a search with the following results. (Short form).

"Genealogy by Tracing Land and Arms, and association with other families posted to the internet".

In order of discovery:

1. Father Alexander James Rodger migrated 1926 from St. John's, Newfoundland, British Maritimes, to Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. [Family history].
2. Grandfather Stanley Rodger, Draper in St. John's, Newfondland, travelled often between Newfoundland. and Scotland to import. [Family history].
3. Great-grandfather Alexander Rodger migrated 1871 from Crieff, Scotland to St. John's, Newfoundland. [Family history & obituary].
4. Alexander Rodger was born at Auchilhanzie, Monzie, Crieff, Perth, Scotland. [LDS-IGI].
5. Auchilhanzie land was feu-leased for about 500 years from Lairds Maxtone of Cultoquhey. ["The Maxtones of Cultoquhey" - E. Maxtone Graham].
6. Auchilhanzie translates from the Gaelic as "Field of Saint Cainneach". [The Maxtones of Cultoquhey" - E. Maxtone Graham].
7. "Cainneach", "Connel", "Comgain", equate to "Kenneth". Gilliconnel equates to Gillecomgain. [Multiple Google searches].
8. Rodger aliases as "Rodgie", "Rogie", "Ruadhri", "Rory", "Red", "Roy", and more. [Multiple Google searches - Maxtone-Graham muniment GD155].
9. Rogie, an early Rodger "surname", comes from "McGilliconnel of Auchilhanzie and Mill Rogie". [Maxtone-Graham muniment GD155].
10. Cainneach, McGilliconnel, Gillecomgain, and Auchilhanzie all convert to "(Descendant of) Kenneth". [Multiple Google searches].
11. Roger is the Anglicized form of the French "Seneschal". ["The Scottish House of Roger" - Rev. Charles Rogers].
12. Seneschal equates to Chamberlain, Earl, (Jarl), Mormaer, Steward, Camerlingo, King, Sub-kingdom ruler, etc. [Multiple Google searches].
13. During Medieval times, every "Great House" had a "second in command", or a "Roger". Thus "Ro(d)ger" was a profession. [Various].
14. One display of "Arms of Roger" is "Vert a fesse argent". ["The Scottish House of Roger" - Rev. Charles Rogers].
15. The seal "A fesse" appears on a charter of Cultoquhey. [Maxtone-Graham muniment GD155].
16. "Vert a fesse argent" is listed in France as the Arms of John Balliol. [Multiple Google searches].
17. Balliol arms, "Vert a fesse argent" were stricken for support of the English. [Multiple Google searches].

1. Many Rodger / Roger entries of the LDS-IGI are as "Rodgert" or "Rogert" and are transcription errors due to the entering person interpreting a cross at the end of the name, (signifying deceased), as a "T".
2. Names often changed in the middle of family growth due to Parochial pressures or changes.
3. All names of people and places of concern to Rodger are often "mis-spelled". There was no proper way to spell. If it looks almost similar, it most likely is the same!
4. Many of the name Ro(d)ger(s) of America who trace descendancy from Rev. John Ro(d)ger(s) of Crieff in the 1700's, are suspected parallel branches of the line I represent and the line described by Rev. Charles Rogers in "The Scottish House of Roger".

A) As there were at least two dozen of the name "Roger", who accompanied William from France in 1066, [Rev. Charles Rogers], there are a large number of predecessors and thus branches with the name Roger, or Rodger. Our line is said to descend of Roger de Mowbray, [Colin Mayall, researcher in Crieff Scotland], possibly through Roger de Methven or other, although the arms, (Vert a fess), fail to follow suit even though the lands of Auchilhanzie and Methven are co-located within Strathearn, Scotland. Highland roots are suspected with "taking of the name" prior to the 1600's.

B) At least one "Clan / Family Rodger" descends of King Kenneth (McAlpine), Malise, Seneschal of Strathearn, King John Balliol, John, the son of William Roy McGilliconnel, Roge / Rogie / Roger / Rodger.

The Scottish Branch of the Norman House of Roger
By The Rev. Charles Rogers

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