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Robertson (Donnachaidh)

Motto: Virtutis gloria merces - "Glory is the reward of valour".
Badge: A hand holding an imperial crown.
Septs of the Clan: Collier, Colyear, Dobinson, Donachie, Duncan, Duncanson, Dunnachie, Inches, MacConachie, MacConnechy, MacDonachie, Macinroy, MacIver, MacIvor, Maclagen, MacRobbie, MacRobie, MacRobert, Reid, Roy, Stark, Tonnochy
Names associated with the clan:
Coalyear Coilzear Colliar Collier Collyar Colyear Colyeer Colyer Colzear Conachar Conacher Concher Connachar Connacher Connochie Connoquhie Conochie Coolyear Donachie Donaghy Donnachie Donnchad Donnchadh Donnchaidh Duncan Duncane Duncaneson Duncanson Duncanus Dunchad Dunckane Dunckiesone Dundas Dundass Dunecan Dunecanus Dunkan Dunkane Dunkanson Dunkansoun Dunkeson Dunkesone Dunkesoun Dunkinssone Dunkysoun Dunnachie Euer Evar Evir Ewar Ewer Ewers Farlastone Galashan Glashan Glashen Glashin Inches Ivar Iver Iverson Ivirach Ivor Ivory Iwur Kindeace MacAver MacChonachy MacClachan MacClachane MacClagan MacClagane MacClagnan MacClathan MacClaugan MacConacher MacConachie MacConachy MacConaghy MacConche MacConcher MacConchie MacConchy MacCondach MacCondachie MacCondachy MacCondochie MacCondoquhy MacConechie MacConechy MacConiquhy MacConkey MacConnacher MacConnachie MacConnaghy MacConnchye MacConnechie MacConnechy MacConnichie MacConnochie MacConnoquhy MacConnquhy MacConochey MacConochie MacConoughey MacConquhar MacConquhie MacConquhy MacConquy MacCowir MacCrobert MacCrobie MacCuir MacCuoch MacCur MacCure MacDhonchaidh MacDhonnachie MacDonach MacDonachie MacDonachy MacDonagh MacDonchy MacDonnach MacDonnchaidh MacDonochie MacDonough MacDonquhy MacDouagh MacDuncan MacEiver MacEuer MacEuir MacEur MacEure MacEvar MacEver MacEwer MacEwir MacEwyre MacGeever MacGilleglash MacGiver MacGlagan MacGlashan MacGlashen MacGlashin MacGlassan MacGlassin MacGlasson MacHamish MacHenish MacHonichy MacIlglegane MacIlleglass MacInechy MacInroy MacIvar MacIver MacIverach MacIvirach MacIvor MacJames MacJamis MacKames MacKchonchie MacKeamish MacKeaver MacKeever MacKeevor MacKeiver MacKeur MacKever MacKevor MacKevors MacKewer MacKewyr MacKglesson MacKhonachy MacKiver MacKivers MacKivirrich MacKjames MacKlagan MacKondachy MacKonochie MacKuir MacKunuchie MacKure MacLachan MacLagain MacLagan MacLagane MacLagen MacLaggan MacLaggen MacLagine MacLaglan MacLaglen MacLagone MacLaughan MacLglesson MacLugane MacOnachie MacOnachy MacOnchie MacOndochie MacOndoquhy MacOnechy MacOnochie MacOnohie MacRob MacRobb MacRobbie MacRobe MacRobert MacRoberts MacRobi MacRobie MacRobin MacRypert MacUir MacUre MacYuir Makchonachy Makclaggan Makconchie Makconoch Makcure Makeanroy Makewer Makiver Makonoquhy Makrob Makrobert Makroby Orr Orre Oure Rabbe Read Reade Red Rede Reed Reede Reid Reide Reyd Rid Ride Rob Robb Robbie Robe Roberson Robertson Robeson Robesoun Robie Robison Robisone Robson Robsone Roby Robye Roy Roye Ruadh Stark Starke Sterk Stirk Struan Tonnoch Tonnochy Ure Urie Urri Urrie Urry Vconchie Yvar Yvir Ywar

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