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Hello, I'm Alastair McIntyre, and I welcome you to my site.If you enjoy a good read or want to do some serious research then you're in the right place. Read our many biographies of Famous Scots, and our histories of places in Scotland. We have histories of every aspect of Scottish history and probably the largest collection of information on the Scots Diaspora and Scottish Clans and Families. As the site is so huge you may wish to avail yourself of our site search engine to locate specific information or just click on "Articles' to read hundreds of stories. Should you be a young visitor then enjoy our hundreds of Children's stories. We also have lots of great stories on our Electric Canadian web site where you can learn how the Scots settled Canada.

Alastair McIntyre GOTJ, FSA Scot

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This is a news feed mainly targeted at the Scots Diaspora and will contain news stories from both Scotland and from the Scots Diaspora overseas. We take a daily skim of the news from Scottish and other news sources so while the selection of stories is ours the news and words are from these news sources.