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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Referendum is on 18 September 2014

Our intention here is to provide reading material under the topics listed below. I've taken the position that everyone knows the current state of Scotland with its currently devolved powers within the UK and within the EU.  The question is thus - "Would Scotland and the Scottish people benefit from being an Independent country?"

Historically Scotland has benefited greatly from the Union in 1707. 10 Prime Ministers of Great Britain have been Scots and many more Scots have been in the Cabinet. Some 800,000 Scots of the current generation currently reside in the rUK. The rUK is our largest export market and we sell more to them than we do to the rest of the world combined.

The SNP have made it very clear that should we vote for independence that they would ensure that Scotland remains in the EU.  I will state here that in my mind that simply gives away our independence to a non democratic institution so why on earth would we want to give up on Westminster, our largest market, to be run by the EU where we would have less say that we currently do under the UK?

This is not a party political situation... it's about the future of Scotland and its people. I personally have made a point of reading papers produced by both sides of the argument. In actual fact there is a very good case that were we to vote for independence that this would mean a whole new political scene in Scotland and may even start the downfall of the SNP as it is today.

I personally take the view that to win independence only to give up much of that independence by retaining the pound and membership of the EU is not in Scotland's best interest. However that is the view of the current SNP government. Should that still be their view when we come to the vote then you need to decide what is the best choice to make.

Everyone in Scotland must make an effort to learn about what is at stake as our future, and that of our children, will be decided by your vote. 

I recommend some additional reading...

History of England and Scottish Connections
This provides you with some reading on the history of England and our relations with them. In particular you might read the book "The Scot in England".
The History of Ulster
While this is a 4 volume publication you might go to the foot of this page to read the single volume book on "
The Scot in Ulster".
The Union of the Parliaments of England and Scotland 1707
This is a short article which provides some good background on how it came about and provides a view on the benefits or otherwise.

So it is for this reason that this section of our site will try to explain the options and provide information for you to consider.  I will say that most of the reading I provide below is to papers and articles from other web sites and the media.

It's not my job to recommend which way you vote in the referendum and so I am just trying to provide interesting reading for you to consider prior to making up your mind. I might also state the obvious that you need to be wary of what you read as both campaigns will obviously try to spin their own views and already we are seeing the results of this in the media. 

As this is a vital referendum on the future of Scotland for generations to come it is vital that you be as well informed as possible before you make your vote.

Scotland's Future
Summary of the White Paper from the SNP with links to the full paper from within.
The Better Together Campaign
Where you can read about their case for staying together. See also the new web site: You Decide

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  Draft Constitution
  General Principles
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Major players in the Independence Debate
  Political Parties
  Major Organisations

  This is where we will post some of the correspondence we get in.

Independence Debate
  Where we find general articles to do with the debate on the referendum we'll post them here.

Ed Means Column
A regular column exploring the benefits of Independence.

Reference Documents
Due to the Realm of Scotland web site closing down we've rescued some of their reference documents with their permission. We are also adding significant documents on Scottish Devolution.