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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Scotland in the World

The unit of political organisation is now the world.  And this global political system has a name: it is called Interdependence.  It rests on a foundation of around 200 constitutionally sovereign states, members of the United Nations Organisation, the central institution of what is already an increasingly complex system of world government.

Scotland, as a natural and quite distinct geographical, social, economic, cultural and hence political entity, fits comfortably into the new world order.

Scotland in the World
A paper by Dr James Wilkie
Scotland in the World - Summary
A paper by Dr James Wilkie
Scotland in Europe
A paper by Dr James Wilkie.
The Scotland-UN Committee
The Story in Brief
The Scotland-UN Committee: Self-determination
What does international law say? A paper by James Wilkie
The Scotland-UN Committee: The Succession of States
What will happen after the referendum? by James Wilkie
The Scotland-UN Committee: Scotland's Status as a Nation
How Scotland Qualifies for the Right of Self-Determination by James Wilkie
Scotland UN-Committee: Devolution and the Labour Myth
A paper by James Wilkie
Advancing into the World
Scotlandís expanding Field of Vision by James Wilkie
This is an Age of Global Governance
By James Wilkie