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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Draft Constitution

Currently Scotland has too much centralised government - by Brussels, Westminster, Holyrood and Local Authorities, yet there is a marked lack of democratic representation and accountability. The current system was set up for remote centralised control with little or no accountability to the electorate. This has resulted in poorly managed public services and quangoes where there is a significant amount of patronage, cronyism and corruption amongst senior management. In contrast, where the public sector has achieved, this has been attained through the dedication and skills of the front-line professionals in spite of the limitations being imposed by excessive administrative red tape.

Why do we need a Constitution
Paper by the Scottish Democratic Alliance Think Tank (pdf)
Draft Constitution developed by the SDA Think Tank
This is work in progress (pdf)
Scottish independence: how would the judiciary and state be separated?
An article and comments from the Scotsman 8th Dec 2013