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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Reference Documents

Due to the Realm of Scotland web site closing down we've rescued some of their reference documents with their permission.

Stone of Destiny (pdf)
Selected pages from the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers documents
about compliance with member states~ez_rsquo~ commitments which were issued between 1 March 1996 and 18 September 1998. (doc file)
Relevant excerpts from the minutes of the Council of Europe Summit in Vienna 8-9 October 1993 (doc)
Recommendation 49 (1998) on the situation of local and regional democracy in the UK (doc)
Source references and information on how Devolution came about (doc)
Migration between Scotland and the Rest of the UK

Statistics from the General Registry Office of Scotland
The Stone of Destiny at the United Nations

Devolution and the Labour Myth
The CoE Memorandum ~ez_ndash~ the Decisive Breakthrough
The Scotland-UN Committee
The Government of Scotland in the Light of the Scotland Act
Willie McRae and the Scotland-UN Committee
Letter to Dr. Franz Fischler 17 May 2003 from John J.G. McGill, FSA Scot.

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