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Sir William Wallace
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  • Sir Wiliam Wallace Sir William Wallace
    An original article by Roy Campbell
  • Scottish Chiefs
    An historical novel about Sir William Wallace published in 1839.
  • Period of Wallace
    This is the chapter about Wallace from Tytler's "History of Scotland".
  • Wallace Monument
    Learn about the Wallace Monument at Stirling.
  • Clan Wallace
    Learn about Clan Wallace and their history
  • Update on William Wallace
    Re-discovery of William Wallace's seal in 1999.
  • William Wallace's Stronghold
    Remains of a 13th century fortified stronghold have been found on the site where, legend has it, Scotland's greatest hero was raised.
  • In Freedom's Cause
    This is an e-text about William Wallace by G. A. Henty.
  • Robroyston 6th August 2005
    This is an article about
    the annual commemoration of the betrayal & capture of Scotland’s greatest patriot, Sir William Wallace, in 2005 in Scotland.
  • The Real William Wallace
    This is a link to a real media video production of the TV Scots about William Wallace. It's an 8.8Mb download.
  • Wallace Mural
    This was the unveiling of the Wallace Mural in Wallaceburg, Ontario in Canada.
  • The Borders Connection
    An article about William Wallace's connection to the Borders of Scotland.
  • A History of Rannoch
    Where they tell of the connection they have with William Wallace.
  • Wallace Fights the Battle of the High Street in Glasgow
    This is an account from Blind Harry’s original, here rendered into modern English.
  • The William Wallace Society
    The Society is a non political organisation dedicated to upholding the memory of Scotland’s great patriotic hero, Sir William Wallace, and we maintain the principles that Wallace himself held so dear-principals for which Wallace was willing to give up his life.
  • Wallace Monument
    An article from Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1855) (pdf)

Tales of William Wallace

Wallace led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I and inflicted a famous defeat on the English army at Stirling Bridge. He is remembered as a patriot and national hero. This is the true story of William Wallace.


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