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Ordination in the Anglican Church, Toronto
Ordination of Nola Susan Crewe

I was told that it has been some 40 years since this type of service had been held in this church and I am delighted to share it with you and my thanks to the Rev Nola Crewe for inviting me to her ordination.

The pictures below are a step by step showing of the service and below you will also find a copy of the service quide. Most of the pictures and the service guide have been thumbnailed down to fit the page so if you wish to see a larger image just click on the picture and a larger image will appear.

On entering the church we were given a leaflet...

There were over 100 people in attendance along with almost all of Nola's family. And now the service starts... The program guide for the service can be viewed below...

Giving the Homily for which see below...

The Guide continues...

And then we all headed to the back of the church to partake of some excellent wee snacks and champagne.

Homilies from Nola Crewe

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