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Charlie, He's My Darling

'Twas on a Monday morning,
Right early in the year,
That Charlie came to our town -
The young Chevalier.


An' Charlie, he's my darling,
My darling, my darling;
Charlie, he's my darling -
The young Chevalier.

As he was walking up the street,
The city for to view;
O there he spied a bonie lass
The window looking thro'.
an' Charlie, etc

Sae light's he jimped up the stair,
And tirled at the pin;
And wha sae ready as hersel'
To let the laddie in?
an' Charlie, etc

He set his Jenny on his knee,
All in his Highland dress;
For brawlie weel he ken'd the way
To please a bonie lass.
an' Charlie, etc

It's up yon heathery mountain,
And down yon scroggy glen,
We daurna gang a-milking
For Charlie and his men!
an Charlie, etc

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