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Whistle, An' I'll Come To You, My Lad

This is the first sketch of one of Burns' most popular songs. Here he contents himself with stringing away at one line in the second half of the stanza, to fill up the measure of the tune; but in August 1793 he resumed the theme and worked out the song, for George Thompson's collection, in a most satisfactory manner.

O Whistle, an' I'll come to you, my lad;
O whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad:
Though father and mither should baith gae mad,
O whistle, an I'll come to you, my lad.

But warily tent, when ye come to court me,
And come na unless the back-yett be a-jee;
Syne up the back-stile, and let naebody see,
And come as ye were na comin' to me.
O whistle, etc

At kirk, or at market, whene'er ye meet me,
Gang by me as though that ye cared nae a flie;
But steal me a blink o' your bonie black ee,
Yet look as ye were na lookin' at me.
O whistle, etc

Aye vow and protest that ye care na for me,
And whiles ye may lightly my beauty a wee;
But court na anither, though jokin' ye be,
For fear that she wile your fancy frae me.
O whistle, etc.

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