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Scottish Heritage

in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

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At a general meeting of the Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia, held in October 1994 at
Pictou, I proposed a website for the Scots in Nova Scotia on Chebucto Community Net (CCN) and obtained a "green light" to proceed. Perhaps I should not admit that it was a Sutherland who signed the CCN Official Agreement to authenticate this venture of the Scottish Clans, with a MacKay as Editor-Webster. There it is. Anything can happen in the colonies!

It is fitting that this website be initiated in Pictou, the "Birthplace of New Scotland". The Ship Hector arrived in Pictou in September 1773, bringing the first Highlanders to Nova Scotia. Other Highland Scots followed on later ships. The counties of Pictou and Colchester in Nova Scotia contain the highest number of Scottish descendants, with Victoria and Inverness Counties also strong Scottish areas. Scots and their descendants are found in every county of Nova Scotia.

This website is now gaining recognition and acclaim, and featured in various publications across Canada. In April 1996, we received the "10" Award from Advanced Television Publishing in Portland, Oregon, for a rating of 10 out of 10 for a memorable and superior website. Already this month (October, 1996), we received more than 200,000 hits/visits to the site. Without further preamble, I will invite you to visit us in Nova Scotia, as we present:

{x} Scottish Heritage in New Scotland (Nova Scotia). {x}

Janet MacKay, B.R.E., B.Sc.
Principal, MacKay Research Associates:

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