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"Ciad Mille Failte!"

[Crest of Clanfolk of Clan MacKay]Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay

My Home(page) in Scotland is dedicated, as

Tribute to my MacKay Ancestors in Scotland and New Scotland

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Come with me, and I will share the tales of my past,
My MacKay Heritage.
Perhaps you can help me solve some of the mystery?
We might discover we are indeed cousins?
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The Beaver, National Animal of Canada
An industrious native of Canada, the Beaver symbolizes the
individuality, adventures and plight of each Canadian citizen.

Canadian Beaver Day


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A resounding note of appreciation and thanks to Electric Scotland
for hosting these pages in Grangemouth, Stirling(shire), Scotland.

Janet MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Janet MacKay
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