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Donna's Poems
My Only Comment for 9-11

Wars since childhood have come and gone
Too bad a child knows not the drama.
Their tender minds only see terror.
Frightened they are, here and beyond.

So then, we as adults have a duty to them
Certainly when communications push in,
Daily telling of the worst of circumstances
Presenting the thought that we may not win.

Can't we forgo our need to speculate too,
Obsessed with the news and its telling,
All the nitty gritty details so thoroughly,
Can we stand by child and those who sue,

For a world dead to peace and happiness
Daily reiterating each and every part
Of misery there on that big screen
Before child everything to confess.

Yes, I remember that time in my life,
When the World War was a daily force
Lived in the house with us in the radio
Now, can I do battle against this strife?

The war is not between the nations,
It is here in our living room
Where children stare with sad eyes,
I can stop this war?  Even I? In my station.

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