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Donna's Poems
AAA-OOO-Chhah! Shuah' nah! Frozen Rain Clan
by Donna Flood

Look around you! The Rain is frozen.
Who knew ice was so heavy?
First it fell like rain but was too cold to cry,
Rested on each branch and truck to levy,

Heavy thuds and reports like a gun spoke,
Cracked and broken branches came falling down,
Working a rubbish of tree branches, stems and trunks,
Like nothing ever seen by folks in this town.

We were wondering about it, all our relatives,
Did Great Spirit decide to exercise a justice,
Elements of sky, comets, rain, and other phenomena,
Such a startling statement! He made such a fuss!

We are of such simply beginnings,  we are told,
All that we knew is gone or lost or something!
But, if you listen some evening as winds blow rain,
It's okay to look up to the heaven for Rain Band ring.

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