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Donna Flood
My Brothers, Alvin and Mike

For the pleasure of being able to cruise over great expanses of highways in our air conditioned cars, someone had to pay with sweat and hard work. That someone was from the family of the Joneses. This is a brief record of my brother's efforts to bring these dreams of smooth operating roadways to the public.

Alvin Lee Jones and Dennis Michael Jones are the great grandson of William Stevens Jones who was an Indian agent delivering food to the little and big Osage before statehood.

Alvin said, “Mike and I, together in 1962 worked on what was called GARD, which meant Grand River Dam Authority. This was at Salina, and Locust Grove. We had the contract for the fence for the highway. We used to go into eat at Locust Grove. Fifty cents for eggs, pancakes, hash browns and coffee was a good breakfast at a great price.

We had probably fifty people work on the job. They would work for a week and then quit. It was hot, and hard work. No one wanted to do it, but us. We built fences until 1964 then we went into erosion control. We worked at Lake Keystone planting grass, trees and mulching seed.In 1966 we built guard rail on highway 51. There was 20,000 feet of guard rail we built.

1968, Muskogee, Turnpike, Webber Falls we built 53,000 feet of guard rail on the Muskogee turnpike.

Early 1972 We fenced forty to fifty miles a year on interstate all over the state.

In 1980 We built box bridges in Oklahoma and Kansas. We built bridges until late 80's and then we went back to building guard rails. Trinity Industries told us we were the biggest buyers of guard rail in 1989.

The years 1981 and 82 we worked for three or four years on the Wichita, Kansas canal route. There we planted 10,000 trees and put up light poles. In 1998 we worked at Antlers, Ok. For a 1.8 million erosion control building bridges there. A road has about a twenty-year life span, then we start all over again.

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