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Donna's Poems
Artwork, God Versus Man
by Donna Flood

Wonders of the world continue to expound
Great mighty art and works in man found,
Intricate repetitive design stamped in columns,
Render the viewer silent and solemn.

The difference in man and creator's work?
He presents His without needing to lurk.

The underlying fabric of a leaf show,
Design of cells regular letting it grow.

The appearance to our unlearned eye,
Is simply a fluttering, muttering against sky.

Color ranging from grey, yellow, blue green,
Plus darks and lights all values in between.

He is not there with a name, signing piece,
Transferring our mind away from these.

For all our business there is but a varied,
Blowing, dripping, leaf of no stone quarried.

Soft and pliable it has become,
Greatest, yet most simple for we the human.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see,
The truth of and beauty of the philosophy?

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