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Donna's Poems
Ashley Smith

Dear Ashley I'm sure you'll never see,
These weak words of how you set us free.
Still and all the muse who whispers,
Pledges a memory of what occurs.
Your skilled control I know was taught
By hours at the Bible message sought
Where a higher intellect empowered
So you never cowered.
Your divine guidance was there
As at the murderer you had to stare.
You bound up his wounds of hate,
Pleaded with him to go straight.
In that moment of gentle grace,
Stopped his intentions at their place.
Freed yourself,  did you well,
But, too, now he and others never fell.
Gave his body up to the authority,
So that he might also learn how to be free.
I'm sad to see your face so traumatized,
But proud and well your spirit has energized
Us. We who struggle with fear of the evil,
See you who maintained your integrity well.
It is true God sent you,
Not to one or to a few.

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