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Donna's Poems
At Last

At last, like the sun rising in the east
Onto a morning all soft and quiet at least,

So were those dear one's dreams,
Easily treading over meadows and streams,

Their thoughts rose above common place,
They didn't stop at the edge of any race.

Although those who were closest there,
Never understood totally their wishes fair,

It never stopped the idea's beginning,
Where all held together and are winning,

The rays of light brighter than the sun,
Stabbed through the darkness and won.

It matters not that those who are ill,
Stayed behind lacking the will,

For the thoughts of those gone by,
Will ride on the brilliance across the sky.

Look at the colors on that electronic box,
Whether for sky, water, people or flocks,

It's all there for the vision to be shown,
See it! Be you peasant or on a throne.

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