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Donna's Poems
Blood, Beer, and Muck
by Donna Flood

"Come on now, Sweety,  you got money?"
She sang in a country western voice,  all of honey.
"'Tis a gift to be simple,"
She smiled with a dimple.
And her lover said, "Now baby, "That ain't funny!"

"You are telling me,  all you want is an old wood stove?"
"Now I don't know whether to believe or to rove!"
"It's true," she winked her eye.
"To you, would I lie?"
Answered he, "It's so? Well, I'm elated, By Jove!"

And then, off they rode in his old red truck.
She sighed, "Gimme your hand, and don't promise me luck."
He answered her with a grin,
"You and me, we're gonna' win!"
Rolled along they did, free of the blood, the beer and the muck.

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