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Donna's Poems
Brother Paul, April 26, 2005

No one knew the prairie wind like we did
Felt the strength of it when we were a kid

Then when we were married with our own
I loved to watch at night when I was alone.

Through the kitchen window over the sink
Hours after mid-night your tractor's light's blink.

Cutting that prairie's gift of blue stem
Leaving off any frivolous whim.

We struggled through all of life's dishes
You and I too busy to look for good wishes

Of time together but just for moments
A hug, a time, then gone, it made no sence.

I'll be back I would look out and wave
Now only, only now just to your grave.

I can't show you my new grandchild
Born when the prairie winds blew wild

As your spirit lifted away from pain,
He came too, this day through gentle rain.

Softening my sorrow,  dear Paul,  at your going
Sweet baby, Great Spirit  is all knowing.

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