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Donna's Poems
By My Side

By Kharis
August 22, 2002

Watch your step was the council
As I walked among the face of evil
But by my side they stood
Even though they knew it wasn’t good
Over and over they tried to make me see
This was just not the right place for me
Right midst the youthful thrill
I said I am it is my will
Two Tattered lives battled on
Even after the storm was gone
But by my side they were
To pick up the pieces of a fallen daughter
No beauty could I find
My life I felt should be resigned
But with the grace of a gentle hand
Nothing less they would demand
Come home to where love dwells
We will paint a new picture with pastels
What love they bestowed
Beyond vast measure untold
Please know your love I can never repay
But from my heart you will never stray

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