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Donna's Poems
Someone Tell Charmaine

Blood is strong
Even when we're wrong.

You and yours lived with heartache,
So did we, still we didn't break.

"Unless you become as one of these."
Children we were each other to please.

As the smoke of a campfire drifts high,
So the most beautiful, and we cry.

If we could just reach out and grasp,
Our loved one's from that demon's clasp.

Before the whirlpool of hate sucks down,
To an underworld all around.

Ignorance, pride, determined competition,
Deliver us all to living perdition.

But then, what is it all worth,
When loved one no longer walks earth.

So please dear spirit of Great Wah Kahn,
Let us go back, go back, to when we were one.

Yet not to be, Charmaine, no never more,
Well then, go forward, with our love for.....

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