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Donna's Poems
A Friend of My Childhood
by Ben Ellis

When I first met my cousin, Donna Colleen,
I was just eight years old,
And she was my age, plus fifteen.
Already married to good ol' Rod,
Tall and lanky, he was so skinny,
He looked like a man made of straw.
Their little girl was handicapped,
But did they complain?
They said, "That's the luck of the draw."

Times were hard and we were so poor,
We had to eat dirt.
When I felt sorry for myself she just said,
"Ben!" "Thank God there is plenty of it."

Despite all her trouble,
She always had time for my sister and me.
She took us swimming, even if we had to.
Sneak in for free.

We're both the same amount of Indian,
One-half plus a drop.
She looked like a full blood,
And I did not.
We had to be careful if we went,
Somewhere at night,
Because the cops wondered if those Indians,
Kidnapped that little fat boy who was white.

Now we've grown old and between us,
We have three daughters the same age.

I hope it has brought you pleasure,
To turn back to the time of childhood,
And share sweet memories of my cousin
Donna Colleen Flood

Written by Ben Ellis.

Also written by Ben when he lost his sister.

In My Dreams

In my dreams we will run
And play like we used to do
In my dreams I'll remember
All the things we used to do.
Somehow we never really die,
But, Oh God! It's hard to say good-bye.

The following written for his wife, Francis.


It was the summer of  '85
When we said, "I do."
And the good times began,
For me, a lonely man.

You have made my life,
Complete, through the years,
In times of happiness,
As well as in times of tears.

You have always given,
More than you've received,
And never once given me,
Cause to grieve.

I would write of the bad times,
But I know they could never be,
Because with all your  heart,
You loved the lonely man,
And that was me.

(Happy anniversary, Love for always, Ben.)

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