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Donna's Poems
Dad, Eve, and his Philosophy

He's been gone now nearly twenty years,
Still, I miss his being able to calm my fears.
His wisdom was so in depth,
Talked around to length and brethed.
Told me, he did
Some things be rid.
Go your way
Every day.
Of these three
Keep free.
Religion, Politics, Commerce
So you are none the worse.

Scriptures call them a frog.
Do not drink of that grog.
Once in a while we are bit,
By the lure of it.
But for the most part
Life has more heart,
As I wander
Free to ponder
Dad said, “Simple Lee.”
Stay free.
You, of course know,
What makes the serpent grow,
While waiting under log.
He then swollows the frog.
That same old serpent to deceive,
You and that Lady called Eve.

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