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Bella Vista Lyrics and other poems
Went a Fishin', Me an' Ma

Did you ever go a fishin' in the rain?
   Not a little summer shower
   That lasted half an hour,
        But a reg'lar gully washer
        That hit you with a slosher,
And made you feel like crawlin' up the drain.

Went a 'fishin when the heavens cut 'er loose
   In the fraction of a twinkle,
   When it warn't no sprinkle,
          But a reg'lar humdinger
          That made you hunt a ringer,
Feelin' tickled'er than Aunt Miranda's goose.

Yes sah!  went a fishin' down in Sugar Creek,
   Down in Bella Vista;
   Twas shuah some twista,
      An' it made us hunt for kiver
      In the shelter of a sliver
In the shadder of the woods mighty quick.

Yet we kept a fishin' while it rained like sin;
   Stood waitin' for a nibble
   When my bobber made a dribble,
       An' you should never worry
        I jerked 'im in a hurry,
Nothin' but a pesky crawdad on the pin.

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