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Bella Vista Lyrics and other poems
William Witsell Went a Fishin'

William Witsell went a fishin'
   Down at Bella V.
Kept a wisin' an a wishin'
   Till the clock struck thrree;
Krawdads kept a ketchin'
   Till he nearly had a score,
An' then he quit a fetchin'
   Up very many more;
Then "Uncle DEe," the poet
   Started jerkin' up the kraw
Till he received to blow it,
   That his fishin' wuz a draw;
Then he got a nibble
    An' he jerked a quarter cat,
Then another little dribble
   An' William went to bat.

Sumethin' swallered hook and liver
   Almost to the tail,
Nearly pulled 'im in the river
   Thought he'd caught a whale
He nearly broke his tackle
   A=pullin' where he sat,
An' he made 'er fairly crackle
   When he wabbled up his cat,
It wuz a buster sure enough
   An' weighed almost a pound,
An' William he had called the bluff
   On all the ids around,
An sent 'em hustlin' fur their corks
   To keetch a bigger fish
But no kid there in all the works
   Wuz fouind to git his wish.

He hung it on his saddle horn
   'An galloped home to ma.
The biggest fish since he wuz born
   He'd caught in Arkansas.

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