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Bella Vista Lyrics and other poems
Mikky's First Fish

Mikky went a fishin'
Where the willers were a swishin'
     In the crick
Set awaitin' for a nibble
When his bobber makes a dribble
     Mighty and quick.

An' he thought a whale or
Submarine or sailer
     Stole the bate
Swallered hook an' bobber
Like a highway robber
     Couldn't wait.

So he yanked 'im in a hurry
Like a very, very Jerry
      To the sky
An' he tangled up his tackle
In the willers with a crackle
     Up so high.

Seen a tangled little minner
Had been caught a eatin' dinner
     On his hook.
Seen he'd splattered up his britches
Felt his conscience rippin stitches,
     By the book.

So he got a little meller,
An' he threw the little feller
     Back again
Left his fishin' in a wrangle
In the willers, all ajangle;
     There and then,

Left his broken tackle hangin'
With his little heart a bangin'
     In his breast,
Went back weepin' home to mother
Who consoled him like no other-
     Guess the rest.

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