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Bella Vista Lyrics and other poems
Farmin' in the Ozarks

Up among the Ozarks
     A pryin' up the rocks,
Farmin' with a crowbar
     A tendin' to his flocks.

Grubbin' with his sordid strokes
     Hills rockier than sin,
Diggin' up the scrubby oaks
     An' the chinkapin,

Soakin' up the sunshine
     With his cheeks o'tan,
Passin' up the moonshine
      Up to Peter Pan.

Lettin' all creation
     Go a fiddlin' along,
Livin' by probation
     On the echo of a song.

High upon the mountain
     Hangs his little shack,
Where a crystal fountain
     Gushes through a crack

From an icy river
     Underneath the hills,
A gift of God the Giver,
     A drink that ever thrills.

A little patch o' punkin'
     On the sunny slope
Keep a feller thinkin'
     How to mix the dop.

Ocre, beans, termaters
     An' a patch of corn,
Terbacler. an' pertaters
     Shu' as you are born,

All mixed up thar' together
     On the rocky land,
Through all the wind and weather,
     Grows to beat the band.

See the corn a growin'
     You can hear it pop,
It seems to be a showin
     That it never will stop

Till its gone up Jacob's ladder
     Nearly to the skies,
Makin' mountaineer the madder
     That he has to rub his eyes

To see the silky nubbin
     So high up in the morn
That he has to gallup Dobbin
     To gather off the corn

Before it grows up higher
      A runnin' up the stalk,
An makes me out a liar
     An have to use my chalk

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